Sunday, November 16, 2008


this weekend...


dianne said...

Foamie dear that is just beautiful, I can feel the chill of the air in the colours and the clouds. ♥

Little Lamb said...

Pretty winter picture. Very pretty.

SJ said...

Again great photos.

And since you have added some words I feel obliged to make a few puns. Hmmm let's see...

How about "the winter of your content"? or "Repent ye sinners the weekend is nigh" ?

ANNA-LYS said...

Brrrrrrr ... feels chilly

That is why the are touching is other, feeling the closeness of the others warm breathe ... maybe we can write the content as a Cool Love affair? ;-)

Anonymous said...

it was
a dark
stormy day

lovely, foam!

¤ ¤ ¤


puerileuwaite said...

This is a total ripoff of a famous Bob Ross painting. The little squirrels who live there will not be happy.

foam said...

indeed, it has been rather chilly and windy. today is sunny again, but still chilly.

little lamb,
thank you .. :)

and let me add a few more words to my post ..
this weekend ....
sj's at a loss for pubs .. /err/ puns ... ;)

sure.. why not..

yay, right you are again .. !

all squirrels in my backyard have been bribed with a copious acorn harvest this year. they are beyond happy ..

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Squirrels? I expected fairies in the top half and trolls down below. A lovely photo.

foam said...

thank you .. :)
but, let's leave the pug with his squirrelly bob ross fantasy ..

Aunty Belle said...

MErcy...serenity. Gorgeous shots.

BTW, we IS cuzins, Foamy--mah daddy's GGGdaddy clams to have come from the Carolinas an' marriet up wif a Choctaw in Mississippi too--an' I ain't kiddin'! How weird is this ?

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Gorgeous! I wish I knew how to stretch a photo out like you do! wow...
love it :)

HLiza said...

Is that how it looks up in the sky when winter is knocking? Obviously I can't tell.. But I love this photos..

K9 said...

how goyjus is this?! wow i love the lonnnnnnnnnng format. nice job foamer!

benjibopper said...

stupendous, mythical. off the pages of lord of the rings or some such fantasy world. stunning.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics.
This morning was cold here, some degrees below the freezing point.
And stormless.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture I meant.

What was the temperature in the air when you took the photo?

foam said...

cuzins we is then .. it really could be so.
7 times removed probably .. :)

thanks. the stretch program, actually called stitch just came with an hp printer that my husband bought several months ago. not all photos can be successfully stiched though. i've had some really odd combinations before.

yep ..
that's a winter/fall sky alright...

you crack me up with that goyjus .. lol ..
thanks .. :)

benji ..
wow .. i'm blushing now ..
thanks ..

the temperature? hmmmm....
it was fairly early .. rather cool to cold ..
maybe between 5 and 10 degrees celcius..

Pamela said...

Now that photo is all the senses digitally captured

ANNA-LYS said...

How extra ordinary nice of You to offer me help. Bit, I think it will be to much of a distance ... she is not cyberwalking :-D

Monique said...

That is just the most beautiful shot. Well done you.

ANNA-LYS said...

Ohhh my G ...

I almost forgot to say n8 n8 2n

n8 n8 2u ;-)

The Phosgene Kid said...

What a shot!! I miss trees...

foam said...

phos ..
move back to tree countr!!

and a good night to you too..
wait, almost a good morning to you.
so, you not bringing your pooch? Why not? Just cause we have that little ocean between us. ... tsk .. ;)

well, thank you, monique ..

foam said...

taste too?

dianne said...

How y'all doing there Carolina gal, duz ya think we might be Cuzins?
Why glory be I might jus 'dopt ya for ma sister...'cos we be like'n the same thangs. ;-) ♥

X. Dell said...

That's a majestic view. The eleven-year-old might want to hog the couch, but he can't hog this.

He's also going to have to wait awhile before he can hog the whiskey and honey.

foam said...

dianne ..
hey ..
i'll take ya as a sis ..
i've never had one .. :)
how am i doing? exhausted ..
work has got me swamped ..
and then there's all the family and elderly mother care ..

ps: you speak better southern than i do .. lol ..
he better wait waaaaaaay longer than i did when my german cousin and i raided her parent's liquor closet, oh so many years ago...
we were more then slightly underaged ..

Lady Prism said...

I just had to see this before breakfast. I'll be doing a few errands and will most likely run into smog and traffic and city stress in trying to flag down speeding cabs who will try to overcharge my fare...nice.

I'll just have to carry this pic of yours in my mind.

dianne said...

Sorry you're swamped, life gets like that - I know exactly what you are referring to from my own experience.♥

Hang in there, hopefully things will improve for you. ♥

No I dont have a sister either or a brother, just me. :/

I really like American accents, especially the southern accents.
My southern accent? Why honey child I've most likely watched 'Gone With The Wind' too many times. Lol :) ♥

dianne said...

Oh and Canadian accents too and of course Irish, to be sure. ♥

How do we know said...


AlmightyHeidi said...


Anonymous said...

have no accents

everybody else does

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You have the same temperature as we have here just now. Btw - it is raining on my roof windows.

foam said...

rolf ..
we still have this arctic front moving through ..
but the sun is back.
it won't stay this cold. we are in the south after all.
although i really wouldn't mind a cold winter.

eh, eh?

foam is the only one without an accent ..
everybody else just sounds weird ..
period ..
end of discussion..
keine widerrede..

ooooooooooooh, there you are with your big sister who is in braces i see .. ;)

thanks, how do we know .. :)

see my answer to /t. concerning accents in general?
but you learned southern through gone with the wind? lawdy chile ..
those're all hollywoodized southern accents .. lol .
anyways .. i don't have an accent .. i sound like foam which is the perfect way to sound .. ;)

lady prism ..
big city life .. kind of appealing when you are far away from it. i reckon i might get tired of it on a daily basis ..
these past two posts were photos that i shot off my backdeck.


foam said...

oops, that 'verstanded' is not supposed to be there.
it's supposed to be part of /t.'s comment..

dianne said...

Yes Foamie dear you have a lovely voice; I heard it when you were promoting X-dell's play. ♥

And /t. you Canadians have beautiful accents...

For I once knew a guy from Calgary
he was young,handsome and fancy free
I asked him if he'd marry me
but he said sorry babe
I'm going back to my own country.:)

foam said...

ech ..
i forgot that some folks had heard my voice ..
i don't like to hear my own voice .. lol ..

boneman said...

Pug's probably right. Heck, I think I can hear them running up and down the streets and roads, now! They're looking for a lawyer..
Nice picture...dang.

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