Friday, July 11, 2008


foam: yo
dd: yo back
foam: yo back again
dd: yo yo?

communicating with dd via online chat ..
very effective
and satisfying..


foam said...

..and that was the whole conversation..

Anonymous said...


..................... said...

ya ya

The Phosgene Kid said...

Cool effect or in need of a tripod?? I like the picture. I also believe IMing, chat, and texting is turning us into a race of morons.

Ruela said...


foam said...

phos ..
it's more like i'm in need to a steady stance...
the photo was taken really quickly ..

and it would appear you have proof in the pocket right here. i do believe that these forms of communication have their place. if it wasn't for chat, i'd never be able to occasionally 'talk' with a friend from the phillipines.


Aunty Belle said...


HLiza said...

Very effective indeed..LOL!
I don't like chatting or chatting space anywhere..just don't have time and don't find it attractive..I'm old school.

X. Dell said...

"Yo?" "Yo yo?"


X. Dell said...

My German's obviously not as sharp as I thought. I don't know any of those words.

Anonymous said...


ja is to ya
jo is to yo

i think that's right


foam said...

jaya joyo yaya no no..

Anonymous said...

so jo no yo



foam said...


dd said...


foam said...

and where have you been, young lady?

The Phosgene Kid said...

I like visiting as well, but my wife tells me a moron so that's where I get my theory. As far as the picture, with my vision if I take my glasses off it looks perfectly in focus! I like playing with quick candid shots, lomography if you will, but rarely post the pictures because no one seems to grasp what I am trying to do, it just seems a fuzzy odd shot.

foam said...

eh .. my husband doesn't get the whole bloggy thingy, but he's getting used to chat cause that's how our oldest communicates with his friends a lot.
so, it's called lomography? i will have to look into that term.

K9 said...

somethings wrong with my eyes! everythings all blurry!

whimsical brainpan said...

You gotta love a quick wit.

SJ said...

Oy! Oy vey.

Getting all Biblical were you?

Midsummerprism said...

" u there? "

Midsummerprism said...

lovely blurs..:>

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Quite an intellectual conversation coming from a couple of yo-yo's. Yo? Yo....

boneman said...

I don't mind the chat when there's information being qworked.
Good stuff...
Then again, m'druthers are e-mail.
Can pick it up, keep it handy, read it several times to get the info correct, and reply as needed.
Almost like shampooing m'hair.

Little Lamb said...

chatting is fun.

Pink said...

I'm having the start of a relationship by email/chat and skype.

it wears thin after awhile. Or, maybe its just that my menopause brain won't deal with the short attention span imposed by IM.

PS - cool photo

dianne said...

I've never been to an online chat room; am I missing anything?

..................... said...

dianne ..
no, no .. this is not an online chat room. this is chatting through instant messaging .. i guess that's what i should have called it. the instant message comes automatically with a gmail account. this particular gmail/email is based on my real name. i chat or IM ocasionally with only 3 or 4 people . in the case of dd .. i've known her my whole life .. :)

..................... said...

pink ..
i know all about dealing with a perimenopausal brain .. phew ..
i find that chatting is very orgaic .. so to speak .. you have to go with the flow.

ll, yes..
sometimes it is.

yes, chat is good to work out very specifics. i find that chatting is very orgaic .. so to speak .. you have to go with the flow. but you are right .. an email can be read over and over and the answer can be reworked over and over.

yo! i knew you'd be able to relate to this conversation, ya? ;)

prism, lovely blurs caused by very quick hand movements and an unsteady stance.
and, we both were there yesterday .. weren't we.. ;)

yes! every once in a while she can be a quick wit.

nooooooo... sounds like you are turning yiddish though .. :)

yes .. it's called old age .. ;)

dianne said...

Thanks for that Foamie, its for relatives and very close friends then. I have e-mail or text messages for those people in my life, those that dont live close by. :)

ANNA-LYS said...



boneman said...

....and, even though I know the silly saying about it, I assumed that you might get picked by Lil Lamb.
However, she seems to have pulled a McCain on us. Now she says she doesn't like memes.

boneman said...

(on that note, I was going to pick She, just to see her come up with ten face hidden pictures!)

foam said...

many folks don't like meme's. i don't mind so much since i don't have a theme oriented blog. and if i don't want to do a particular meme i just don't do it or do it my way. however, i have a real problem picking folks, so i just invite everybody if they want to do it.

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