Sunday, August 31, 2008

bad limerick.. .. and some other ones .. all in good fun..

i do know an aunty belle..
who once climbed up a ladder and fell ..
upon her keister quite well..
ouch, she said with a yell..
my batiste did tear rather schnell..

and 3 2 liners .. inspired by

i do know a man named x.
who writes conspiracy quite complex


i do know a man named x.
who told me he broke his specs..

i do know a man named x.
who just might have SAT on his specs?

and okay .. one about me ..

i'm also known as the foam
who occasionally lets out a moan
as she reads her stuff with a groan..

foam looks askance
at the political dance
at the posturing prance of each stance..
she squirms in advance
at the thrust of each lance
since grimaced barbs are not left to chance.

anyway ..
over at aunty belle's front porch..
a limerick contest is being hosted.
it's been going on for a while.
and i might be late for it..
but we will see..


puerileuwaite said...

(Un)fortunately I'm not allowed to attempt limericks per a standing court order.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I only know some filthy ones and they aren't original. Yours is quite good - sounds like Hillary's campaign.

HLiza said...

Wow looks like your weekend was bombastic..judging from the posts down there..

..................... said...

yes.. and i think i might be glad for that ..

yes ..
well, the first limericks i thought of had a bunch of bathroom humor in them..
oh, and i've never been in hillary's camp..

actually i succumbed to quite a bit of a headache accompanied by nausea today..
we canceled ..
we might cook out tomorrow though.

Indigo said...

halo incarnates

glad you can write funny things. good to see humor in things that are hard to see funny. foam is clever. like foam. friend is never afraid. am glad.

Little Lamb said...

I don't know any limericks to my knowledge.

dianne said...

I like your limerick Foamie. :)
May I ask you a question? First off - do you have a customised Blog page? I am trying to get my text to align left, right over to the left hand side of the page and to utilise the whole page but it seems I have this large margin at each side and I cannot go out of that perimeter. Any suggestions? :) xoxoxo

..................... said...

dianne ..
i think i used minima lefty stretch..
and once you have that template you can change your colors.

X. Dell said...

I once knew a woman named Drew,
Whose limericks stopped at line two.

..................... said...

i do know a man named x.
who told me he broke his specs..

..................... said...

i do know a man named x.
who writes conspiracy quite complex ..

foam said...

the 2 liners were not submitted to aunty's site..

dianne said...

Thanks Foamie I'll check it out. :)

dianne said...

I once knew a girl named Dianne
who was desperately chasing this man
but he broke her poor heart
from the very start
now shes back where it all began...

foam said...

pooooooooooooor baby .. ;:(

i'm sorry the cad caused this pain..
i wonder if there could be some gain..
if foam whacked him with her cane..

dianne said...

you are welcome to try
but it might make me cry
'cos without him I thought I would die...

yet he caused me such pain
nearly drove me insane
yes let him feel the sting of your cane...

foam said...

i'll try my darn best
to whack him with much zest
upon his unknown chest.

but at times i've confessed
that directions put me to test..
i might accidentally whack somebody northwest..

dianne said...

He had so much charm
but he promised without qualm
never realising he caused so much harm
but if I saw him today
I would ask him please stay
so save that cane for another day...

Lol Foamie, got to go I'm all 'limericked' out, time for me to go to bed! :) xoxox

X. Dell said...

Nope. I didn't sit on my glasses.

Did you?

foam said...


SJ said...

Limericks I have never done
My ability ends with a pun.

I too know a man named X
a man who nothing lacks
except an income to tax.

I know a lady Foam
who did across continents roam
till she found herself a home
they are inspirational: Mr and Mrs Foam.

To know you has been my luck
a woman who knows to duck.

foam said...

sj in india can pun..
his puns are usually fun..

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