Saturday, January 17, 2009

fall 05 .. i think ..

in my county ..


Anonymous said...

deep sand(!)

¤ ¤ ¤


boneman said...

now, THIS IS candy!

Little Lamb said...

Your country?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Look out for the quicksan...(bloop...bloop...bloop)?

HLiza said...

Ooh hiking is fun!

Little Lamb said...

I made a boo-boo. I thought you said "in my country." Now I see I was mistaken. It says, "In my county."

Anonymous said...

image, foam!

remarkable, really

¤ ¤ ¤


The Phosgene Kid said...

Beauty. Love the human head growing out of the ground. Indians bury someone in an ant hill.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Love the photo. I miss hiking so much. I drive in our mountains and it just kills me that I can no longer go to the top of the hills, find deer, moose, or elk and just enjoy the solitude. Oh to be younger again.

boneman said...

by the way, I think you may be in the wrong state.
I know it may sound strange, but, one of the similarities Germany has with the USA? California.
Both are about a decade and a half ahead of the rest of the country.

(not because Lil Lamb thought this was Germany did this come to me, but rather because of that outrageous group of videos I just finished putting together at silly things....I think there are three German based videos there)

SJ said...

Good that he has hair that matches the surroundings helps in camouflage. One more reason why coloring your hair purple is a bad idea. LOL.

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

wow lovely shot!

Bobby said...

Woah, where is that? That's nice.

The last little hike I went on was in the Ocala Forest. And I got pretty creeped out. Long story. About a highly storied place.

Little Lamb said...

That is a nice picture.

Ruela said...


foam said...

hey all..
thanks for all the comments ..

this is a place that i go to at times to hike with the family. it's about a 20 minute drive from where i live.
a 20 minute drive on curvy country roads that is. it is in the county i live in .. and, yes, the country i live in also .. :) and it ain't sand .. or quick sand .. lol ..

The Phosgene Kid said...

Everyone likes a little head!!

ANNA-LYS said...

Sometimes is obvious why we call it "Mother Nature" :-D

<3 <3 <3

dianne said...

Thats an amazing shot dear Foamie...when I enlarged it I could see all the forest in the background in much more detail and those ancient rocks have been pitted by the ravages of that you there you look so young or is it one of your foamlets? ♥

..................... said...

phos ..
lol ..
you are silly, indeed ..

hey there .. always good to see you :)

that would be the youngest foamlet .. :) about 4 years ago ..

ANNA-LYS said...

Tnx Foamie D.

btw the link to "Light Bubbles" has been in my profile since I gave up being a blogcreator. And I keep changing the audio file there as well (some things are hard to quit LOL ... as reading Your blogs my friends)

(( kram ))

whimsical brainpan said...

Great photo!

It is beautiful country. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great photo!

I would like to hike there too.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like miles and miles of miles and miles...

Ricardo said...

That looks like a great place to run off to and just think and ponder life's mysteries.

Pamela said...

you've inspired me.
I'm going to go get my coat and go for a walk. (Even though
it's 32 deg outside brrr)

Ruela said...


Ramble on ;)

Lady Prism said...

Oooooo...looks like somebody got tired and decided to take a rest... must be a good spot to daydream..or take a nap...

puerileuwaite said...

This reminds me of my trip to Easter Island.

boneman said...

In Kentucky, in the Summer, fog lifts up, filling the valley areas and giving the illusion of islands on a white sea.
Of course, we would march there. It wouldn't be any fun driving in that kind of fog.

Aunty Belle said...

hikin'...oh my Sugar, what a luxury.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Foam..maybe it's the kid in me, but I soo want to be the boy in this cares in the world:)

K9 said...

how beautiful!

foam said...

thanks .. :)

it's the rocks ..
laying on those rocks during a mild fall day and soaking up the son takes all your woes away ..

it's a divine luxury ..

yep, those kentucky mountains are like that. as are those west virginia mountains ..
and i'll walk ..
i don't mind walking.

are you the one that toppled all those heads over there?

really good spot to daydream ..
when it's not too buggy .. :)


32 seems downright balmy lately ..

yes, actually it is ..
my former yoga teacher used to go there to meditate all the time.

it is!

i know you would really love it.

yes, and you would know .. :)

i'll have to pop by more often that way then .. just to say hey ..

dianne said...

Just popped over to say Hi!dear Foamie.
I've got some hot coffee over here if you would like one. ♥

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
foam said...

hello ..
i'll take you up on the hot coffee tomorrow morning .. :)

so hapi to meet you and delete you ..
cause adding your adsense
would be silly nonsense..

benjibopper said...

fantastic! what a gorgeous county.

dianne said...

Hi Foamie dear just popped over to say Hi, plus I'm a little lonesome too.
I was just thinking how refreshing that glass of beer looks there in your avatar.
It has been hot and humid here today about 96 degrees and still 86 here at my desk. I have the window open hoping to catch a breeze and the fan going...still too hot; maybe you could do with some of the warmth up there.
I'll go and have a cool glass of lemonade,that will be nice. ♥

foam said...

bb ..
thank you ..! it is lovely ..

86 in the house is unpleasant! i don't get much done when it's that hot in the house unless i have fans galore running. but you know, we have an attic fan .. plus air conditioning. it would be hard without ac here cause it gets so muggy in the summer.
i wouldn't mind sharing a beer with you .. :) however, just this very minute i'm brewing a fresh pot of coffee .. wanna have some of that?

Monique said...

She sank in your country?

Anonymous said...

dear foam,

working my way
down my list of databases
to visit and i come once again to
the great granddaddy of them all, The Human Genome DNA Sequence Database -- a favorite of mine since the mid-1990s -- a well i have drawn from many times(!)

so, i'm visiting again and will bring back material for three new poems, Three Poems for Foam -- maybe you would like to do something{?} for chromosome 7, chromosome 11, & chromosome 13

yours truly,


Anonymous said...



¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yeah, of course i would love to.
but give me a bit of an idea of what you had in mind, /t.
photos? a drawing? working with those chromosomes myself? anything i want to do?
i've poked around on the site a bit ..
t'is a big site .. :)

Anonymous said...


yes, all above(!)

ok, could be a file, text, image,
a color or colors, a word, an idea, a url, or what have you -- whatever you like

something unexpected, unknown, that i will try to incorporate into the three 'poems'

oh, base colors will be b&w +gray -- like charcoal :)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

okay ..
sounds like fun .. )
give me a couple of days though.
i'll poke around ..
and thanks for asking!!

dianne said...

I have roof extraction fans but no AC unfortunately.
Yes my friend, coffee with you would be lovely. ♥

ANNA-LYS said...

Hey ;-)

Wish a lovely weekend upon YOU!


Mayden' s Voyage said...

We live in such a beautiful place!
Hugs- and my wishes to you for a lovely weekend. ♥

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Wow!!! You are such a clever photographer! :)

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Oh... and I'm following your blog now :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Foamy poems? Nothing compares to being immortalized by the talented hands of /t.! He slings some mean code when he isn't busy incinerating lambs. Can't wait to see what he comes up with...

The Phosgene Kid said...

'allo Foamy, what you up to these days????

foam said...

phos ..
what am i up to?
just living, ya know ...?
and feeling kind of uninspired lately ..

X. Dell said...

Fall of '05. Your scene looks better than mine at that time. I had gotten locked into painting a temple for nothing. Pundajib said, however, I was accruing good karma.

K9 said...

what is this? time for a new post slacker. (jus kiddin)

Anonymous said...

The photo is still very nice

Merelyme said...

who's head is this?

beautiful image...i could use a hike right about now.

foam said...

merelyme ..
it's my youngest son's ..

thanks again, rolf .. :)

yep .. slacker - c'est moi .. :)

foam said...,
i think you told me about that one ..

dianne said...

Hello Foamie my dear friend,hope you are feeling OK.
I've been waiting over here in this stream for you and my skin is starting to go all crinkly, when are you coming over to join me. I will have to get out soon I'm also turning blue! Lol ♥

foam said...

lol, dianne ..
get thee out of that creek then ..
and wait in the grass.
i'll be over shortly.

chickory said...

no! still? what do you have, like 200 s0mething children to inspire? ;-)

foam said...

add 680 to that 200 and you are about right ..
and that's in one week.

Ruela said...

love your

[etching with colored pencil © 2008 by foam ]

;) v. cool

foam said...

thanks, ruela .. :)

Anonymous said...


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