Saturday, August 2, 2008

foam films nyc - her way .. accidentally


X. Dell said...

LMAO. Out of all the places to accidentally get moving pictures from, that had to be the one.

And your digital camera has sound! Impressive.

foam said...

yes ..
i was surprised that this was not a photo .. :)
i have another couple of accidental movies ..
but this one was funny to me..

SJ said...

A den of sin... cool!

Little Lamb said...

typical new yorkers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the private view.

You are a funny girl.

Me and my boys are going to Gotham city now, just now. We are just waiting on the bus. We have a bus stop just around the corner. We have to leave home five minutes before departure.

foam said...

ya, i figured you might like it...

yes, perhaps..
but what a bargain...
25 cents?

anytime .. :)
have fun in gotham city with your boys! i know my sons did with their dad..

Ruela said...

show us more ;)

more accidentally films, please

Anonymous said...


SHOW WORLD, private booths, 25 cents... so it was a working vacation then ;)

well, it looks like we're all eagerly awaiting your next Brakhagesque cinematic wonder!

nice to see you back

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

well, there are more accidental films, but not so fun perhaps .. :)

but i beg your pardon ..
i charge more than 25 cents .. tsk ..

SJ said...

26 cents?

..................... said...

99 cents.
for 99 cents you can see my ducks.
i know you want to.

boneman said...

Welcome back!
And, wow! You're a Broadway Star, now, eh?
So.... it must have been for you that I posted a new Tom Waits video....

foam said...

of course you did .. :)
just for me..
all mine..
and i ain't sharing..

SJ said...


HLiza said...

On the way to the adult movie booth? He least I have a glimpse of NY.

dianne said...

Welcome back Foamie, hope you had a great time.
Gosh 25cents and your own private viewing booth, thats cheap...I'm guessing its the kind of movie experience that someone wouldn't want to share ;)

ThursdayNext said...

Hope you are having fun here in NYC - I like the film short. :)

boneman said...

ok ok it's been said I sit at this machine too much. But what do I find, sometimes?

Pure gems.

Sweet absolute nothings to most, but, gems to me.
And I'll bet'cha, you, too may want to see...

..................... said...

you are so right.
what a gem!
and i did want to see.
thanks for sharing.. :)

i had an aboslute blast in your city. i love it!

hliza and dianne,
now, now, now! lol..
of course i didn't actually step into such a place.....
although i've been to a peep show .... decades ago .....

..................... said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was the best Batman movie ever.

But honestly I must admit your movies are much better. In your movies I can see the meaning of life and the beauty in this world.

boneman said...

....and, today I finally got to see the first video from waitswatcher and what do I see?
Tom Waits music played by Pascal Fricke.
On the one hand, I'm glad to have found it.... on the other, not so much, because I'll have to change everyone of m'videos to read correctly.

Or, maybe just leave it be and move on.....

Priorities....what are my priorities?
Well, in the course of horsing around youtube today, I found out that K9 has slipped away to California.
But, is that a priority?

I'm gonna have to think on it some more....

..................... said...

rolf ...
well, i thought maybe it was an ad for a language institute .. lol..

wow .. you see all that in my movies .. ! thanks!
and another good thing is .. they don't take up much time.. ;)

you know...
i have a fewl waits cd's ..
i always had this sense of curiosity that bordered on the unreal when listening your videos, because i couldn't imagine waits playing just acoustically like that.
but you know what? it's still beautiful. this dude does a really nice job. .. and i would just move on...
and yes .. in knew that the dawg was in california .. :)

boneman said...

Everybody's doing dar away places except me.

Even Pascal (that's his name) went to France for some tour.
(He's normally sitting in your alma country.)

I gotta sell some of these stupid paintings and blow this chicken stand!
OK, well, maybe Indiana isn't a chicken stand....
well, maybe it is, I dunno.

..................... said...

indiana is a far away place to me ! .. ;)

Midsummerprism said...

25 cents?' very touristy friendly...

Nice to have you back Foamy...can't wait to see your other films!

foam said...

yes ..
nyc can be accomodating like that apparently .. ;)

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