Monday, August 18, 2008

hi ho .. it's off to work i go ..

cricket's are chirping ..
coffee is brewing..
my husband's favorite early morning financial news show is on..

my workdays have started..
children come in a week.
time to put the proverbial nose back to the grindstone..

i might be a bit sparse at the blogs..

who am i kidding..?  ... :)

ya'll have a good week.

i'm gearing up to prepare for the unexpected..
the unpleasant surprises..
happens every year.


SJ said...

News in the early morning .. I try to stay with sports and toons leaving the heavy stuff for later no need to have bad news and these days it doesn't get badder than financial news early in the morn.

boneman said...

well....if you ride your bike to work, just don't forget to get dressed, first, eh?

Middle Ditch said...

Yeah, back to work for me soon too. Where has this summer gone?? Away with the sun I reckon.


dianne said...

Hope you have a good week of preparation before the kids arrive. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Throwing good week wishes right back at You little foamy one ;-)

boneman said...

And, just for more coincidences... this morning I was out back posing for the camera (working on that tan?) and looked like the Apollo in Anna Lys's site and what was I using to hold up?

A grindstone.

Hope your first day faired well.

foam said...

the spouse is a financial news junkie ..
it's not making us rich though..

to far to ride my bike.
but in general i usually try to remember to get dressed... :) i'm not in the habit of wearing my bike ;)

middle ditch ..
it always goes by relatively quick..
but i had a great summer this year.

we'll see..
many renovations are not done yet..
there's only so much i can do.

thank you, anna-lys..
always good to see you !

you did look like a veritable apollo .. lol ..

K9 said...

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrarrrrwwwwrh! well, i hope you get a great group of kids. you still want me to send you that effigy with moving parts from my camp?? i think i have your address somewhere....

i recommend sumatra dark roast and a goodys powder to start each day. breakfast of champions.

i still feel like at the end of summer im supposed to be preparing a classroom. instead, im preparing for christmas studio blitz.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Yep, and I am ready to go. Checked my bus out, it wouldn't start. Bring on the little darlings cause Miss Foams been painting up a storm. I'll just be happy to see them off the street for a few hours each day.

Little Lamb said...

School in my area was supposed to start today. I don't know if it did because of Fay. I don't have to go to work tomorrow because of Fay. I have off tomorrow and can sleep in.

foam said...

if you got the plan for that effigy, i'd be interested to look at it.
gearing up for xmas? yep, t'is the season .. :)

sounds like you are ready, but your bus is not.. :)
i'm not ready ..

Little Lamb,
i was actually thinking about that and wondering about all the folks i know including bloggers who live down there. hope all will be well.

Little Lamb said...

so far so good, but it hasn't hit my area yet. Hopefully it'll stay a TS and all will be well.

it's been rainy all day though.

X. Dell said...

The only thing you can guarantee from putting your nose to the grindstone is a sharp nose. A very painful process indeed.

I really hope this school year breezes by for you. (Crossing fingers for your health and sanity--what's left of it, anyway.)

SJ said...

X-Dell I cross my fingers for the students' health and sanity !

foam said...

hope all is well then..,
there never was much sanity to start with, however, i except your wishes for my health ..
i'll need all of that i can muster up.


SJ said...

Ouch I forgot to duck didn't I? :)

BTW then Mr foam and I have something in common.

benjibopper said...

summer is too short for me. but i bet you're looking forward to the kids, unexpected surprises and all. i shouldn't complain either - i got a lot to look forward to this fall.

foam said...

yep..and mr foam deserves each and every whack he gets ..
just like you ..

conceivably i would look forward to the kids if i didn't have ...
800 or more .. i haven't counted yet.. in a week..

Little Lamb said...

How has school been?

foam said...

as expected ..
the unexpected ..

Anonymous said...

expects the
spanish inquisition

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

...especially when it's coated in sugary smiles ..

SJ said...

When teaching them speak from experience?

foam said...

yes, child ..
from wisdom, experience and knowledge..

foam said...

when do they let you take off your dunce cap?
foam ducks but stands her ground..

Anonymous said...

Here school started this week.
You are not kidding me, but maybe the kids in America.

I hope you will get a lot of pleasant surprises this year.

Merelyme said...

hey there foamy! did you change the look of your blog again? or maybe i am hallucinating. yes fall approaches and all the responsibilities of work and school. i hear ya about the unexpected. let us hope for good surprises and not bad ones.

ThursdayNext said...

I took a break from Morning Edition for a while but had to come back to news in the morning! Wishing you a good start to the school year, Foam!

The Phosgene Kid said...

My wife has had kids for a week now and the "typicals" are worse behaved than the Special Needs Kids. And don't get her started on some of the paretns!!

..................... said...

sometimes the regular kids can be stinkers, indeed .. lol..
..and the parents too.. :)

thanks for the good wishes ..
we will see if i manage to finish the year ..

merelyme ..
just the usual 'unexpected' surprise of a schedule that seems barely doable..
the only change i made was turning the lack ground black. looks better with the photos i posted below. when i do a post with a lot of writing i might lighten it up again.

i hope for a lot of pleasant surprises too..
i hoping they are still out there .. :)

boneman said...

actually, not only do I catch myself writing comments and then not clicking on 'publish'? but also, sometimes coming back and making the exact same observation as earlier, which must, for all the worls, look strange.

..................... said...

nothing wrong with the strange, boneman ..

boneman said...

well then, you won't find it strange that I had to put the warning up at first lines, again, eh?

Y'know...what does the warning do to stop young'ns from going on in, anyway?

..................... said...

i know you have the warning up at your photography site. i'll have to check out first lines .. tomorrow .. :)
but, you know .. it's never ocurred to me to put up any kind of warning when i've posted some of the nude drawings i have done.

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