Saturday, November 8, 2008

foam's skull ..


reckon i'll take down this halloween decor tomorrow ..


frizzy scissorhands said...

i love it ... oh, must you take it down?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

You could always leave it up as a salutary warning to those door-to-door purveyors of fine religions.

Aggie said...

Do those eyes light up? You seem to have a spare pair ... lol!
Leave it up and just change the msge every month.
Puxatawney skull predicts a skin leaching winter?? for example??

ANNA-LYS said...

Hi hi hi
Leave it with a sign
"my former friend"
did talk bad behind
my precious back

SJ said...

Just as I thought empty inside!

BTW I like those eyeballs.

Little Lamb said...

Very interesting. Eyes popping out all over!

Lady Prism said...

nice teeth!! :>

The Phosgene Kid said...

Just wrap it with some X-mas lights and you're all set for the next holiday.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

What can I say.... I love it.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Kewl... It looks like a "Skelletor" skull from the old He Man cartoons. :)

/t. said...

foam skull

xray photography(!)



& LOL @ phos :)

pinetopswamp said...

@ klear sign of why North cakalacki done went for Obama , God bless him and them, and us too dog gone it. And Goddess bless Foam.

"hey world, let's get our acts together" - pts

foam said...

frizz ..
nope .. don't really have to take it down .. :)

cosmo ..
now, that's an idea!

no, they don't light up but both the skull and the eyes are glow in the dark .
a skin leaching winter? .lol..

another great idea! i love these.
beware talking behind the foams back!

no, actually not empty! just dense .. ;)
i think there's a 'made in india' sticker on it .. ;P

yes, i think so .. :)

and they don't ever have to be cleaned either!

my thoughts exactly!!

good! and it's good to see you .. :)

i think you are right! i hadn't even thought about that..

thanks and ..
yep, that phos has a great sense of humor .. and i had actually thought the same thing .. :)

pinetopswamp, eh? ..
welcome to the foaming .. ;)
yo! let's do get out acts together!

dianne said...

Foamie my dear,just put a sign on it saying 'this is the last person who tried to convert me to their religion'. I really like what Phos had to say, Christmas lights.
Stick a few turkey feathers on it and you will have Thanksgiving covered as well.♥ :)

foam said...

christmas lights, turkey feathers and i thought i might add a pilgrim hat .. various signs to ward off and warn folks ..
wow.. this is really shaping up!

dianne said...

I just noticed that your reflection I can see in that photo? ♥ ;)

foam said...

yes .. :)

puerileuwaite said...

Mine always makes its way onto the top of the tree until after the holidays. It really seems to cut down on drop-in visitors, except for motorcycle gangs of course.

ThursdayNext said...

I love it...maybe you can make a turkey skull type of Thanksgiving decoration just to stay within the spirit of spookyness? :)

SJ said...

Whoever put it up has a lot of talent and is very skullful :)

Rolf said...

I like the sunshine in the background. Over here it is only rain and storm.

Under the skin we are all alike. My thoughts when I see a skull.

HLiza said...

How do you sleep at night with this skull around?

foam said...

that wouldn't keep me away ..

now ......
actually finding a turkey skull would be kind of spooky. i guess i could ask for one at our local poultry plant. i could probably get many and string them up as garlands!!

it takes a lot of skull, indeed, to be that skullful ..

you ought to come visit .. we have had a wonderfully sunny, colorful, brisk but not to cold, fall.

quite well actually..

X. Dell said...

(3) With respect to two posts ago, I've been putting things up at even a slower speed, lately. So /t has nothing to complain about vis-a-vis you.

(2) Regarding last post, I love disco too (what do you mean there's more?).

(3) That skull isn't numb, is it?

foam said...
1. re: non posts .. yeah, but you have the lame excuse of moving from one city to another .. as if that ought to slow one down .. tsk ..
2. you love disco veering? who knew ..
3. i don't know. maybe i ought to ask it ...

Ruela said...

oww i mean

better than holes ;)))


..................... said...

actuallly ..
maybe your mind found a home in here?

Ruela said...

yes that's right ;)))

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