Wednesday, July 23, 2008 is putting on a play called "The Golden Ganesh".  Listen to my plug up above.  It's unedited and unscripted, so I might have made some mistakes in describing the play.  In that case .. I'm sorry.  But it should be fun to participate in.


foam said...


Anonymous said...

Your voice is super.

Some nights I use earplugs, but it does not always help.

I killed my blog, so I had to start a new one. My first name is Rolf, Eric is my second name.

Now I must get out jogging. The clock is 21:07 and it is sunlight.

X. Dell said...

That's very nice. And I love your voice too. We'll be happy to hear more from you.

BTW, this is a good blogging format for you.

foam said...

well hellooooo eric rolf...
and here i thought you had left us without a goodbye.
but it's good to see you again.
soooooo, you wear earplugs because your wife snores? or because you wake yourself up snoring?
... you go jogg, .. i'm still impressed by your marathon running ..
and, yup .. prism was right .. you are a veritable james bone .. ;) ..
oh, i was thinking this might be my only podcast..
but we will see.

foam said...

errrrrrr, james bond, i meant ... lol ..

X. Dell said...

Never heard of James Bone. I have, however, heard of ham bone.

SJ said...

I can get used to it :D

"he is going to be the homeless guy" LOL is that a threat?

foam said...

x. ..
me too ..
and then there's also the hambone slap i think it's called?

sj, lol ..
no, but k9 does get to call him a fool if i remember correctly .. i'm going to tell her to put much emphasize in it .. ;0
sooooooo, it'll be really cool hearing your voice too.

SJ said...

You can run but you can't hide.

Anonymous said...

like fun --
looking forward
to the finished work :)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

you'd be surprised ...
i can hide in plain sight ..

good ..!
we need an audience, of course too .. :)

Anonymous said...

Jag mår bra.
Hur mår du?

I put the earplugs in my ears and after that I usually can't hear my wife complaining about my snoring.

..................... said...

Bra, tack .. :)

ps: my husband laughed over your answer .. lol ..

Anonymous said...

Your swedish is very good
Jag är glad att du mår bra
Din svenska är mycket bra.

foam said...

Jag är ledsen, men min svenska är 0 ... :)

SJ said...

You can run you can hide... but there's no getting away from me. I have a 11265.4 kilometer stick myself :)

foam said...

my stick is heavier ..

besides ..

i can always step back a kilometer or so ... ;)

Ruela said...

nice voice, you have a radio station voice...true.

CSI Foam ;)

foam said...

ruela ..

radio station voice? no..
but thanks ..

whimsical brainpan said...

Sounds cool! I can't wait to hear it.

Aunty Belle said...

Fun!! Gonna review this more.

But, ah, thang is, Ruela tagged me, (see Front Porch) so now I'se taggin' you. Please play along wif''s the rules:

These are the rules:

enumerate 8 things that you want to do before dying and pass the challenge.

Sorta a blogger bucket list.
to 8 blogs .

K9 said...

i know what you mean!!! doing my recordings for the golden ganesh was disconcerting. nice new look! peace and love! grrrrrrrrrrherhaha

Aunty Belle said... IS funny to hear yore ownself ain't it...sounds so different from inside yore own head. Thas' a voice I would trust!!

Hey, yo! (talkin' Troll speak) one post back---when ya perfect how to muse yore way into buffness, take me along...hooowl!!

Monique said...

I'm keeping up to speed with all the goings on. It sounds interesting.

MD 17 is now online. I missed you (I think) in 16

foam said...

i will be fun..

belle and k9,
yah, i'm gonna start that tag now ..
and even my son was surprised when he did his little bit part how different his voice sounded to him.

oh, and k9 ..
i hope you put much emphasize in saying 'fool' ..

monique ..
no, i did listen to episode 16. my husband even listened to episode 16 . he was real interested. i think that's why he perhaps decided to take a part in's play. perhaps i forgot to leave a message. i sometimes do that. but i'll be by over shortly.

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