Sunday, September 21, 2008

k9 said .... still?
yes, still ...
but, i'm thinking ..
and you know ..
thinking for a foam is very rare ..
it's rather a laborious process..
and already i'm all tuckered out just thinking about thinking..

ps: and to everybody who has left and has continued to leave comments on this last post ..
they are very much appreciated .. :) .. especially since i really did not anticipate folks still coming by to visit ..
so ...
here's a kiss for all of you ...

pucker up ..

on, second thought .. never mind .. ick ..
what was i thinking? ..
i'm not into kissing women ..
so, hugs for them ..
and, those guy kisses?
never mind those either ..
hugs for ya'll too ..
as long as you don't have cooties ..



dianne said...

A big hug () from me Foamie; I've just been looking through your archives and came across the photo of you and your Dad,the first man you ever loved, January 12, what a beautiful photo it is. :)
I hope you feel more energised soon my dear, it must be hard work teaching all of those children and looking after your family as well.
Take care Foamie. :) xoxox

foam said...

thanks for my big hug ... :)
hey ..
you are welcome to browse through my archives anytime ..
although, frankly, most archives are probably not worth revisiting ..

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Well shucks. Here I thought a kiss from my pal Foam would brighten my day. Sigh, I guess a hug will do. May I return that hug (not that it will brighten your day but it should scare you a little.) Which is a hug and which is a kiss? X or O? Have a nice day.

SJ said...

Thanks but no thanks. Lets keep the 7000 mile distance for now ]:)

Anonymous said...

& kisses
to the foamstress

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

irishman ..
from you i'll take an X and an O .. :)
doesn't matter which is which then, eh?

darn tootin' right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lets keep this space between us.
and maybe you could move a mile further to make it 7001 miles ..

ick ..
now i need to take another shower .. ;)

lets see ..
i got an X...
i got an O...
and a kitty purring behind my back..
but ...
what's the letter for a lick?
a 'P' ?

ANNA-LYS said...

Is thinking really more difficult than walking with stilettos?

I don't think I get it here and there

Ruela said...

Big Hug and kiss too ;)

foam said...

anna-lys ..
actually, truthfully ..
i really don't care what folks put on their feet ..

and this post is just my poor attempt at self-deprecating humor ..

foam said...

a big hug and kiss from ruela?
kewlllll .. i'll take 'em .. :)

Little Lamb said...

Hugs from me. You're posting again.

puerileuwaite said...

I'm here for my kiss. Don't let the cooties stop you.

foam said...

little lamb ..
yep, it would appear so ..

ick .. i guess i'll overcome ..

Ruela said...


Lady Prism said...

what are "cooties?"

..................... said...

prism ..
i'm not really sure ..
'cept' that boys can have them and they are icky...
of course, boys sometimes think that girls have them too .. l
it's kind of a pretend nonexisting disease amongst grade school children implying that boys are gross and/or girls are gross ..

Anonymous said...

In Sweden small boys are afraid of the girl-bacteria.

But not me

boneman said...

went back and changed into my best 'smoochy smoochy' look....

OK, lay one on me!

ow. you hit me...
oh. You're married...

oh yeah.

**¤ ¤** said...

come here you big goof .. lol ..
let me give you a big smooch ..
wait .. where's the mouth! your mouth!
oh, well ..
guess it'll have to be a chaste peck on the forehead..

that's cause you are not a boy ..
you are more like a james bond .. :)

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