Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's say I am a multi-gazillion-billionaire and I offer to buy you a car - cost is not a factor- which one would you choose?

...asked sj ..

..and i would suspiciously ask .. 'what the hell do you want in return? huh? a wizened barmaid that will fix you and your cronies bloody marys whenever the need arises?

but let's say, there's no hidden agenda ..

truly the lad does not know me ..

i'm not really into cars .. for the most part ..

if he really knew me, he would waste this fictitious money, which he will never have anyway, on purchasing me a house built in the middle of 3 to 5 acres of wooded land with a babbling brook running through it. of course, this land with house (and the house can be small .. i'm not a fancy woman after all) needs to be smack dab in a city like ...... say new york , or paris (i luuuuuuuv paris). that way i can use my favorite mode of transportation, my feet, to access the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the shoemaker, the world class museums, the galleries, the jazz bars, the music venues, the ballet, the taverns, the cafes, the art supply stores, the yarn stores .... shoot .. i'm drooling just thinking about it ...

and if any of that happened to be not accessible by foot .. why i could use the myriad of public transit systems that would be available to me ..

sigh and alas ..

reality finds me living in a beautiful, hilly and mountainous rural area where public transit is unfortunately rather abysmal. if you don't have a car .. well, the situation is rather pitiful then.

now, as i said .. i'm not a fancy woman. i want something sensible.


I have to keep in mind that i have a family. so i need a safe car with much space to accommodate all our junk. i need to have a car that can carry me over hill and dale and snow and ice and windy treacherous roads. i need a car that can drive on dirt roads which at times are rather rutted or slick with mud. i need a car that can take me through the rough times. you know .. some bloggers are predicting the armaggedon with the advent of this presidency .. which is funny since i thought we had already been there these past 8 years ..
but, anyhoo .. should things really get worse .. and they conceivably could ..
i need an even more sensible car then the already sensible one i have (a subaru outback)

... and here's my choice ..

click to enlarge ..

sj ..
if'n you don't mind, you can have it delivered next week ..

ps: i keep forgetting to do something ..

since i did participate in the game, i need to follow some rules. i need to link sj - you can find him over yonder in my sidebar .. and i need to mention that if you want me to ask you questions
just say ask me ....
but Trust me on this one ...
i will so NOT be offended if nobody asks .. :)
.. i'm serious .. really i am ..

but, should you ask (tsk) .. you need to link me and ask folks to do the same if they ask you ..


J Cosmo Newbery said...

It's functional...

foam said...


Anonymous said...

Seeing as he is a gaz-millionaire I think you could have hit him up for a Paris Apartment and a New York one for each of us blogger bestest-friend pals of yours ... lol!

ANNA-LYS said...

I often dream that I find my first car and that SHE comes back into my care. My first car was an Austin Somerset de Luxe

SJ said...

Money that I will never have? Your confidence in me is touching.

Nice choice I would have chose the same.

And yes: interview me :)

dianne said...

Nah Foamie dear that would be too hard to clean and polish,I like the sound of that Subaru Outback you already have...and if hes giving away gifts to your friends...
I wouldn't mind a few acres of meadows and wooded land, with a babbling brook and a nice little house with a porch.
And of course a sweet, lovin' man to share it with. ♥

dianne said...

Oh and if its not too much trouble for SJ, could that place be near a city with all of those little boutique shops that sell arts and crafts, yarns and fabrics, a cafe or two and air conditioning so there wouldn't be so much wood chopping to do. ;-) ♥

foam said...

aggie ..
shoot .. i should have asked my blogging bestest-friend pals for advice before i answered this question ..

i luuuuurve that car! there are actually some other cars that i was gonna mention .. even though i'm not that interested, there are a few cars that have made my heart go pitter patter over the years ....
cars similar to what you showed. but ...
presently it's a 1967 camaro z28 convertible that's for sale just over yonder ..

yes, my confidence in you is astounding, isn't it?
and, of course, you would pick the same car .. it's ultimately sensible .. except for the cleaning as dianne pointed out. guess you'll have to get me a chauffeur too ..
and you want me to interview you? grrrrrrrrrrrr .. lol .. but okay .. i guess.. if i have to ..

you make a good point about the vehicle .. that's why i just asked for a chauffeur too ..
and why don't you have him buy you the neighboring plot beside me in the middle of the city so you can easily walk to those little boutiques.
..and i truly hope that you find a love for yourself, dianne .. <3 ..

Anonymous said...

good choice

before i clicked
to enlarge the image,
my first thought was a real us military hummer /w 50cal machine gun (for those jerks that backup w/o looking in parking lots)... so, close :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

I need a new car
can SJ deliver one for me too, please!?

foam said...

it is, isn't it .. ;)
ya, you did come close with the hummer .. lol ..
wouldn't a been a bad choice either ..
i might have sj buy me one too ..

i don't see why not?
want it next week?

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

oh you are soooo funny! Can you even imagine having that car in suburbia... hehehe youd be the talk of the town for sure!

Im not much of a car person either, but I do LOVE a convertible! Think that tank comes in a concertible?

foam said...

helene ..
i doubt it .. lol ..
actually, right now i'm kind of lusting after a 67 camaro z28 convertible ... sigh ..

Lady Prism said...

Wow! That's sexy!

I'd like one of those for myself too! Our streets are littered with *^5$3%:"!! drivers and with me driving that....that...uuuummmm...ultimate hybrid...I can sure put an end to all road maniacs!

I'm not very good in parking tho' so I'll always have to ask some kind hearted soul to park that baby for me.

foam said...

you don't have to worry about parking ..
just park it wherever .. anything that might be in the way you can just run over .. ;)

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