Thursday, August 21, 2008

scenery change ..

actually i've been wanting to write about a couple of art shows that blew me away in dc..
but, alas ..
i've not been in the mood to write.

so i thought i'd post this photo i took a week ago or so..

this statuesque female by lachaise is part of the permanent collection of the hirshhorn gallery.
i've visited her before ..

i'm always humored and taken by the nonchalant, almost laissez faire attitude of this curvaceous female as she just stands there in her magnificent and confident naked glory and silently gazes out over the gardens..


Ruela said...


I love it
I want a model like this one ;)

Little Lamb said...

She's very shiny.

puerileuwaite said...

I would visit her every night, at least until the authorities put a stop to it.

foam said...

maybe if you are lucky you will fine one!

little lamb,
you are very observant.

maybe if you wear different outfits the authorities wouldn't notice..

Anonymous said...

she is

but a little too tall for me

¤ ¤ ¤


Mayden' s Voyage said...

I am feeling much, much better about the pooch of my tummy after seeing this beautiful bit of art.

And- seeing the female form from this angle gives one a new perspective on "curves" and their glory...and I got me some glory! :)

Wow Foamy! Thanks- this was great! :)

X. Dell said...

That's an interesting angle. Either that statue was huge, or you took that photo close to ground level.

foam said...

who knew that you were a heightist ..?
just kidding..

.. yes, she made me feel better about a whole lots of things too .. :)
it's good to have 'glory'.. lol, i did crouch to take the photo.
but she is extremely tall ... taller then you indeed ..
plus, she is on a pedastal.

SJ said...

Isn't she statuesque!!!

They might have put her on a pedestal but somehow I don't think she is going places.

Anonymous said...

After long time I learned not to put women on piedestals....

But that woman looks so proud and natural, a real tribute to all women in the world, in the universe....

..................... said...

sj, nope..
she has no need to go places..

most women don't want to be put on a pedestal..
we just want to be worshipped as the goddesses we are wherever we happen to be .. and, i'm just kidding .. ;) ... maybe ..

dianne said...

Wow she is tall, statuesque and those boobs are right out there.
She looks very confident & ready to take on the world.
You're quite right in saying that we dont want to be put on pedestals, but we should be worshiped as Goddesses for thats what we are. :) xoxox

boneman said...

OK, I'll be the guy that asks.
I mean, there's an extra reflection bouncing at us....
one that for all the world seems misplaced?
Or is it the size/perspective fooling with my head?

Y'know, I think the authorities did say there was some pug hanging around there last night wearing a green outfit....

Monique said...

Great statue. Glorious.

ThursdayNext said...

I wish I could be *that* confident. :)

boneman said...

not an easy image to locate.

boneman said...

OK, I located "this" but, not this.
UCLA has (or had, maybe Hirshhorn stole it and painted it blak so nobody would recognize it?)
(yeah, painting it high gloss black would do the trick, huh?)
but it for all the world looks like aluminium, aluminum, aluminim,

....silver in color

Merelyme said...

she is magnificent! i wish i had her confidence.

boneman said...

You have no idea the blind alleys I wandered into trying to find it, the UCLA image being the closest till you arrived on the scene (in all your glory)(albeit, dressed) and took this poor man by the hand and pointed at it
POINTED at it....
I loaded it (along with the aluminum other at the very bottom of paintings.

I don't know where else to put it, but I know I want to refer to it often.

If for no other reason than to help me remember what girls look know...

when they're standing in all their glory.

foam said...

dianne ..
of course we're goddesses.. ;) .. lol ..

i'm sure this statue makes a good place for a doggie to raise it's legs .. lol ..
so who knows what's reflected..
and, well, i'm glad the link that i sent will come in handy .......

yep, she is pretty glorious.

thursday and merelyme...,
i wish i had her confidence too..

boneman said...

First Line is yours, today.


foam said...

for wittle ole me?
no, no .. i don't think so..
it's for everybody who continues on into first line ..

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