Monday, October 6, 2008


SJ said...

I see you couldn't refrain from posting... you needed to get stuff off your chest. It will help me keep abreast of changes in your life.

..................... said...

i'm glad that i can keep you abreast of the mounds of changes in my life..

dianne said...

Beautiful art Foamie, lots of lovely curves and peaks, lots of lovely breasts. :) xoxoxo ♥

benjibopper said...

holy serendipity, just had breastfeeding class with my wife last night. and this is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ sj
yr a hoot...

foamie -- you are
a most talented draftsman

these drawings are gorgeous -- and interesting 'multi' arrangements, too

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...


Very good, indeed!

Crushed said...

Did you read my mind?

Anonymous said...

You inspired me. Now I have breasts hanging out on my blog too.

foam said...

thank you ..
curves and peaks are good i think..

benji ..
yep, i did those classes too ..
breastfeeding is a very good thing.

thank you ..
..and, you are encouraging sj ..
but, you're right ..
he is funny .. most of the time .. ;)

well, hell ..
that's good then .. lol

hey, crushed ..
nope, didn't read your mind..

heavens! i saw them ..
merkel, eh? lol..

boneman said...

well, no doubt your art will sell faster'n my boring stuff.

Perhasps I should include breasts within the pictures, eh?

Well, they are nice.

..................... said...

boneman ..
this is just a sketch drawn on a 6" x 9" unruled writing pad ..
and it never occurs to me to sell anything..

your art is not boring, btw .. ..
you seem momentarily down a bit ..
i think certain blogs just ought to be stayed away from.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

You have the ability to sketch the human body with beauty and dignity. I applaud you :)

puerileuwaite said...

Suddenly I want to climb every mountain, with or without Julie Andrews.

foam said...

thanks .. that's a nice thing to say .. :)

pug ..
you might get breathless ..

jin said...


foam said...

jin ..
mais oui..:)

K9 said...

what a lovely landscape the female form is. beautifully rendered foamy. bravissimo!

Monique said...

Wow, what some nipples, they all must have had babies.

Beautifully drawn though.

Off to Rolf to see more!! Oh and Benji, I had no idea that you have breast feeding classes.


Ruela said...

I see dead peopl.......


I see live breasts ;)

very cool indeed,
love it foam
I say
you're a master ;)

foam said...

ruela ..
lol ..
you see drawn breasts ..
here on this blog anyway ..
and .. thank you .. :)

monique ..
they've breastfed babies ..

thank you .. :)
yes we are a landscape ..
we have the ability to make things grow ..

The Phosgene Kid said...

Very nipply!!

ANNA-LYS said...

Beautiful, indeed Foam!
and tnx for being back as a dar-link!

Lady Prism said...


dianne said...

Foamie my sweet, I've changed the 'Wonderful Life', video for you. :)

SJ said...

Thanks /t - I try to be more hootier than owls. I saw you blogs and since you had 1000+ comments decided not to add one more lol.

foam, Most of time isn't that bad... only life itself can be funny all the time.

boneman said...


where do I go to exchange them, please?

no, actually, my Swedish friend correctly spelled that which i have butchered since 1959....

Macht Nichts

dang....and it only took me fifty years to get it right.

foam said...

boneman ..
sorry, dude, but you are not getting a tit for a tat .. lol ..
and, btw, it mox nix that you've misspelled macht nichts all these years ..

you do have an endearingly wacky sense of humor ..
even when it's baaaaaaad which oddly makes it even better ..

yeah, i saw .. beautiful scenery .. thank you ..:)

prism ..
hahahaha ..

thank you <3

yes, indeed ..

Little Lamb said...

I guess you were bored.

..................... said...

little lamb,
nope, i wasn't bored ..
i just felt like doodling.

Anonymous said...

not board

¤ ¤ ¤


..................... said...

/t. ..
obviously .. :)

HLiza said...

Lovely, lovely peaks! (I think most women LOVE to see beautiful woman bodies..rather than men..I used to think they have nothing artistic to see he he..NO OFFENCE okay for anybody from man species)

dianne said...

These are beautifully drawn Foamie, I keep coming back to look at them, its very clever as the lines draw you in all directions and you see something new and unexpected from every angle. :) ♥ :)

SJ said...

I can't see the forest for the mounds.

..................... said...

well, you know ..
you have to get past the mounds first to see the forest..

i'm glad you are enjoying the drawing.
i was kind of hesistant at posting it at first ..
not because of the subject matter, but because i'm perhaps overly critical of anything i do myself.

yes, i know many women who've said the same thing..
i don't mind looking at nudes from either sex ..
it just depends on how they are protraited ..

X. Dell said...

I detect a theme in both the post and the comments.

boneman said...

now, wait a minute here.
At least one of those are you.
Somewhere im there...

I heard that one of the quarters of the Mona Lisa was a self portrait of daVinci.

Well, anyway, there's a wonderful plant in California that grows leaves that look similar to these.
Some kind of succulent. Might even be a cactus of some sort.
I'll try to find out more on that, because the two ideas would meld nicely.

Well, except that the plant is green, of course.
And has a thorn on the end of it.

..................... said...,
there seems to be mounds of evidence for that..
although do suspect the peak has been reached as far as comments go..

boneman ..
what you write brings to mind succulent mounds with barbwired fencing ..

ThursdayNext said...

Oh my goodness thanks to you Foamy and all the smiles I got from reading the comments here. ;)

..................... said...

thursday ..
you are very welcome .. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Morning Sunday Foam

Hope You have had a sensual weekend

..................... said...

anna-lys ..
it's a bit better this morning..
i've been suffering a bit from the 'crud' ..

ANNA-LYS said...

The description of Your sensual morning at my blog made me ... ;-)

ANNA-LYS said...

I didn't understand "crud"
but I looked it up at
Merrian-Webster online
still can't make sense of it
have You been ill?
or treated ill?

(( hug ))

Anonymous said...

oops ..
forgot that i'm using a colloquialism..
crud .. allergies/cold/icky sinus drainage/headaches..
..seems to be normal for the beginning of fall for me..
it's not as bad as it was last year though .. so far ..

Anonymous said...

I have had something like a crud I guess with fever and so or it was just a cold.

But now I feel good and tomorrow is a new day and I shall run again. I have had a period of two weeks without running, just walking instead.

Anonymous said...

'a politician'

hope yr feelin' better soon, foamie

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

fellow crud survivor .. :)
i'm glad to know that you'll be up to running again ..

'a politician'
of course ..
that would be another
appropriate use of that word..

i'm feeling better, but i probably shouldn't a worked outside in the yard and leaves today without a dust mask ..
i feel the crud in my throat again..
and in my eyes.

ANNA-LYS said...

of course he doesn't sit in front of the computer when You start the morning by kissing his neck!!! :-p

ANNA-LYS said...

Be well, soooooon


foam said...

well, yes..
that's true..
but it's also cause i'm hogging the computer. we only have one hooked up to the internet.

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