Thursday, February 19, 2009


boneman said...

Those are the biggest feet I've ever seen on....

New age art direction?
I'm falling behind!

SJ said...

Seems to be more like half steam in some direction.

Stick people have feelings too.

SJ said...

Obligatory pun: your work is so stick.

Ruela said...

OH my ;)

Big foot strikes again.

Ruela said...


puerileuwaite said...

Would the police STILL use chalk to outline where the body fell? It would seem redundant.

AlmightyHeidi said...

I *LOVE IT* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/t. said...


nice hooters

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

That's an interesting picture. Does that mean your break is up?

foam said...

boneman ..
yea ..
get with it!

sticks 'r' us ..
my specialty ..
especially those that extend 7000 miles or so ..

foam said...

sweet ruela,
....I was only joking
when I said I'd like to smash every tooth In your head....
.. with my big foot ..
:) ..
so, no worries ..
be happy .. ;)

pug ..
well, that's just a darn good question! but then, i really expect no less from the pug.
let's see ..
hmmmmmm ..
i reckon it would just depend if they were planning on erasing the whole mess first ..

i thought you might! .. :)

/t. ..
and just think ..
you were the inspiration..!!
not that i think you have man hooters or anything like that ..

possibly ..
and if my break is up, so is yours ..
so, get with it! oops, i'm becoming redundant. already told boney to get with it.

Ruela said...



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