Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the sexiest man of all?

 .... besides myself ... is what sj really wanted to ask ..

and the answer to that would be ..

the man i've been living with for 25 year, of course ..

he's highly intelligent with a sharp wit, retains all kinds of useless trivia, loves music, loves art, has a warped sense of humor...  oh, and he enjoys a good beer .. ;) .. 

he's a devoted father, faithful husband, works hard, he gives good backrubs, footrubs .. and, ummm other stuff like that .. 

i think he's  very nice looking, what with those steely blue eyes,  his graying blondish hair, the graying beard .. he  gets handsomer as he ages .. 

he's not always patient, sometimes short tempered ..
but then again, so am i ..


ANNA-LYS said...

... and love looks more beautiful by the years <3

SJ said...


Say hi to the SECOND sexiest man of all for me :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...


dianne said...

He sounds wonderful dear Foamie, there are different stages of love in a marriage and different stages of attraction, all of them good in a loving relationship. ♥

Little Lamb said...

I was thinking that's who you should say is the sexiest man alive.

foam said...

yeah .. :) ..
can be frustrating as hell too though. sometimes there are those 10 minutes in a marriage that seem more like 50 years ..

sj ....
do you mind if i reverse that order? you know .. just between you and me .. only for appearance sake, of course?

my dear j cosmo newbery .
i may not be done with this post yet ..
but then again i may..
we will see .. :)

yes, you have to be very flexible and tolerant and forgiving .. and .. faithful .. to stay together this long.

little lamb ..
yes ..
i'm not a dummy ..
he does actually, although very occasionally, read the blog .. :D

Aunty Belle said...

Heh. Double Heh.

I reckon ya hopes yore fella reads this--extra foot rubs!!

Foamy Lady!! OF COURSE, ya' would git yoreself such a fine fella to be the daddy of yore babies. I'se jes' ole enough to know how attractive a man is based on his character...but hey--throw in the steely blues an' ya got a yummy package deal.

Aunty Belle said...

( Oh drat!! Should said yore man ain't no junque....hee heee.)

Crushed said...

I just went and looked in my mirror and it said it was me!

Someone's mirror must be telling porkies...

puerileuwaite said...

Allow me to expand on Dianne's comment by wondering if perhaps the stages of a marriage can be likened to those of a rocket ship. Meaning of course that they serve their purpose but then all stages must ultimately be jettisoned for the good of the mission. And maybe in this space program, THAT mission is a thorough exploration of the mysterious and exotic Planet Pug.

**** >[][][][][> O

foam said...

belle ..
nope, junque he ain't ..
lol ..
i don't reckon i'll start my rummaging and purging by getting rid of him ..

crushed ..
you are? well, i'll be ..!!!
i'm certianly gonna link you then .. ;)

poor wittle ole me is confused now ..
whose jettisoned rocket do you exactly want to end up at this mysterious and exotic planet of yours? dianne's? mr foam's? mine? or all three of ours?.

Ruela said...

you are Foam ;)

oooops is the man not the woman!!!


X. Dell said...

He does sound like a sexy man indeed, but I hope your husband doesn't find out about him. How you could have hidden him for 25 years is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

i am not
in the running
in this category?!?

(congrats on coraling your current man)

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

Of course he is the best.
Why should you have chosen anything else but the best!?

Bobby said...

I could tell early on in that description that this was not a description of me.

Sounds wonderful

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice when the man that turns you on and the man that loves you are the same. I know I've got it going on with Mrs. Phos...

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Ya'know... Patrick Stewart won the "Sexiest Man Alive" award from some magazine sometime in the late 1990s. I thought that was pretty cool.

dianne said...

What Phos just said, that's what I would like, that would be just perfect. ♥

foam said...

dianne ..
i just know you will have it again.

patrick stewart? that man is still hawt!! :)

yes you do ..
we are lucky, aren't we ..

bobby ..
lol .. what clued you in? :)

rolf ..
exactly! .. :)

but /t. ....
i think you already have a woman that thinks you are the sexiest man out there ..
and you were in the running, silly, but i could only pick one .. ;) ..
i keep him hidden in the connubial bed ..

ruela ..
what a perfect answer .. lol ..


Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

ahhhhh thats sweet!
Ok so who is the 2nd... Oh right SJ... then who is the 3rd?? hehehe

Happy Monday!

dianne said...

Dear Foamie, I am having computer problems and deleted your comment from my post by accident, I dont know how to retrieve it.
I was trying to delete multiple copies of comments which I left because nothing was happening when I hit 'publish', then they all suddenly appeared. sorry. ♥

HLiza said...

I reckon he'll be reading this post with smile so big and will no longer complain of any of your blogging! LOL!
If he's not the sexiest I don't think you can stand that long.. Isn't love beautiful..?

Middle Ditch said...

What a wonderful post this is. Can I meet this sexy second most handsome (after SJ of course) man of all times?


K9 said...

very nicely stated. and refreshing. its nice to hear someone appreciate their mate. i think iremember an old photo of you two that you posted and i think i remember thinking he was hawt. good for you foamy.

see in my house i give a good massage...and then the big dog falls asleep before i get mine. thank goodness for robert.

(my massage therapist! hey, what were you thinking??? ;-))

whimsical brainpan said...

What a sweet post!


Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing?

foam said...

the third? why ..
all my fellow male bloggers who are linked to me, of course..!!
sexy, sexy, sexy .. :)
and you had to ask?

no problem .. :)

actually, i doubt he'll read it. he reads my blog very rarely.
but, yeah .. love's a good thing .. :)

middle ditch ..
sure .. why not ..
and thank you ..

k9 ..
i want robert

for a massage, of course .. :)

k9 ..
thanks .. :)

foam said...

hey leon ..
yeah .. i'm doing fine :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

The short tempered thing is the German coming out. If Germany doesn't kick France's ass every 50 years or so they get grouchy. Go thrash a Frency, it'll make you feel better.

foam said...

phos ..
i'll just thrash my kids ..
or better yet my beloved spouse .. :)

Ruela said...

thanks foam ;)

I changed my box of comments
also it was having problems...

Lady Prism said...

I remember you posted a pic of a snowy snowy place. He is good looking, I must say. And so are you. You complement each other.

Which makes me think... sometimes when I'm alone in some coffee shop and I observe people, I notice how some couples look really good when they're together. There's some sort of chemistry that says we fit. It's the couples who have been together for a long time that usually possess this glow.

I think a man's secret to looking good as he ags has a lot to do with being and possessing the qualities you described, intelligent. sharp wit, knows useless trivia, warped sense of humor, loves art. devoted father and faithful husband, gives good backrubs ( major need , and most especially the "..ummm other stuff like that."

Lucky lady you are:>>

Ricardo said...

Well I'll raise a glass of beer to that! A very nice tribute indeed.

Pamela said...

No NO... it's my old man.

maybe they are twins.

X. Dell said...

Hiding him in plain sight. Good idea.

foam said... ,
yes, actually and mostly i just hide him on the couch ..
the couch aborbs him .. :)

pamela ..
does your husband have ....
well, never mind what i was gonna ask ..

and i'll raise mine right back at you.

prism ..
yeah, those snowy pics of us were taken over 20 years ago ..
hard to imagine that.
i have no idea if we have a certain glow when we are together.
but overall, despite the ups and the downs that come with any marriage, i'm lucky.

ANNA-LYS said...



Anonymous said...

Flight 1549, headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, was airborne less than three minutes before it ditched into a chill Hudson.

The passengers just walked out and continued travel by the closest ferry.

boneman said...

OK, well, I can't really be much in judging how good your guy is.
I mean, he must be a great guy. He's stuck with you all these years.

(just kiddin')

Actually, knowing that this cold POS weather is heading down that-a-way, I thought I'de send some internet warmth ala' joke.

"Mongo just Pawn in great game of life...."
(the warmth, of course is....
Blazing Saddles

boneman said...


Merelyme said...

SJ asks some good questions! I think your husband is a lucky fellow.

Hey...I have an award for you over at my place!

Pink said...



foam said...

boneman ..
yes, he's a saint ..
it takes one heck of a man to be able to put up with me all these years ..

would mongo like some candy?

yes, i sawwwww ..
thanks so much ..
too kind.


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