Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more nyc accidental takes...

my first imovie with sound ..!
for some reason even though i thought i had applied the text to each video clip..
they didn't take..

so, from beginning to end...
1.  outside port authority ..  40th/42nd and 8th 

2.  i can't really remember specifically where this was ..

3. outside port authority again ..

4.  5th ave obviously.... standing outside henri bendel's department store

5.  outside the 1/2 king tavern on 10th and 23rd ... enjoying a good meal and drinking beer ... 

6. gallery in chelsea ..

7. foam in central park...


Anonymous said...

i laughed

i cried

i strung my popcorn into a buttery necklace

two thumbs way up!

¤ ¤ ¤


whimsical brainpan said...

Nice! It was good to see you. :-)

foam said...

that would make
for a buttery neck ..

but anyways .. thanks .. :)


K9 said...

wow i love these!! so glad you took your camera. damn blogger wont accept my movies i have to go through you tube. dirty bastards! grrherhahahaha

you look good! like a cross between alanis morisette and todd rundgren...definitely like a rock star.

resist the urge to film vertical! resist! resist!!! and i will resist the urge to film birds in flight. hard on the eyes

K9 said...

did you see xdell while there? lets see...who else is in NYC??? and did you see any art? i saw the frida kahlo show in san fran. very comprehensive. and very very good. crowded tho'.

foam said...

i will resist the urge to shoot vertical movies ..
but with most of these, i thought i was shooting vertical photos. even the clip of me i thought was a photo .. had no idea it was on movie setting..
btw., i had to go through quickplayer on order for blogger to accept my movie..

and, yes, absolutely did i meet x.dell .. :) it was my pleasure and a real treat..

and you know, photos can be interesting. i didn't distort the photo except to put on the soft filter but this photo perhaps makes my face look more oval than it normally is.

and yes, i saw art .. the salvador show at the MoMa and the rest of the permanent collection..
and the Louis Bourgeois show at the Guggenheim ..

btw, my husband and sons were in marin county and the muir woods as well as san francisco last week. if you saw a bunch of hokey scouts poking around the woods .. they were a part of that group .. :)

K9 said...

yes i saw them! did they fly out of atl? i saw them prepping to leave and coming home in the airport. sunday to saturday! i noticed their handlers too so i saw sir foam in there if thats them.

the dali show sounds great!

grrherhahaha i forgot they were accidental films foamy. nevermind (about the vertical) grrherhahaha!

SJ said...

I too was thinking Alanis Morrisette.

The film itself was MTV-ish - in a good way - what with all all the camera tilts. I also was thinking Woody Allen - kind of drives up interest in NYC.

Met X-Dell? I think X-Dell is trying to prove the saying "if you stand in Times Square long enough you will meet the whole world" or something like that.

ThursdayNext said...

mmm....i like seeing my city from this angle, foamy. its fresh and cool! :)

dianne said...

Great camera angles Foamie, really good to see places in NYC that one would not normally get to see.
Really lovely to see your beautiful face at the end, now I can put a face to the name. Well done, Girl. :) <3

The Phosgene Kid said...

That was great. I have been playing with some video but so far nothing but disaster.

Anonymous said...

Now I can say I almost been in NYC
much feeling in this movie
And your extra oval face looks nice, like a rockstar's

X. Dell said...

Well, you were definitely in New York. I know NYC when I see it. (Except for the Half King and outside of Brendel's you didn't even have to caption the takes for me to know just where you stood).

Um, I was wondering if you had a still image of that last shot of yourself

foam said...

actually they flew out of charlotee and they travelled monday through monday ..
but they could have detoured through atlanta..

mtv? cool .. :)
yes, and i reckon if you had a lifetime to stand around timesquare the world will eventually come to you..

except that your city didn't feel fresh and cool ..
it felt sultry in the heat .. ;)

most of the were unintentional camera angles .. lol ..
and i reckon you can put a face to the name minus the nose perhaps .. ;)

ohhhhhh, do you think you can do movies with that IR filter you've been experimenting with? that would be cool...

you ought to go! run that new york marathon!

and i have definite proof of me in nyc .. a photo of me from the empire state building ..
i could make a still image of that last shot....

Aunty Belle said...

Fun!! Imovie is not fair...how's I gonna keep up wif' all this techno stuff?

Foamin CP, the best!

Jay said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

foam said...

but aunty belle,
you have the ability to write some deliciously funny stuff ..!!!

thanks, jay .. :)

dianne said...

Foamie, nothing wrong with the nose and you have beautiful eyes and I can tell you have a kind heart. :) xoxo

Ruela said...


you are beautiful!

foam said...

oh, well .. as far as the nose .. it's just half gone due to the effecti used .. but i guess so is half my mouth .. lol ..
ohhhhhhhhh, and it ocurrs to me .. aren't you australian? x.dell over at the x spot is looking for an australian lassie to play the role of an aussie gallery owner .. or, at least a couple of days ago, he was still looking for one.
....hint, hint ..
but i'm not pressuring here ... ;)

of course, all my movies are oscar material ... ;)

and thanks .. :)

Anonymous said...

luv' the sound...really real...and what a cool delight to see you!!...

wonder what it is about NYC that you liked best...

The Lady Priz'

foam said...

lady priz'
i'm so glad for these accidental takes because it did capture the sound of the city. i loved the sound.
what else did i like best? lots of things ..

Little Lamb said...

Next time you can take pictures and movies on purpose.

HLiza said...

Hey I see you! You know what? You look a lot like me when I'm not smiling! And the hair too! "Wink!"

Thanks for bringing me along to see the people passing by in NYC..my favourite past time is just to watch people..all kinds of them. And your city is just so huge..

**¤ ¤** said...

i'd say all the pictures were taken on purpose, LL..
but i could try taking nonaccidental movies..

yes, i enjoy people watching too..
and, yes, conceivably we do look alike...;)

dianne said...

Foamie, thanks for telling me about the part of Dee in X.dell's play, the Australian girl who owns an art gallery.
One of the many reasons I haven't started my own blog is that I have a very basic computer, no digital scanner,no digital camera, no web cam or voice recorder. Any photos I have posted were taken with my cell phone camera, not very good quality; then there is the problem of content... :) <3

dianne said...

I can assure you that you will be one of the first to know when I do finally 'make it', thanks for your encouragement Foamie. :) <3

X. Dell said...

That's okay, Diane. Perhaps if you get speakers you'll be able to enjoy it. Thanks for thinking even a little about it.

ANNA-LYS said...

Ohhh I can't watch videos from this stone age laptop :-(

Hope You are OK!!!

(( hugs ))

foam said...

hey there anna-lys,
always good to see you show up.
yep, i'm fine, indeed. hope you are too.
ps: and the videos will be around ..

foam said...

oh, i hope i don't come across as pressuring you to blog .. :)
perhaps more like encouraging you.
btw., the first year i had my blog it was all words ..
not very good one at that ..
no photos,
no videos,
nothing aural..
i didn't even double space or know how to do the spellcheck, or add links, etc ... :)

dianne said...

Hi x.dell & thanks, yes I did think about it, sounds as if it would be fun.Foamie has a lovely voice.
I do have speakers for sound, just dont have anything to record my voice, maybe I could shout really loudly! Lol
Looking forward to hearing your play. :)

dianne said...

Foamie, I know there is no pressure, I have a few things in mind.
I have written some poetry so I guess that would be a start; I haven't painted or drawn anything for quite a while, I will have to get busy. Did you happen to see part of my essay that Boney published on First Line,on July 26, would something like that be OK? :)

foam said...

dianne, i'll go check out boney's site later...
no i haven't seen it. he has so many blogs and i try to check out the different ones at different times..
poetry would be lovely..
but you know, the only reason i would like you to have a blog is so i can come by and give you a big howdy do!

foam said...

dianne, i did check it out and commented there..
it's beautifully written!

dianne said...

Foamie,thanks for taking a look over at 'First Line' and thanks for your comment & compliment.
I had my heart broken back in November, its taking some time to get over it. :) <3

foam said...

broken hearts are no fun indeed ..

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