Monday, December 22, 2008

a gift of k9 art .. all 3 of them ...

this one really meant a lot, k9 ..
i had been so busy these past months that
thoughts of my brother were far from my mind.
last night i dreamed about him again.
it had been a while since i had done that.
i have a vague memory of dreaming about chickens too
as a matter of fact.. lol ..
really, i do ..
my brother always carried around my uncle's chickens when we lived in the deep south for that one year as kids ..
those chickens just pooped on me when i tried to do that...
and scratched me when i tried to get their eggs..
my brother was the chicken whisperer...

..and of course ..
all of my christmas cd's have meant a lot to me ..
you always try to capture something of the blogger you know..
i do have a nutcracker standing year round on my piano ..

my first cd .. such a pleasurable surprise it was too..
at one time the foam was a schaum during the time
when the k9/she was a k9/he ..

sigh ..
and still ..
no studio..

once again ..
thanks, beloved k9..
these are such a great gift ..


Anonymous said...

I love those cd's too! You had so much fun with your bro, I can tell. Fun memories that will live forever.

Happy Merry Christmas Foamy! I was listening to the Youtube video down below awhile ago. Very moving he!he!

Lady Prism

am' in hurry..wlll be back tomorrow..

K9 said...

no! still no studio? and yet you manage to do those lovely sketches somewhere! i enjoyed this years CD because of all the parts..that really is dry polydisperse bulk foam in the background. and the image of you and bro on ski holiday sang sweetly of family and when christmas was fun not a siege of obligations and material pursuits. happy happy Christmas. i know you are on winter break so recharge and pamper yourself as much as you can. xo

SJ said...

Aren't you the lucky one!

A very merry Christmas to you and the foam household and of course the foam pets.

I am glad to know you my ding batty friend!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a brother too, but he died when I was two years old and he was only three weeks old. He had a heart not designed to live more than a couple of weeks in this world, we didn't know until afterward. He is often in my thoughts, so he is still alive in a way, somehow.

On old photos we are smiling at each other. Strange.

Take care of your memories

Anonymous said...

beautiful, foamie

great art & a great post!

<3s to foam & k9

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

Those are so cool! I hope you get a studio soon.

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

lovely! The original with Schaumi brought back memories! THAT was a while ago! lol

Happy Merry everything!!!

Little Lamb said...

those are very nice cd's.

foam said...

prism ..
yeah .. our k9 does a really wonderful job with these, doesn't she .. :)

nope ..
and most of those sketches i sketch while reclining in bed with a drawing pad propped up on my knee..
when it's warm i might sketch at night on the screened in back porch.
i loved the background .. the color .. the texture ..
polydisperse foam, eh? coooool ...

likewise sj,
you whippersnapper you .. :)

yes, i remember you commenting about that before ..
holidays certainly bring back memories, don't they..

thank you ..
but you know to whom all the credit goes .. :)
not me ..

they truly are.
ya, one of these days i might have a studio again ..
but, for now, i'm not stressing about it anymore.

blue helene (tafkk)!
yo .. schaumi certainly was a while ago .. :)
the foaming moan was a while ago ..
happy happy to you too ..

i couldn't agree more ..

Ruela said...

nice price ;)

`tis the holy season said...

(uh-oh Ruela's got a camera! Make sure you're dressed when you're at the computer!)
Hey! Looks like you have music for the holidays, and, being as how these are you, the music must be inside you and you have it all the time. (a theme I think we'll all hear about again)

Feathers everywhere....
sure beats poop and scratches.
what's better'n Dickens
on Christmas with fixin's
Christmas Carols in the air.
Toss some wood in the fireplace and give me the matches...
(and have a wonderful Christmas! which doesn't really rhyme with anything else there, but, ho ho ho any ol' way!)

Pamela said...

I couldn't get past "chicken whisper" cluck cluck, I mean ha ha.

Anonymous said...


<3 <3 <3


foam said...

yes .. :)

but, of course, i always look immaculate when i sit in front of the camera/err/computer .. whether dressed or undressed .. or whether it's now or 3:30 am and i'm in my south park fleece pj's and groggily waiting for the mutt to come back in from her tinkle session ..
anyways ...
you have a really wonderful christmas too ..

pamela ..
he certainly had a way with those critters .. lol ..

and a
to you and your family too

<3 <3 <3 <3

boneman said...! You figured who I was.
I forgot that I had that silly moniker on. Been going back to my comments and show my name attached proper like.

foam said...

but, boneman ..
i think i'd recognize your 'voice'
anywhere .. :) .. even with silly monikers as you call them ..

X. Dell said...

These Christmas CDs are the best, and we're so lucky to have K9 around to do them.

Merry Christmas.

dianne said...

Have a Happy Christmas Foamy my dear friend. ♥
Those CD covers are really lovely and K9 has a very generous soul. ♥

..................... said...

that she does indeed, dearest dianne .. :)
it's the eve of christmas at your place ..
you have a blessed and merry one ..

Middle Ditch said...

My chickens didn't like my husband at all! They also pooped and scratched him. My brother died when I was sixteen and I think of him often. I have only a black and white photograph of him.

Have a wonderful Christmas Foam and a happy, creative and peaceful new year.

Hug and LOL

Merelyme said...

oh what beautiful art! i am always inspired when i come here and that is why i have a special place for your link on my site.

wanted to thank you for all the support and kindness you give year round. i find you to be an amazing woman and more importantly a wonderful friend. thank you foamy and a very merry christmas to you and your kin!

Wizened Wizard said...

The very best of holidays to you, Foam. May your family enjoy peace, joy and happiness with their CDs. Polydisperse bulk foam indeed!


AlmightyHeidi said...

Merry Christmas foam !!!!*Cheers*

Ruela said...

Feliz Natal amiga do coração.


foam said...

yo .. X .. didn't mean to overlook you ..
we are lucky to have k9..

middle ditch,
wonder why chickens like some folks and not other folks .. hmmmmmm....
maybe i need to ask k9 ..
there's another chicken whisperer apparently..

merelyme ..
..and i always learn an amazing amount when i go to your site ..
it's been my pleasure to blog with you through all your blogging personas .. lol ..

i'm glad you still have the shaman and wizardl site up. i enjoy visiting it even though i don't leave comments.

same to you, sweetie .. !

obrigado, caro amigo
e muitos beijos .. :) ...
of the sisterly kind .. ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Christmas Foam!!!

Bobby said...

I have dreams of my brother too. We do - in the dreams - what we did back when he was still here with us...: drive around checkin it out shootin the breeze and then some. They're still with us. They make the appearances in our they're dropping by our homes, you know?

K9 said...

merry christmas hope it was light and frothy but not without substance all the good things in other words. merry merrry

Anonymous said...

to you, foam

<3 thanks! <3

¤ ¤ ¤


ThursdayNext said...

Oh these are the best...K9's art never ceases to amaze me. :)

foam said...

thanks all for the comments ..
much appreciated..

i'm presently feeling droopier by the minute ..

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I liked your chicken story, hee hee. I don't think we have any chicken whisperers in Baltimore. We could use a few rat whisperers, however ;)

puerileuwaite said...

I just made a deal with Starbucks so people getting jacked up on caffeine can purchase my 3-pack at the counter.

foam said...

rat whisperers, eh?
don't think i can help you there .. lol ..

dwats ..!!!
why didn't i think of that ..?

Lady Prism said...

Happy New Year! :)

Aunty Belle said...

Merry Merry Foamy!!

Love how that Dawg gits ya' jes' right, but Silent Night wif' Foam--ha! a dawg that does double entendre.

Yore brother a Chicken Whisperer! Ho! Know he 'd git a kick outa that.

Hope Santa found y'all even iffin' he din't bring ya a studio...

Blessins' on yores....

foam said...

lady prism ..
and the same to you too, sweetie .. :)

yeah, the bro would have gotten a kick out of the chicken whisperer title .. :)
and as far as that studio ..
that rests in my hands ..
one of these days it will happen ..

and if it doesn't ... oh, well ..
i ain't sweatin' it ..

Ruela said...

no problem Foam ;)


Best wishes, for you and your family.

benjibopper said...

lovely memories too. my wife calls me the cat whisperer. lately i've been honing my baby whispering skills. pretty good so far. until the witching hour.

foam said...

happy new year to you too, ruela .. :)

well, you know ..
when it comes to the witching hour sometimes it takes a breast to sooth the raging beast .. /err/ .. baby .. :)
worked for us most of the time anyway ..

boneman said...

omigoodness, did I hear you say
All of the leftovers were eaten away?
And of course now, everyone's bellies all sway....
Waiting for relief, then to go out and play.

Well, Happy New Year, is all I can think.
Better it's all eaten now, because later it would stink.
And way too much food tossed down the sink.
Maybe next year, mix bells in the chow and everyone can walk around at New Years with their bells going 'clink clink clink'....

(it's true the last line was a bit long.
But it had to be to explain the odd song.
Now, more good news shall come along....
when your clothes don't fit anymore, you can still wear a sarong!)

The lesson seems easy, I think to save mess, would be for everyone to eat a whole lot less.
And then next year when we all look our best, after a smaller meal, we can safely lay for a rest.

foam said...

my clothes still fit .. lol ..
and i reckon i know which blog you came from before commenting on mine .. :)
anyway, you have a happy new year too, boneman..

dianne said...

Hi Foamie my dear friend, I am feeling a little calmer today.
Thank you for the offer of e-mail that was very sweet of you but I'm not going to burden you with my problems, maybe one day when I have something happy to discuss.
I hope you are getting a bit of rest over the break, take care of yourself OK.
I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New year. ♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

hey dianne!!!
good to see you out and about .. :D...
i am so glad to hear that you are feeling calmer which hopefully equates to feeling better?
i also would like to wish you a very happy new year!
oh, and you know .. that email offer extends for anytime ...
i'd never want to be just a fair weather friend.

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