Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photobucket's a holiday weekend.. season is starting..

..1st practice today..

there are mothers to visit ..

in a nursing home.. a hospital..

.. a bit of cleaning is necessary ..

.. plus, the eternal yard work..

.. and company is coming..

a relative plus beau..

..a cookout is planned..

..they enjoy good food and much booze..


...guest beds are readied..

..foam, jr girlfriend is coming on monday to spend the day..

..i had planned to be away..

..but, perhaps i should not..

i might be sparse this weekend..
but probably not



The Ramblin Irishman said...

Mercy, I cannot believe that I get to be the first to comment. Maybe it is because everyone else is on their final weekend of fun. Sounds like you are having fun of a different sort. Cheryl and I are headed to a family reunion (on my side) which should be as exciting as watching metal rust. Be careful when you use the broom... no solo flights. Bwah ha ha ha ha. I crack myself up. Byeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

let this
be a lesson;
next time you move,
resist the urge to provide
a forwarding address

¤ ¤ ¤


SJ said...

I assume you will be a spectator in the soccer?

X. Dell said...

Regarding your last post, I would suggest that Mr. Foam follow you with a video camera the next time you're feeling cantankerous. He'll have lots of fun that way.

You know I had to stare at that photograph for quite awhile before seeing what I was actually looking at. At first clance, it looked like fingers, or maybe teeth. Guess that's what happens when your glasses get broken.

Hope your mother is as well as she can be, and that you enjoy the company coming over.

Little Lamb said...

Have fun in whatever you decide.

puerileuwaite said...

I love going to cookouts, then getting so drunk that I have to stay over! Looking forward to an invitation! Yay!

foam said...

having fun watching metal rust yet?
btw., i'm a pro on my broom..
however, i don't fly sloshed. so no worries there..

lessons is slowly be learned the hard way..

yes, my youngest plays soccer.
i play soccer mom..,
no, i can absolutely 100% guarentee that mr foam would not be having fun if he followed me around with a video camera ..
ah, man.. that's right! you're glasses are broken. but, you eyesight is better than you realize. those are reflections of my fingers you see in there right under the toothy mouth area.
my mother is actually not bad off..
it's the m.i.l. who is not doing so well.
..and as far as the company goes. i'll have fun unless one of them gets shitfaced drunk. i'll have fun, but i might have to impose a no politics rule ..

little lamb,
i think i just decided to go back to bed and forget about everything.

okay, come on over pug ..
you can share a bed with the relative and beau ..
they'll never know..

boneman said...

It's a foregone fact Moms are sparse till the nest is empty, and then, guess what?
You and the Mr will be gone a lot visiting.

Then, a few years later, Grandma gets sparse for family when they visit...holidays get shorter, time slips away...

Oh, boo hoo hoo except hey!
You get some quality fam time in.

I envy you that, gal.
You're lucky beyond your wildest dreams.

dianne said...

Gosh you have a busy weekend ahead of you but try to enjoy it.
I hope the weather will be fine for your cookout; it is the last day of Winter here and though its not that cold it is bleak & raining, oh well my garden will appreciate it.
Dont work too hard! :) xoxoxox

..................... said...

i am lucky, boneman ..
and grateful..

yes .. i could really be overworking myself..
luckily i never let myself get that far .. :)
luckily i'm extreeeeeeeeemly lazy..

The Phosgene Kid said...

I took a nap

dianne said...

Foamie I'm sure you are not lazy, there is always sooo much to be done when guests are coming. I keep my house clean (not surgically mind)but you like everything to be nice and I dont get much help here, certain young males like leaving belongings just where they fall, then after some coaxing there is a mad frenzy to put them away, another stress I dont need.The extra shopping, tablecloths & napkins to press, cleaning, making sure bathrooms are spotless, cooking -I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Its so nice when you can just sit down, relax and enjoy the company after I have calmed down that is. I sometimes wonder if we were better off living in those caves, not much housework,just a bit of gathering & food preparation, the occasional mammoth to contend with, but what the hey, life was simple.Lol... I sometimes think of the strangest things but thats just me...thank goodness its your turn this weekend and not mine. Thinking of you. :) xoxoxox

..................... said...

phos ..
me too ..
fell asleep on the couch.
and behold, now it's time to go to bed .. :)

this is a cookout ...
they'll be lucky if i let them in the house to pee .. ;)
all kidding aside..
that 17 year old will be cleaning the guest bathroom.. and he did the vacuuming..
my spouse will probably do the shopping.
my 11 year olds stuff will go to goodwill if he doesn't take care of it .. :)
well, and okay, i admit .. i mopped the kitchen floor yesterday ..

dianne said...

Good to see you are getting some help, you have them well trained, I will have to start cracking the whip around here. :) xoxox

Ruela said...

good shot ;)

foam said...

thanks. :)

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