Wednesday, October 15, 2008

foam stuff

photo taken yesterday 10/14/08

i'm presently going through some visual problems. i can see images with one eye, read for a while with one eye, but reading too much presently strains the eyes too much. so, if i'm showing up on your sitemeters but not commenting that's what that is.
i should be back to normal soon.

anyway ..
this is how i see out of one eye..
fuzzy, grey with the same weird floaty stuff..
i can just imagine myself being in a transporter
and experiencing the same weird stuff
as in this star trek next generation
"realm of fear"
(ps: see sj, i waited until you commented to go into my geeky side)

oh, and yesterday while i was at the eye specialists who had to keep my eye propped up for a while so they could get a good look i joked about
being a part of
clockwork orange ..
the eye doc got it..
but i don't think he thought it was that funny..

tomorrow i see a more specialisted specialists in the big city over yonder..
oh boy..
more fun..

in the meantime i don't mind if you would all wish me a happy birthday..
it's today..
i know some of you ahve already..
much appreciated..

photo taken saturday by my spouse who thought he was gonna creep up on me to take a surprise photo ..
i showed him, eh?


SJ said...

Hope your eye gets better soon Cyclops.

foam said...


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Cousin IT, how are you doing? Sorry about the eye problem and hope it gets better real quick. We only get two and they need to be taken care of. I still think you are too pretty to cover up.

Anonymous said...


        THE FOAM!

    ¤ ¤ ¤


              and get well soon!


Crushed said...

Happy birthday!

That photo took me a while to figure out what it was...

Good luck with the eye!

Ruela said...

Happy birthday Foam!

nice stuff ;)

Take care.

Ruela said...

Espero el mejor del ojo ;)

Ruela said...

Nice pic of Janis Joplin ;)

Indigo said...

indigo incarnates

happy birthday foam! :)

I'm sorry your eyes is in bad shape. I hope it can get fixed soon. Be well, nice friend.

SJ said...

Well but I can come back and see the updates right? Because I love the blog so much.

oh and don't get lost in the big city OK?

dianne said...

Happy Birthday again dearest Foamie!

I'm so sorry you are having problems with your eye, I hope it will be better soon, good luck dear friend.♥

K9 said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay yay yay aya

sorry about your eye. thats terrible. i had this thing where i saw like jagged lightning bolts all the time. i bout jumped off a cliff over it.

(dont you do that)

puerileuwaite said...

Happy Birthday, dear Foamy one. My "present" was going to be a "Cousin It" joke, but I see that's already been inflicted.

So I'm considering either being sewn into a dress to sing an intoxicated Happy Birthday in a Marilyn Monroe style tribute (which would be a cheesy gift, as I do this every Thursday anyway being that it's karaoke night and all) ...

or ...

I'll bake myself into a cake (this time remembering that I need to not eat anything and also make sure I have an empty bladder first).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday
I wish I had a present for you, something beautiful and very expensive.

But I can invite you to my blog and if you can't read the text, you can at least smell the sweat.

foam said...

thanks, buddy..:) and you take care of your back, yes?

turns out the eye just requires patience to get better. that's good, actually..

that's my it/janice joplin impersonation .. :)

thank you, ruela..
actually i was also thinking janice jopline .. :)

today i found out that time will improve the eye..

you are always, always, always welcome here .. :)
and hubz navigated the big city.

thanks.. you are always so sweet. :)

don't worry ..
no cliff jumping for the foam.. i'm fear heights.
but those lightning bolts of yours actually could be pretty serious. could indicate a retinal detachment. hopefully that is not what you had.

thank you..:)
and you know what? instead of that monroe outfit ..
why don't you do me an elvis impersonation .. ;)?
i can really see you in something like that.

hey rolf,
no need for expensive presents.. :)
your birthday wishes are very appreciated though.

boneman said...

well, two things.
First...It ain't bad news. But, I can tell you about something in yoiur life.
You got popped in one eye at some time in your life.
That there is a cateract.
Sounds worse than it is, though, espaecially if you have insurance.
I remember the first eye going. Slow, it was.

Was gone big time, though, for near ten years before the second one started going.
Well, dang. Hate to tell you this, but, I live WAY out in the country and sometimes, see or no, i had to get to town.
Heck, my brother actaully asked me to make a drive to Fort Wayne, once, too.
Get it, the surgery is easy, weird, but, easy.

(and, in case you think that means you're getting old?
HA! You bet it does!

sometimes a truama to the eye can cause it years after the blow,
So, you're still young and, well....actually, that's why I came over....

You had commented at my blog?
Is that all you did?

are you sure?

boneman said...

WTF kind'a BIRTHDAY wish is THAT!?!?

foam said...

boney ..
nahhhhh, it's not a cataract ..
and i'm not really remembering any previous eye trauma beyond pink eye..
i had a rather massive vitreous hemorraghe (sp?) in my left eye. something that nearsighted folks can be prone too. but it also happens with age. i've been to the local specialist who ruled out a retinal detachment, but since i had so much blood that pooled into the bottom and back of my eye, i had to go to where the fancy eye equipment is in the big fancy hospital the next city over. i had an ultrasound which also ruled out any tearing and detachment in the back of my eye. so my prognosis? be patient and wait till it clears up.

and well, yes ..
when i comment at a blog .. that is actually all i do .. ;) comment ..

so, wtf .. you wishing me a belated happy birthday or what? i can't tell .. :)

jin said...

Happy Happy belated Birthday!

lol @ the Clockwork Orange reference!

Re the eye: You just need more chocolate!

HLiza said...

Happy birthday! That's one fun bday picture..he he. Hope you'll get back the other eye..

Helene (aka Kate) said...

lol ur funny!

that first perspective reminded me of a gravesite... idky

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