Saturday, August 23, 2008

just playing around..


Sweet Mama - Duke Ellington & His Orch


dianne said...

you're a very funny girl Foamie, that statue gal sure has a big butt!
I found a great video on youtube of Loreena's song 'Samhain Night' if you want pop back over to my place & have a listen; I think you'll like it. :)

foam said...

some guys as well as gals, i suppose, like big butts on women .. :)
hey, dianne, i just brewed a fresh pot of coffee ..
want some?

benjibopper said...

very cool. i wanna beer.

SJ said...

Very well done you have talents beyond mere ducking!

And I will have a beer too.

foam said...

benji ..
yup .. i wanna beer too.

yes, i do ..
but, out of necessity i've perfected the duck.
me too, i'll have a beer too.
now... where to get one..
mrrrrrr.. ;)

boneman said...

well, it's 1636 hrs and if he coffee's still on, I'm game.

'course, it almost looks that you had a couple of beers and went out sporting your glory here abouts.

Big butts?
Well now, that's more a perspective thing, I think.
If she can still touch the floor without beding her knees? Then the butt's not too big.
Then again, I know a 'twiggy' that can't touch the floor without bending her knees, and that's just wierd. Totally empty of fat, but, totally empty of muscle, too.

Good butt has muscle to haul the statue....though I'm not a liscensed physical therapist.
Nor could I be.

I'de get some poor gal into a postion, and she'de look over at me after a moment of quiet and I'de be, you know, painting her.

"What in the name of hoo-hah are you doing, doctor?"

"Oh, I'm not a doctor. I'm an artist...."

"Then why am I naked and in this position?"

"Well, you undressed thinking I was a doctor of physical therapy and I thought the position was interesting...."


"dang....I been getting a lot of those lately"

boneman said...

Scratch that!

She had a couple of beers and now she's doing the blues!

foam said...

well, no ..
actually i didn't have a couple of beers. i went out and did mundane saturday activity things ...
like grocery shopping, hauling the youngest off to play with friends, unloading the groceries, picking up the youngest, etc..etc..
... you know what? i just might have a beer now...
and sit on my butt and watch the olympics.

ps: i never once had to get undressed when i was in physical therapy...
pss: reckon you deserved any of those slaps?

Little Lamb said...

Your model from the behind. (Pun intended).

X. Dell said...

You know, I think I dated her.

boneman said...

how come she figured out the joke here and thought I really went downtown....oh.
I get it.
She's joking me there.

The reflection between her legs still makes me curious.
In the other two photos, there are no clues, and on the big picture from below that you have here, there appears to be extra equipment...(I can't think of a nice way to say it.)

And, so, for lack of wording, I shall leave you to the olympics.

Half marathon?
What? Only Kenyans of half size allowed to run?
(heck, they'll still get some medal from it, eh?)

foam said...

good pun, little lamb .. lol ..
those buns look familiar?

silly, silly man .. :) of course i'm joking you there.


what you see between those legs is a slightly raised area hinting at the pubic area.. if i remember correctly there was not much detail there when i saw the original. it was very sunny when i took those photos.. so there are many reflections.

and, don't knock a half marathon..
i ran one once..
it rather tuckered me out.

Echo said...


ANNA-LYS said...

Ha ha ha

She have had to many beers if she had have to many cookies her feet would have been huge instead ...

foam said...

from the perspective i shot the photo it certainly is .. :)

cookies make for big feet? i better stop eating them then.. :)

Anonymous said...



¤ ¤ ¤


Ruela said...

oh foam

what a fantastic post,
and the cool.

I like it very much.

Ruela said...

Mamma Mia

MA que belo ;)

foam said...

yo /t. ..
thanks .. :)

well, thank you, ruela .. :)

she is a mamma muy bella ..

boneman said...

you mentioned the niceties of blue and, you got the blue lady, here's a gold flower.

..................... said...

how pretty! thank you on behave of the blue lady here .. :)

Anonymous said...

You got butts on your mind and I don't mind.

Mama Mia Sweet Mama!

My son send me a movie today that declares I sit to much on my butt, ass...

I appreciated that foamy beer at the end, the butt...

ThursdayNext said...

keep playing around always, foamie! i love this!

..................... said...

rolf ..
it's more like i got procrastination and a slacker attitude on my mind .. ;)
making that post was more fun then a lot of stuff i should have been doing..
but, speaking of butts .. i'm gonna take mine outta here and take it for a walk..

yup, i'll definitely keep playing .. :)

Midsummerprism said...

That's Mama Earth wondering for the nth time when her earth children plan to actually behave...

foam said...

lol.. whimsy! you got that right.. :)

boneman said...

Sure I over-reacted.
But, I won the gold for it.
Well, not the gold medal.
I won the Gold Glass.
and...gosh. Not the Olympics, either.
I think it was at the Elympics.

Well, I'm wandering around proud of myself for painting another painting this morning. It's in the shiny room (which means when the paint's wet, it shines terribly.
Probably just keep the fan on it tonight, shoot it in the morning (BANG!) uh-oh....what was that?

(Gni Gni wandering in with her derringer)
Oh, Gni Gni...did you 'shoot' my picture?'s hoping you can forgive an old hot head from over-reacting and offing his blogs....

..................... said...

man, boneman..
you don't know how close i've been at times to just 'off' this ole foaming blog..
but, i know i would regret it.
anywho.. i'm glad you still have a hand left ..

HLiza said...

Big..she's really big! And proud of it huh?

K9 said...

grrrherherhehahahahahaha!!!! nice ass

K9 said...

the litmus test for ass: can you hold a pencil under a cheek? grrrrherhahaha i know foamy cannot.

..................... said...

it would appear she's proud.. :)

nope, i i can't hold a pencil under a hiney cheek..
but, alas, there is always hope..
maybe in a few years..
or if i keep chowing down the way i do..
maybe in a few months.

whimsical brainpan said...

I love it!

Middle Ditch said...

Now that is a beer to my liking.

In England foam is a big NO NO. Where I come from beer is dead without a good layer of foam (not you of course).

Anonymous said...

yup, i'll definitely keep playing .. :)"

waiting, waiting.... and waiting
What else can a slacker do?

boneman said...

I'm thinking anything will solve itself if I remain centered.

Now, does that help with the pencil test K9 mentioned?
Actually, it took me a moment to figure out that meant one cheek.
Well, mental health DOES help, because whaen you're sharp, you don't let someone sneak up behind you with a pencil.

On the other're a teacher. Teachers do sit, sometimes, but there's so much standing, too....
Probably you'll be flashing Mr. Foam good butt for many, many years.

..................... said...

thanks, prism ..

middle ditch,
i'm german ..
we like a good head on our beer too .. :)

i'm busy being a slacker right now ..
a tired slacker school marm...
school has started and i have yet to get used to the routine..

i never sit while teaching ..
how can i help students when i'm sitting on my rump?

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