Saturday, November 29, 2008

in the mood ..

(nudie doodle from a few months ago)

i've been straightening up some and came across my doodle pad..
i came across my oil pastels, colored pencils..
i realized it's been awhile since i've doodled.
i'm in the mood again..
to doodle nudie doodles.


ANNA-LYS said...

I can't even draw
that good with my hands.;-)
Looking forward to the results

(( kram ))

Anonymous said...

Great toe placement I must say. Good for you. Doodle away.

**¤ ¤** said...

haha hahahah ahahahaha hahahah .. lol ..

and that i will ..
momentarily ..

dianne said...

Very nice Foamie dear, looking forward to seeing some more of your nudie doodle art. ♥

I'm working on something myself but haven't had time to finish. ♥

SJ said...

Errrr you seem to have a toe in her u-know-wat. Didn't know you were into that kind of thing.

Lady Prism said...

I wish my tummy was as flat as hers. This is very good. Am' lookig forward to seeing more. Your doodles are "vavoom" enough to hang in some fancy upscale museum where people walk seriously slowly sipping glasses of champagne. Have you ever had an exhibit?

Speaking of exhibits, I'm reminded of a time when I was in my mid 20's. I tagged along with my hubby to this fancy gallery here where some national artist was having an exhibit. His company was a sponsor to the event so he had to be there. I felt so silly and awkward standing alone trying to pretend I understood what the fuss his art was all about ha!ha!ha!ha! It wasn't dooles at nudies...just - I duuno'...splats here and there of ink? LoL!..I was probably too young to make sense of it at that time. I was expecting flowers or houses or trees or nudes...not splats.

ps: Let's go out and have ourselves some ice cream. I'm in the mood for pistachio's a Sunday here..maybe I will go out later in the afternoon for a scoop or two. My first bite is dedicated to you in celebration of your doodle inspiration!

Pamela said...

I brought my water colors out last week... and I was uninspired.

Going to try again this week.

HLiza said...

Do doodle're good at it! I tried taking some photos with my toe in it but I deleted them..they were too scary! He he..

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you *sigh*

foam said...

coool!!! can't wait to see some of your art again!

ummmmmm..... technically that toes is just on a piece of paper. ;)

thank you .. ! (blush)
i've been ina few shows, but it's not really anything i've seriously pursued .. the work i've had in shows actually looks nothing like these doodles ..
you might want to revisit that national artist with the black splats .. lol ..
you might find that you like him now. you never know. actually, what you describe sounds a bit like
robert motherwell, perhaps franz kline .. abstract expressionists.
both work with large brushstrokes ... and perhaps a splat or two .. :)

icecream sounds deviiiiine right now .. i'll put some in my coffee .. :) care to have some coffee and icecream?

hliza ..
that's just your opinion of your toes. we might like them just fine .. :)

cosmo ..
.. lol ..

Anonymous said...

I love you toe
where will it go?

SJ said...

You evade my question on a technicality?

foam said...

who knows ..
where the toe goes ..
but where the toe goes ..
foam goes ..

foam said...


SJ said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, best so
for your toe
and for you
Toegether until...

Anonymous said...

do not
allow this
noodie doodle mood
to pass unrealized, foam

very nice! looking forward

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

rolf ..
it IS nice to have the toe ..

i'll try.
the thing is, not all doodles are to my satisfaction ..

Helene (aka Kate) said...

wowo and a toe in JUST the right place!

I like it! (wish I was that perky)

foam said...

blue kate!
yeah, i know ..
at one time i was that perky, but, alas ..
gravity takes it's toll .. lol ..

puerileuwaite said...

Whew! Thank God! It hadn't dawned on me that those were your TOES. You had me concerned that we'd never be able to comfortably walk hand-in-hand, er, paw-in-hand. Although on the plus side, according to scale you'd be way closer to my own 1'2" height.

foam said...

but pug! doggies don't walk hand in hand or paw to hand ... tsk ..
so, wouldn't you just be more comfy on a leash? ..
with a shock collar, maybe ..
like all properly behaved doggies?

dianne said...

Lol dearest would soon pull that Puggles into line with his shock collar if he took any liberties. ♥

foam said...

good morning, dianne .......
i might need a shock collar for myself here ..
to zap myself awake..
i went to bed waaaaaay to let and then had my own little mutt waking me up at an ungodly hour to go out to tinkle ... tsk ..

AlmightyHeidi said...

I am envious..I can make some really cool stick figures...let that creativity flow:)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I know what I want for Christmas...

boneman said...

Artists worse critics are themselves (gravity or no)

A toe's worth of modesty...very nice. Would I be out of line to say that had you gotten a camel to stand there it would be
Maybe i should just stop.

Meanwhile, Nudie Doodles, is this art stuff you're following up on or are you also teaching your kids?
You know, I get flak about it sometimes, but, when asked I always say the same thing:
I draw in many languages even though I only speak the one.

foam said...

boneman ..
a Camel? say whaaaaat? and STOOOOOP!!!

anyways .. a toe's worth of modesty is right actually

my nudie doodles are just casual drawings of nudes in sketchpads. they usually are just the torso area. i've been doing them off and on for over 20 years ... although sometimes with big time lapses in between. ... and yes, i still teach those 880 children a week .. but NOT how to draw nudes .. lol ..

yes? and that would be? .. ;)

heidi ..
i like cool stick figures .. they can be waaaay cool .. :)

naaaah .. i don't think i would have to. there's probably a gentleman .. or not .. lurking behind those puerile comments of his ... ;)

dianne said...

I understand what you mean about being satisfied with the art work that you're doing, I have thrown away about five of mine, just cant get it right. ♥

ANNA-LYS said...


Love Your laugh!!!

Merelyme said...

*giggle* your um toe is on the know. hee hee!

Ruela said...

Hello foam!

The Phosgene Kid said...

It's hooterific!!! Came back for more, may make it my wallpaper...

goatman said...

The ubiquitous printer paper of olde.
The teachers' pal.

How better to mark it up.

K9 said...

something about this anatomy is a bit off...grrherhahaa. brings new meaning to a swift kick to the cr....oh never mind. grrherha Excellent sketch though. perky. ;-)

SJ said...

And where would you be nowadays. Your meager ... err... eager fan base wants to know.

BTW mine's bigger than yours... the toe I mean.

foam said...

sj, right about exactly now, i'm in front of my computer drinking a cup of coffee reading your silliy comment.
yes, your toe might be bigger, but i bet mine is prettier .. so There!

k9, yes, i agree, something is slightly askew .. maybe i should stop drawing these things while laying in my bed ..
btw, of course it's perkky .. she's got no clothes on ..

yap, where would life be sans printer paper?

come back anytime. i enjoy your company very much ..

merelyme ..
i'll tell you exactly where my toe is .. it's on a piece of paper ..
well, the actual toe right now is encased in a pair of woolen socks which are in a warm pair of houseshoes ..

your comment was very funny .. still brings a smile to my face ..

and the thing is ..
i would probably like what you threw away .. and you would probably like my rejects ..

X. Dell said...

Um, where do you get the models for all this doodling? Seems like they would inspire a different kind of doodling.

foam said...

various art books ..
thar's shitloads of nudies out there in the artworld.
it's fun. it's practice ..
what kind of different doodling are you thinking about, huh?

jin said...

foam toes foam toes I seeeeee foam toes!

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