Sunday, August 31, 2008


foams kitchen is presently in a state of emergency..
coffee chernobyl has struck ..
it's the worst coffee chernobyl case this kitchen has seen in a while ..
worser then when mr dd came to visit and created his version of coffee chernobyl..
and that was bad, indeed.
it's amazing that dd's laptop survived that one.
but, anyway, back to this present state of emergency ..

foam needs an emergency cleanup crew..


i'll clean it up all by myself..

and all i wanted was just one cup of coffee .. :(


dianne said...

What happened? Did your percolator blow up, your cappuccino machine has gone kaput or has your coffee plunger burst like mine did! Ouch, hot and what a mess...poor you have any instant coffee on hand? <3

foam said...

ummmmmmmmm, noooooooooooo...
all good coffee chernobyl in the foam household happen due to the klutziness of the folks who attempt to make coffee ..

SJ said...

That must have BEAN a bad experience.

Anonymous said...


ha haha ha haha ha aha ah hah ah aha ha ah haha haha ha ha haha ha ha ah ha ah haha aha haha ha ha!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

and i blame it on you..

obviously takes pleasure in the unfortunate happenstances of others .. ;)

puerileuwaite said...

I am savoring sj's comment. Well played!

The cruelest part is not having a cup of coffee first, to energize you for the cleanup.

X. Dell said...

Coffee Chernobyl? I was downwind of the real thing when it happened. That's why I glow in the dark. Can you say the same thing about your coffee?

Well, I'm glad nothing was damaged. But I can see your point. Cleanup is a drag.

..................... said...

yes, has bean know to occasionally come back with a good pun. this morning i was very non klutzy when making coffee .. whew .. i am savoring one now.
i was downwind from chernobyl too, mein freund.
you and i both glow in the dark.

Jess said...

Poetic loling all round.

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