Sunday, September 21, 2008

like i said .. i was thinking ..

that i would like to dedicate some of my posts to fellow bloggers ..

starting with dianne ..

these are photos of a couple of my favorite walking places..

i only visit the beach once a year ..

but these mountains are practically in my backyard ..


Anonymous said...

you live
in a beautiful
corner of the world

dianne will love this(!)

¤ ¤ ¤


ps to you... nice to find you blogging!

foam said...

yes, i do live in a pretty place .. :)

SJ said...

Now a view like that is motivation enough to go walking.

HLiza said...

You are so blessed! Glad to see you posting again..

dianne said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me Foamie, you are very special to me and I am thrilled & humbled. :)

I do love these photos, they are so beautiful,you do live in a very beautiful place.
I love walking too, I can just imagine the two of us walking along together enjoying both of these lovely vistas, but since you are so far away I will look at them and pretend. Dont forget we have to meet up for coffee later. :) xoxoxo

dianne said...

Me again, I'm a little overcome, shed a tear actually, I'm a very emotional being at times. I'm just looking at that beautiful beach and the glorious sunrise, what a perfect start to a day. Thanks again! :) xoxo

Little Lamb said...

Those are really nice pictures. You can use them for wallpaper on your computer.

puerileuwaite said...

I visit the beach once a year too: to spawn. But you don't see me bragging about it.

foam said...

pug ..
i wouldn't brag about it either if i were a fish molester ..
besides .. i thought you were neutered .. ;)

little lamb,
thank you ..
i could use them as wallpaper .. but i use images of my kids .. helps me remember that i'm a parent .. :)

you are so very welcome ..
i would love to go on a walk with you .. :)

thank you ..
i don't know that you can call what i do posting anymore .. but it is what it presently is..

yes, it is ..
but ..
where's my daily sj putdown? i was all ready with my 7000 mile long stick .. and here you go and leave me a nice comment .. ;/

Anonymous said...


foam, i know the pug
is unusual... ok ok... odd...
but i don't think he'd harm a scale on the head of a poor little fishie

he's just not like... that!

¤ ¤ ¤


Ruela said...

I love it
wish i can walk that beautiful

foam said...

well .. and i have an odd sense of humor .. :)
i just spewed out the first thing that came to mind when he mentioned spawning ..
maybe i should tone it down, eh?

you have many beautiful places to walk where you live. the photos you have posted are awesome.

dianne said...

Fish molester! Lol,maybe he likes beach balls, probably one of those pesky pugs that digs in the sand and flicks it all over you when you're trying to sunbathe.
Neutered?? Really? Doesn't sound like it to me! :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

it down?

nah -- lay it on,
foam, and lay it on thick :)

¤ ¤ ¤


( pug, no need to thank me, buddy :)

Lady Prism said...

I'd like to sit on those steps and just feel all the prettiness around. It must be so peaceful to live there...

Hmmmmm...if I stand on those steps and holler at the top of my lungs I bet a million birds and critty' creatures would be flying and scurrying off!

Does this mean you're here to stay??..oh' please do say you are...

Lady Prism said...

ps: I bet there are lots of fairies hiding behind those bushes and trees:)

..................... said...

lady prism ..
it is fairly peaceful where i live .. this little town of mine..
we live in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains. every morning and afternoon when i drive over a certain rise on my way to back from work i have views that make me catch my breath ..

ps: about those fairies ..
they bite, i think .. :) i don't know how many i've inadvertently killed by swatting at them ..

benjibopper said...

Wow, lucky to live in such a stunning place.

Monique said...

Oh my, what beautiful steps down to the bushes.

AND you are still with us!!


K9 said...

beautiful! i love the top best -sure i love the ocean but the mountains sing to me. gorgeous foamy!!!

ANNA-LYS said...

The first pic is beautiful
may I camp in Your backyard
next summer?

(are this Your way of saying goodbye to your cyberian neighbours?)

I hope not, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful
I walk along with you in my thougths

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I've always loved the sea. I missed my calling as a pirate, hee hee :)

SJ said...

OK no let down on the put down.

Do you live in one of those trees? At least you seem to have running water!

puerileuwaite said...

Thanks /t.

I sure am glad somebody stood up to defend my good name in the community.

boneman said...

The beach is cool, but the stairway is like WAY COOL!

I'de love to wander around there, some.
It looks like there's maybe a b'zillion paintings that could come from just what this is and looks down on.


boneman said...

...and then I go and read some of those comments.

Gives a whole new meaning to 'beach balls' y'know?

**¤ ¤** said...

...yes.. :)

oh, yes .. i'm still here .. kind of..
never meant to stop reading middle ditch however .. :)

yes, the mountains sing to me .. but the ocean soothes the soul ..

no .. i'm not saying goodbye ..
you can camp outside ..
you might roll down the hill though ..

good .. :) i'll enjoy having company ..

grrrrrr, howdy mate ..
i can almost envision you as a swashbuckler..

nope, i live in something encased by brick ..
and i payed the water bill just in the nick of time ..
so's alls good there....
soooo, how're you fairing in your cardboard box?

i find /t. to be one of the most helpful bloggers out there ..
i think i'll keep his advice ..

i can see you getting a kick out of painting these mountainscapes.. would be right up your alley.

ps: and those beach ball? ohhhhhhhh.......... never mind what i was going to say about those beach balls..

X. Dell said...

I think your backyard beats the beach.

And the photos are great.

**¤ ¤** said... .. well, it's not actually my backyard. from my backyard i can't see the mountains ..
unless i chopped down all the trees.
but i can step out onto the road and see these mountains ..

Pink said...

gorgeous...stairway to heaven...

and the pug is no fish molester...he sticks to women ;)


Merelyme said...

oooh foamy! does this mean you are sticking around? may i celebrate? these images are gorgeous...i am so ready to walk right into them.

ANNA-LYS said...

That would be an experience
"rolling down the rocks in USA"


Nice Weekend I hope!!!

ANNA-LYS said...

Watching CNN News every night, makes me release that that is what must people overthere are occupied with this days (bad joke?!?)

(( hug ))

foam said...

thanks ..
and concerning the pug .. if you say so ..

merelyme ..
i reckon .. :)

anna-lys ..
it would be more like banging our heads repeatedly against the rocks .. :)

Anonymous said...

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