Monday, October 27, 2008

Foam Time Warp...

My oldest son was rummaging amongst our junk a few days ago and came across this photo from the late 60s ..
i was 9, i think ..
maybe, 10.

yep, that's me .. the tall one..
and, no, this is not a Halloween photo.

i only remember one Halloween from when i was
probably 6.
my dad passed away sometime after that and meine deutsche mutter
moved us back to germany which meant
no more Halloween for foam and her bro, 'cause
Halloween, at the time, was not celebrated amongst germans.

we did fasching, fastnacht..
we celebrated the eve before ash wednesday..
children had their little children's parties ..
or larger ones at the community centers..

adults had their bacchanalian, let it all hang out, feasts/dances..
ya, i did those too ..
but several years later.

i gather that these days Halloween is almost all over the place,
but when i was 9 it was a thing of my past ..
until i had children of my own..

i like Halloween..
i like the pumpkins..
the campiness of it..
i haven't dressed up in years..
but soon we will carve the pumpkins..

and i already have candy because we do get a fair amount of children
who will TRICK me unless i TREAT them..



ps: for Halloween my youngest son (age 11) wants to be the boy who jumps out of a dark corner
with a strobe light while wielding a chain saw and giving out candy at the same time.
i found this out yesterday evening.
no wonder he was so very interested in the chainsaws when we went to wallie world
just earlier that day.

but, really ..
It's astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
I've got to keep control


Little Lamb said...

Time Warp from Rocky Horror. I never got to see it in the theaters but I did see it on TV or video. I have it on video. It's a good movie, but it was probably much better in the theater.

Anonymous said...

ha hah
ha aha hah
ha hah aha ha ha!

i haven't seen this clip in ages

great piece for halloween spirit, foam

and foam youngster -- you know you haven't changed a whole bunch (except for the better) :)

¤ ¤ ¤


ps -- the boys idea sounds like great fun!

jin said...

Awwww... aren't you cute?!!?

I went to a Halloween party last year, first time I was to one in many years, I dressed as a tart... er... I mean a gypsy. ;-) *Him* wouldn't dress up at all. In fact, never even took his winter coat & hat off. I swear you female Libra's are so much fun... the complete opposite of the nasty male ones!!!

foam said...

Little Lamb,
it was absolutely wild seeing it in the theatres. i saw it for the first time in austin, texas around halloween during the early 80s.

but if you wanna know how wild watching the movie can get at home you should go to dd's site .. ;)

yep, it is a good one for halloween.

ps: i'll send my boy up your way..
he can do his chainsaw antics in your neighborhood.

foam said...

but jin...
i love tarts! of the edible kind that is .. umm.. that's still not sounding right.. well, never mind. loved your link .. lol ..
too bad you were wasted on that wet rag of an ex of yours.

Ruela said...

beautiful pic and nice video.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha ... it's just a jump to the left.
Good ole Richard O'Brien huh! His extended family came from Hamilton, N.Z. (Although English born) which was just a little "jump to the left" of where I came from and my hubby and Richard's brother ended up in a band together. Brings back some great memories of the parties we attended. Lol!

foam said...

thank you, ru .. :)

aggie ...
wow, i imagine those parties were fun ..
yeah, riff raff was one of my favorite characters in the movie ..

Lady Prism said...

Halloween is a commercialized celebration in my country today. It has gained in popularity the last 10 years with trick or treat and decors. I never did any trick or treat but my kids did. I loved gearing them in costumes when they were young.

You look like the ultimate vogue model tall. There's always that fun twinkle I see in your you know something others don't he!he! It would have been fun hanging out with you as a kid. The things we could have done hee!hee!hee!hee!

X. Dell said...

Well, I hope you enjoyed at least one of your time warps.

So, what all happens at these adult festivals, huh? Any good stories?

SJ said...

No Halloween here. You are a bunch of pagans all of you :)

What exactly are you dressed as in the photo? German village lass?

foam said...

methinks we might have gotten into a heap of trouble ..
yep, that's where i get my tall attitude from. the brief time when i had that growth spurt and outgrew all my classmates. then just a couple of years later i was amongst the shortest students since all my classmates caught up with me and then continued to outgrow me.
heck, i might could tell stories if i remembered any .. ;) .. i just remember that i decided that asbach uralt is evil, and jagermeister is possibly the nastiest drink out there. ech, my belly churns just writing about it.

i'm beyond being a pagan, btw ..
nope, not a german village lass. wrong outfit .. ;)
it's not a costume i necessarily picked out. but my green eyed, blond mother always thought her brown eyed, brunette daughter looked like an .../err/... indian ... ;P .. in politically correct terms referred to as a native american..

dianne said...

"Lets do the time warp again",Lol, good video Foamie my dear friend. :)
I didn't realise that you grew up in Germany, so that's why you were standing near Hohenecken Castle the place that Boney recognised from his childhood.
I like your photo, you look very sweet, I was always the tall, thin one too in photos but I didn't stop growing for a while...5' 7 1/2" or approx. 172cm is quite tall.
Happy Halloween :) xoxo ♥

K9 said...

who in the hell dressed their kid as the pope? grrherhaha. you are still a wild indian arent you? ;-)
i love all your old photos.

HLiza said...

I can see that you were a cutie back then, and you still are now! Happy Haloween..and thanks to your boy..I got to see one slice of your history..that's nice!

benjibopper said...

beautiful photo though - i don't think we appreciate photos like we used to now that we have digital. it's all too easy. but this one is just this moment in time, etched right there forever.

out here halloween is found only in the suburbs, sadly.

ANNA-LYS said...

Happy Halloween, dear Foam :-)))

Will be back to see the photos coz they are not loading for me tonight :-(
Have a lovely evening overthere ;.)

puerileuwaite said...

As long as you own a dirndl and are willing to pose in it, I am willing to embrace your Germanic heritage.

K9 said...

wait! thats not an indian costume. its like a beer making or chocolate making outfit. or like when you blow a horn on the top of a mountain and administer throat lozenges costume.

foam said...

yep, it's still blows my mind that boneman recognized that bit of the castle walls. he was playing in those ruins about 10 years earlier then i was.
i was born here in the U.S. My dad was american, my mom german.
i stopped growing at 5'3" ... :)

you mean the little girl sitting in the front looks like she's dressed up as the pope? ..... hahahaha...
never thought of it that way. she was so proud to be a princess. i remember that clearly. she is the little sister of the girl in the cowboy outfit.
....and it is too supposed to be an indian outfit, but when it comes to drinking or beer, i can do that in any outfit. i'll leave the making to the experts.

yeah, thanks .. :). i don't write a whole lot about my family or post pics cause my husband feels weird about that at times.

yes .. although taking pics back then seemed easy, you had to really think about what pics you were taking. after all, there were only up to about 36 pics on a roll.

it's just good to see you. and thanks .. :)

wouldn't you know ..
i own a dirndl ..
and i think you would look mighty fetching in it .. ;)

foam said...

oops, that second hliza comment of mine is actually meant for benjibopper ... sorry to the both of you .. lol ..

Indigo said...

I liked Halloween even before I was a Wiccan. Happy Halloween, Foam!

Merelyme said...

oooh i love halloween so! candy! bring me candy!

K9 said...

maybe it is the way the child is seated. reminds me of pope innocent - who wasnt - (surprise!) anyhoo thats what flashed on my free association radar. okay. indian girl it is.

K9 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K9 said...

what are the two on the left spossed to be?

X. Dell said...

I couldn't imagine getting drunk on Jager. Couldn't imagine the taste of cough syrup going the other way the following morning.

Aunty Belle said...

Ho! Yikes. I mean...oookay.

On to the pumpkins--no wait! Love yore photo -heh- almost Beaver Cleaverish time warp.

Foamy, please upload yore artistic tres cool carved jack-o-lantern!

K9 said...

jaeger is hideous. i concur.

Anonymous said...

I like that movie The rocky horror show.

boneman said..., that's the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
I guess I should rent it.
Cool dance, though. I wonder if I can learn it?

foam said...

boneman ..
omg .. you are a rocky horror virgin .. ;)
heck yeah .. if you haven't seen it you should rent it.
i reckon you can learn it. it's the only dance in the movie that has preset moves.
i need to rent it actually. it's been years since i've watched it.

it's fun, isn't it?

yep .. it's puke city ..

haven't done any carving yet ..
i reckon i'll have to do it tomorrow. or let my sons do all of them. i usually keep a pumpkin for myself to carve. but i had a eye mishap a couple of weeks ago which made it hard to see outta one eye for a while.,
well, if it went down the other way the following morning i might be okay even though it's still nasty. the problem is that it comes back up the way it went in ... :-/

those two girls on the left? you know.... i used to know .. but it's kind of a traditional costume. those 2 girls were also siblings.
and as far as the princess goes.. her pose is quite popey looking.

Pamela said...

looks like you were on the audience at Howdy Doody (except for the wee bride)

foam said...

yeah it does, doesn't it.. lol ..

benjibopper said...

yeah my wife and i have a joint blog but she almost never posts and i think it's partially a time thing and partially feeling weird about the internet.

Monique said...

I don't think Germany celebrates halloween. It's still very much an American feast and of course British, but not as much as the US.


Good clip.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I don't have any chainsaws, but have a sword and a hatchet he can borrow. Sorry, but I'm using the ax.

Anonymous said...

Halloween is a commercialized celebration in Sweden nowadays.

But it is rather controversial.

Anyway, I hope you have fun.

foam said...

i spoke to a cousin of mine in germany about halloween. i think it's a commercialized celebration there too that's taken hold over the past 10 or 15 years. don't know how widespread it is. it's become commercialized here too, unfortunately. just like all other holidays.

based on your most recent post, i'm thinking you could a used all your equipment on your neighbors party .. ;)

i think halloween stuff is in germany. i ought to talk to my cousin again to see exactly what folks do. see the comment i left for rolf.

yes .. it would appear that primarily non blogging spouses don't really get it.
actually i'm not sure i get it ..
but it's been fun.

ThursdayNext said...

Rocky Horror was on the other night and I just had to pause and watch it. God, I love old photos with that yellow hue - the ones of me as a kid are the same - there is something I just love about it; its comforting.

Bobby said...

I saw it a few times at this independent theater called the Naro in Norfolk, Virginia. Midnight show. A lot of fun...squirt guns, rice being thrown, people in the audience acting along with the movie - - a total trip.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I do wear a Stahlhelm around the house from time to time...

No party goers were harmed, Mrs. Phos hid my ammunition.

foam said...

bobby ..
yep .. that sounds about right..

you are married to a very wise woman ..

jin said...

*jin creeps up to foams house & peeks in the window to see if she has any of her delicious sounding soup cooking on the stove...*

foam said...

no soup ..
but mr foam made a big pot of yummy pinto beans ...
without meat .. :)

puerileuwaite said...

Are you SURE you're not related in any way to Keith Moon?

foam said...

it's the eyebrows, isn't it?
and perhaps my propensity towards trashing all hotel rooms and tossing furniture outta high windows ..
but, naaaaaah ..
no known relationship ..

C said...

Like your prose-like way of writing your blog!

The Lone Beader said...

I didn't know you lived in Germany either! I was there last year. Would love to go back sometime! It is so beautiful and relaxing there!

benjibopper said...

i don't quite get it either, but it beats those 'real life replica' programs.

Anonymous said...


come on now, foamie

even pug, whose publishing
is measured in geologic time
is posting more frequently than this blog...

just sayin' we're missing you

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

lone beader,
yeah.. i remember you posting about that .. :)

benji ..
yes, i have to agree with you there ..

as you can tell..
i done did it ..

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