Friday, August 8, 2008

last nyc post .. etc ..

prizm asked me in my last post what i loved the most about nyc ..

before going, i was warned about the summer heat in nyc ..

yeah, it was hot..
it was humid..
it was sultry and seductive..
and pulsating with an infectious rhythm that made me fall in love with the city ..
again ..

i was enthralled by the noise, the odors, textures, colors, museums, delis, ferry rides, parks and the walks i took ..

and i'm going back before another 20 years is over..
yep, that's how long it's been since the last time.

speaking of museums..
k9 asked if i saw any art..

i did see a breathtaking louise bourgeois show at the guggenheim.. she is one of my favorite artists.
i also saw a very interesting show at the MoMa: Salvadore Dali: Paintings and Film.
although annoyingly enough they advertised the show with the dali image that /t. uses as an avatar.... so, when i first came across the MoMa there hung /t.'s image broadly displayed instead of dali... at least to me that is how it was... tsk .. :)

oh, and of course the walking ..
i love to walk..
and walk i did..

on one walk, i walked from 23rd street in chelsea (where i stayed) to the Guggenheim which is on 86th street ..

it's a long walk, but on the way i did pass madison square garden, walked through time square, came across the MoMa museum, took a potty break in the Trump Tower on 5th ave, walked by the Rockefeller Center, strolled in the shade of central park, briefly rested in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art .. and on to the Guggenheim...

oh, and what else did i love about nyc? of course, i also loved meeting up with fellow blogger and friend, who very graciously and patiently toured a tired, directionally challenged n.c. country bumpkin who had not been in a big city in a loooooooooooooooooong time, all over greenwich village, washington square park, christopher street, etc on my first afternoon there. he also introduced me to this great hard apple cider drink that was just a great thirst quencher as we rested in a blessedly cool greenwich village tavern. what was the brand of the apple cider again, x.?
next time i go i wouldn't mind meeting some of my other fellow bloggers who live in the area .. :)

so, what else ... hmmmm...
oh yeah...
k9 thought i looked like morisette and rundgren in that last take on my recent movie ..
sj agreed that i looked like morisette ..

they are sooooooooo completely wrong..

i ran that exact photo through a site called which matches your visage with a well known person..

according to them i look like fidel castro ..
yep, no lie ..
the old castro too..

oh ..
and what else..
oh yeah..
when i came back from my trip i discovered that whimsicalbrainpain had graciously awarded me with a bloggie award...

thank you so much, whimsi..!

and on this note, i award this award to all the bloggers to whom i am linked..
cause i think all of ya'll are fun to read or, in the case of art and movies .. watch ..

ps: here's a slide show i put together ..
most of them are photos that i took shooting from the hip..
you never know what you get..
the results can be interesting.

pss: and next week i'm going to visit a sister of my mom's who lives in the dc area.
which brings me to aunty's post: i've always wanted to visit the women's art museum in dc, plus the african art museum before i bite the dust .. oh, and meet up with at least one fellow blogger (which i did) ..
so, that takes care of 2, 3 and 4 .. i think i had to list 8 things?


Anonymous said...


so you thought about me :)

you're sweet!

love your slideshow, too(!) -- some mighty fine images in there, foam -- you make nyc look (almost) like someplace i'd like to visit... nah

¤ ¤ ¤


..................... said...

despite my best efforts, /t., i thought about you ..
couldn't help it..
your visage was plastered all over the place..;)

HLiza said...

Love, love, love these images! Again you made me feel like I'm apart of you there strolling in that big huge city..

ThursdayNext said...

I am glad you had fun en la city! :) Thanks for sharing the images, Foamy! xoxo

X. Dell said...

/t, New York is a great place to live. I don't know if I'd want to visit, though.

Foam, the name of the cider was Woodpecker. Ask for it by name.

Perhaps one of these days, we could hold a blogger summit?

foam said...

the feeling is quite mutual actually.
i feel as if you take me with you as you write and post pictures about your life.. :)

sure ..:) .. it was my pleasure..
woodpecker! that's right..!
no woodpecker around these parts. i actually bought some hard apple cider when i came back ..
i was very disappointed.

and, yes, a blogger summit is a great idea..
so, when should it be?

SJ said...

Fidel Castro? Please shave a bit more often :)

Blogger summit would be great!

Anonymous said...

Foamie I am so excited - I am up and running, started my Blog this evening.It is called 'Here Is My Heart', I just have to figure out how to put all of your names in my sidebar and link you all. Big smiles. :)))

dianne said...

Yes, that last comment was from me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for dropping by and for your compliments. I dont know why your addresses have shown up in my sidebar, didn't think that would happen. When I'm a little more confident I will try and fix that. There was supposed to be a heading above your names saying 'Special Friends' but that didn't work out either. :)

dianne said...

That was me again.

foam said...

awwwwww, but i like my beard..

blogger summit would be fun. would you come?

good for you!

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Thanks for visiting my blog this weekend :)

I found out that the group I'm a member of is a CUUPs affiliate, which means they are Unitarian Wiccans. Very exciting!

SJ said...

I will come if you pay the air fare (or get someone to)

boneman said...

cool reflection shots.

What do you mean you didn't do reflection shots?

Oh, she was following you.


foam said...

that's exciting indeed!

i guess you be stuck in your corner of india for ever and ever then .. :)

boneman ..
huh? ..

dianne said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely time away in NYC, the photos are really great Foamie. I'm sure /t. got quite a kick out of the Dali show you have posted here-actually we are so used to seeing that face with the moustache its hard to know who came first, /t. or Dali.
Was that Shadowman 'Boney' waving from that building, it sure looked like him?
Also thanks for that friendly nudge, it was you who made me decide to take the plunge and start my Blog. It is what you said about how you started out that convinced me that I could do it with the resources I have. Thanks. :)xoxox

foam said...

ohhhhhh, thanks, dianne ..
i took a photo of boneman? who knew.. ;)
actually, it's very conceivable that you started out the better way. you have already established online friends and, therefore, a readership..
whereas, most of us start out with no readership.
for months, i just had a couple of bloggers and one of them was a relative .. :)

K9 said...

great post. your photos are excellent. i feel like i just went to NYC. i know what you mean about /t: that visage is him not dali! grrherhahaha

didnt know too much about louise -thanks for the link. i guess school is coming up? or did your retire? i never heard (or read)

very enjoyable read. i agree fully with whimsical brain pan.

X. Dell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Phosgene Kid said...

Be careful about your list. Always leave something unfinished as the Navajo do with the rugs out here. They will purposely not finish a few stitches in the belief if they finish the rug its curtains.

Probably haven't mentioned that I can be a tad superstitious. Glad you had fun in NY!!

SJ said...

How about you sell your 11265 km stick to fund my trip?

Midsummerprism said...

I was wondering if you went with a friend or if you made the trip alone? Either way, it was pretty cool that you were able to go...

I never really looked at nyc as a place I'd dream of going to some day. I'd like to see Paris and Switzerland and Germany and Tuscany..places where I wouldn't understand a single word...

However, after reading what you wrote about "odors, textures, delis, ferry rides, parks and the x dell of course" everything changed..

yes...maybe in five years time...
(assuming that both boys have graduated by then...well, they'd better!)..I'd like to see everything it has to' specially interested in the subway...I always see that in the movies...

Anonymous said...

I liked the tattooed pigs and all the other photos of course.

This quote is from a Swedish writer who was in NYC this May
"Eller en kväll, på väg till hotellet, en ung latino som säger "Can I go home with you?"
Till mig.
Och jag som säger "I could be your grandmother."
Och han:
"I´m young, I got energy, I could do stuff your boyfriend is too old to do.""

whimsical brainpan said...

Great slideshow!

I am jealous that you got to see a Dali exhibit, but glad you had so much fun.

And you look nothing like Castro.

dianne said...

Yes Foamie, I am very fortunate to have such wonderful online friends and I am extremely grateful for the input from you all. :) xoxox

boneman said...

I forgot.
Congrats on your award!
When's the party?

Monique said...

Love that show. Some great pics there and some really funny ones, like those chairs!

It seems you had a wonderful time. Sorry I haven't been for a long time. Holiday's you see and Hub hogging the computer all the time.


benjibopper said...

amazing trip, great photos. love nyc, always got great photos there too. so much happening, so much energy. like toronto but more. and the food. amazing food.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I always like going up to NYC to see a Broadway show, walk around Central Park, and then eat at The Iguana. Fun stuff!!!

boneman said...

wouldn't want you to feel left out.

Actually, when I cropped it for the header? It was cropped just at the underwear line, and I 'airbrushed' out the underwear and it looked for all the world like I was flashing.

Darn thing is, that ain't the worse thing around the ranch while Steve's off with his bro and Mom in Minnesota.

Little Lamb said...

I used to live on Long Island. Dad used to work in Manhattan. He really didn't like Manhattan at all. He commuted by train and hated the train ride.

I used to love going into Manhattan. It was a fun place for me.

Anonymous said...


¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

/t. you have a great weekend too .. :)

LL, i might still have a cousin on long island ..
i'm not sure..

boneman, funny is you .. :)

i actually googled the iguana ..
sounds like i fun place to hang out.

i'm gonna have to link you..
i keep forgetting .. :)
yes, it is an amazing place.

yes, i have to share this computer too..
i do know you had a wedding in the family just very recently..
must have been a busy time too! .. :)

no party .. but thanks .. :)

well, you are a good online friend to have too .. :)

i'm glad you don't think i look like castro .. :)

my imagination is running rampant with that quote ..
what stuff? .. lol ..

i made the trip along..
and if you ever make it up there ..
i'm gonna come and see you!

the stick is retractable ..
i need it for at times..

i have tons of unfinished stuff ...
tons, and tons, and tons, and tons ..
so, no worries on that front .. ;)

and, yes ..
i go back to work on monday ..
kids come in another week..

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