Sunday, February 1, 2009


etching with colored pencil

etching with colored pencil © 2008 by foam

/.t asked for some work..
i submitted a couple of pieces of mine, plus a
photograph by pinetop swamp (the spouse who
doesn't wanna be known as mr foam anymore .. tsk ..)
/t. took the code from these works ..

well, you will just have to see for yourself ..
click on the title above...
and as /t. says .. it's best viewed with firefox ..

(the etching was created several years ago ..
but i worked on it last year ..
hence, i consider it done as of last year .. )


foam said...

thanks to /t. for asking me to be part of this.
it was fun!

Pamela said...

where is it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, where is it?

foam said...

don't know!

foam said...

so .. if it disappears again .. i'll shoot blogger .. :)

Middle Ditch said...

It's great Foam. A beautiful piece. You must be proud.

And don't shoot blogger because it would be the demise of all of us and that wont do.


SJ said...

Yeah don't shoot blogger esp when you are on blogger.

Your work is etch-ellent!

foam said...

thanks all..
okay ..
and i won't shoot ..
promise ..
i like blogger, actually.

Anonymous said...

to foamie
& pinetop swamp
for playing in my game

hope you haven't really lost this etching, foam -- it's beautiful and should be hung on the wall(!)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes, it was fun. and such a treat to see what you came up with.
no, i didn't loose the etching, although it's the only one i have left. the other's have been given away a while ago. what happened is that the initial etching image i posted disappeared during the night. so, i had to repost the image.
maybe i'll hang it. i rarely hang my own stuff though.

HLiza said...

Amazing what you guys can do with art..

whimsical brainpan said...

What a great etching Foam! The texture is marvelous!

Ruela said...


dianne said...

Thats a very beautiful etching dear Foamie,so much detail and colour and worthy of being hung on your wall.
I think it is amazing what /t. has done with your etching, drawing and the photo.
Was that you in the photograph?
So 'pinetop swamp' is mr foam, Lol where did he come up with a name like that?

foam said...

thank you, dianne ..
yes, i think it's always amazing what /t. can create
with the code from the images !!

and, yes, that would be me in that photo .. eons ago ..
in another lifetime ..

mr foam's name .. err.. pinetop swamp? who knows .. .. his mind works in mysterious ways .. i haven't figured it out yet .. lol ..
it's a futile effort ..

ruela, whims, hliza ..
and thank you so much .. :)

Little Lamb said...

That's very nice, I like it.

dianne said...

Nice photo dear Foamie,you're a little slip of a girl. ♥
I think the minds of most men work in mysterious ways and I will never figure them out, as you say it is futile; Lol and they say we girls are complicated.
well maybe a little... ♥

foam said...

thanks, LL .. :)

dianne ..
i WAS a wee slip of a girl ..
that photo was taken a long time ago.
i'm not quite so slender anymore, althouth i'm not overweight either.

chickory said...

wow i love this etching. i went to /t's and i saw it but need to look at it with firefox on my desktop at the studio. how is a colored pencil etching done? or is it an etching that you colored later with pencil? do you have a press (at school, maybe?)

pinetop swamp! sounds like a great name for a sub division.

i liked "the bug" too. very retro.

back after i view in FF later.


ANNA-LYS said...

Ohhh beautiful, simply beautiful!
thanks for sharing!!!!!!

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Great art
You should have it hanged up on a wall. Absolutely!

foam said...


it's an old etching that i colored in later .. as in last year while i was laying in bed. don't know why .. but doodling in bed relaxes me. ... :)
yeah, the bug is retro .. lol ..
especially since that dress probably had 10 years on it when i got it. it was a hand me down. the glasses i think were from a 2nd hand store .. :)

anna-lys ..
thank you! and thank you for dropping by. always good to see you .. :)

rolf ..
thanks ..
i might be tempted to get a thumb tack and hang it on the wall .. :)

Ricardo said...

This is very cool stuff. Thanks for putting it up. I love it all.

Aunty Belle said...

she and her wee one is lovely! And so is yore ownself!

I'se buy a print of that etchin'.

Fun to work wif' /t!

benjibopper said...

i'm starting to sound sycophantic here, but i just love your work. every image you've posted i've found something unique in it, something moving. i'm no art critic, but i am picky, and i likes.

Anonymous said...

Thumb tack was a new word for me.
Thank you!
I hope you put the etching in a frame

boo boo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
X. Dell said...

I was about to say... I'm glad you explained this. Otherwise, I would have xpected to find a moustache painted somewhere on this.

boneman said...

ok, well, I didn't see an actual answer, though it was 'breached' a bit.
So....'Mr.Spouse' work?
the Dude...?
Mr. MAN....?

is this how you won over the old man? You invited him up to see your etchings?

Cool pix.

foam said...

thank you! .. :)

it was fun workin' with /t. and he makes it so easy too .. :)

i consider that high praise. thank you very much.

so you learned a new word .. lol ..
nah, i would never hang it with a thumbtack ..
and maybe i will put it in a frame.,
i might just put a moustache on it now that you mention it .. :)

nah ,, i won over the old man by laying around in my bathing attire when i was 23 .. :)
we met at the lake ..
oh, and to see mr spouse' work and what /t. created with all of it, go to /t.'s mopo site and just scroll down. unless, /t. posts a new one, it's the post below the most recent one.

Indigo said...

halo incarnates

think there is a feather in the painting. many colors. looks like many strands.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Good mix. Lots of great art, I don't even have to take a trip to the art museum, just have to click links...

Merelyme said...

very cool foamy...wish I had your talents...

Lady Prism said...

That art work of yours looks like it could be worth a fortune and more.

And, when I clicked it felt like I entered another world filled with floating symbols and letters and numbers in universe of psychedelic wonder! So cool!

How are you, oh' great Foamy? I am now slowly waking up from my long cold throat itchy half dazed non - existence.

ps: Me' thinks Mr. Foamy is a nice name for a Mr. Foamy:>>

Aunty Belle said... I nuts? Or ain't their some figures in that etchin'? The one on yore blog--not over at /t.

Reckon I'se seein' thangs.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Did a little intaglio myself, got into monoprinting as well. Lots of fun. I think I enjoyed the intaglio process more than actually creating a finished product. Your etching is magnificent at any rate.

foam said...

indigo ..
actually what looks like a feather is a fake aquarium plant .. i used many different materials and textures to create this etching.

foam said...

yes, i enjoyed the different printmaking processes very much ..
unfortunately with the actual etching process the acids used to create the etching caused headaches ..
i don't think the place i was working with was very well vented and it turned out that some of the acids mixtures that were stored were too strong. that might have had something to do with those headaches too.
the nice think about /t.'s art .. it's supposed to be seen on the computer, although a lot of it would look really nice printed out on good paper.

but merelyme,
you have the awesome writing skills ..
which i lack.

prism ..
you are too kind .. XO and :)
i'm so glad you are feeling better.
i'm okay ..
a little sniffely myself .. allergies, i think.
tons of work at work .. i could stand to be there now...
if mr foamy wants to be pinetop swamp then he will be pinetop swamp .. lol ..
however, should he ever have his own blog, i refuse to be mrs pinetop swamp ..
it'll be foam.

you're nuts? ... just kidding .. :)
no, there are no faces in there..
at least not on purpose..
but you know how imaginations can run.
besides you've had those images up at your site where actually faces were hidden within.

ThursdayNext said...

This is beautiful!

ANNA-LYS said...

How are You?
Where are You?
I miss YOU!!!

puerileuwaite said...

I don't know how I missed this earlier. It is way cool. And I just want to go on record that if "Pinetop Swamp" doesn't want to be known as "Mr. Foam", I am ready to step in whenever duty calls.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Is Pinetop near Rockytop???

foam said...

phos ..

not to far really ..
rocky top is just over yonder mountain in tennessee .. :)


eh, don't worry about it.
and thanks ..
i'll keep you in mind should i need a mr foam .. lol ..
you are too funny.

anna-lys ..
i miss you too..
i still click on my anna-lys link almost daily out of habit but, alas ..
no anna-lys .. :(

thank you .. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Lazy me do my postings in others knees, my last guest-blogging was this one

So I guess it's better to follow my profile for updating where I am leaving my thoughts ;-))

Bobby said...

There are a few different worlds in there. There's an indoor world with the lace in the upper left, and there's the tree branch and all kinds of worlds in there.

dianne said...

Foamie dear friend, when I look closely at your etching I see how truly amazing it is, so much work there, so much to see, I like the branch with the leaves. ♥

foam said...

yeah, thanks for providing the link ..

you know..
i never thought of it that way.

thanks .. <3 ... :)

Ruela said...

Thanks Foam ;)

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

Its beautiful, but I still cant get to the link... is there a direct place to see it? I am so not in the know about this stuff!

foam said...

helene ..
i'm going to have to change my link ..
you can click on the title and it will take you to /t.'s site, but he has posted since then. (i'm just slow in posting new stuff .. kind of uninspired lately) you have to scroll down a few posts until you come to synaptix (i think, it's called). i'll have to change the link to be more post specific.

Aunty Belle said...

IS it spring yet up thar'? When do ya see new green shoots?

foam said...

well, aunty ..
the temps have certainly been spring like lately.
i found a few green shoots poking their heads out.
but nothing is really starting to bud quite yet.
and it's supposed to get cooler again ..
temps back down into the 40s .. perhaps the 30s ..
which is actually rather mild compared to the teen temps we had been having.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there is so much to it.

dianne said...

Thanks dear Foamie, left a message for you at my blog. ♥
But just in case you don't go and check Happy Valentines day to you and Mr Foam. ♥

As for me, hope floats and is gone. ♥

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

I will go look Foam!
Have a great VD!

ANNA-LYS said...

( ¸¸.* Anna-Lys

Anonymous said...



boneman said...

no.... I think I see faces, too.

boneman said...

(Debbie does Santa in Dallas, too?
OMIGOD! No more Christmas presents for you...)

(well, until we hear from Santa whether it was any fun. Heck, you might get twice as many presents, next Xmas!)

foam said...

boneman ..
we will see about those presents .. :)
my santa lives with me ..
you see faces? i know what that is coming from..

you too, /t.
a happy valentine's day .. really for everyday.

<3 to you too .. :)

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