Saturday, December 20, 2008

foam wishes everybody a happy christmas, happy hannukah, happy kwanzaa, happy yule ..... and happy whatever other holiday i might be missing...

I'm getting ready to have about 20 peoples over for dinner tomorrow evening .. 9th - 12th graders specifically .. 
this is part of a progressive meal for the youth that is hosted through my husband's church (the church he grew up in) which i haphazardly attend ..

So, in order to get myself into something that remotely resembles a Christmas mood, I thought I'd listen to a little bit of the fugs as I start getting the house ready. (Wait .. let me rephrase that I .. as WE start getting the house ready).


dianne said...

You're a brave girl taking on that many dinner guests dear Foamie, I'm pleased to see that you're insisting on some help. :-)

I would also like to wish you and your family and loved ones a very Happy and Merry Christmas season. ♥
Also thank you so much for being such a great friend to me , it has been really lovely for me to go to my comments and see your lovely words of friendship, praise and encouragement, it has meant so much to me dearest Foamie. ♥

SJ said...

Happy holidays, Season's greetings and Merry Christmas.

Don't kill any guests I am sure you will be able to have a good time even otherwise :)

puerileuwaite said...

The key is to be the first house they visit. That way, by the time their indigestion and diarrhea hit full-force, it's in some other poor schmuck's bathroom.

/t. said...

ha haha
ha aha ahah
aha hah ah aha ha
hah ah hah ahah ha ha ha!

so much religious skullduggery... who knew?!?

love this song!

¤ ¤ ¤


Aggie said...

Way to gooooo .... have fun and I'm glad you made that little amendment at the end. A task for all your family and guests is "proper etiquette" for this sort of thing. Enjoy! (I'll pass you an eggnog or 5 afterwards to aid in your recovery)

Little Lamb said...

This post is neat! I like it a lot!

Merry Christmas!

HLiza said...

Merry Christmas dear Foam...good luck with the dinners..I'm lucky enough to escape such responsibility so far..funny song you have here..!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Should probably wait to clean till after the li'l darlings get done trashing the house.

Neat song and here's wishing Jesus a happy birthday!!

foam said...

not so brave ..
all i'm fixing is a tossed salad. the rest will be catered .. :)
and the house needed some serious straightening up anyway.
you know, it's been my pleasure to be your online buddy, dianne ..

i'll try very hard to not kill anybody...
now if you were here, all bets would be off .. :)
(you do know to never trust a smile of mine, don't cha?)

i reckon we are out of luck then. we are the 2nd house. maybe they can hold off on the puking until they get to the 3rd and last house ..
but if not .. i can always have them hang over the back deck railing ..

ya .. who knew ..
i liked it too. we have the fugs first album and their second album, but i really didn't know they had done newer stuff until i youtubed them.

yep, it's certainly been a family affair so far .......
for better or worse ..

well, i'm glad you do. merry xmas to you too, btw..

hliza, yes it is funny ..
and thanks for the xmas wishes. i've been lucky so far. this is the first dinner i'm hosting ..

the house needed straightening anyway ..
and while i might actually go for your suggestion my husband never would .. :)
you know .. none of us will be wished a happy birthday in 2000 years. i wonder if he still will ..

Ruela said...

Happy Foam too ;)

thanks my dear friend
happy xmas.

Rolf said...

Merry Christmas, en God Jul, to you too

I liked the song. My wife heard it and is now singing it and eating her breakfast.

From now on the light is returning slowly, that's the historical reason why we are so happy these days...

/t. said...


rolf is right

i am happier knowing
each day is a little longer --
summer is a little nearer -- the warmth, the gardens, the bbqs...

and i hope that your holiday visit with family is a huge success!

¤ ¤ ¤

foam said...

rolf and /t.
you both are absolutely right ..
tonight is the longest night.
after tonight the days get longer ..
happy yule ..
we are burning a yule log tonight ..

Indigo said...

Am willow

Like to see foam
Always makes nice pictures

K9 said...

grrrherhahahaha to that video! the shortest day. the solstice. we burn money and drink too much on this day every year. it doesnt look like any of us are more prosperous. (which is the money burning point) im celebrating kwanzaa right now by burning a pineapple. merry christmas or whatever! foamy youre the best the empress of torso and foots. and youre a good friend. thank you. i still have the chicken with a band aid on her neck. so clever and thoughtful

foam said...

hey there willow .. :)
i like to see you too..

k9 ..
i've only burned money once ..
a dollar bill and instantly regretted it cause i was a poor college student at the time and really wanted to buy some chocolate with it..
but, hey .. a dare is a dare, eh?
i frankly don't know a whole lot about kwanzaa .. you sure pineapples are burned? i'm just gullible enough to believe that ..
you know it's been my great pleasure to be blogging with you. you are a good friend.

K9 said...

hell i dont know i do believe fruits are involved. grrrrrhahahaha

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