Sunday, July 27, 2008

tagged by aunty belle .. see my link to her on my sidebar..

well, lez seeeeeeee....
oh, yes..
i've beeeeeeeeeen tagged by the aunty belle..
i need to list 8 things i wanna do before i die.

well, since i'm not really planning on dying .. (i'm gonna become this decrepit mean ole biddy that hangs in there forever and makes everybody's life a misery) ..
but just in case the grim reaper does find me sooner or later .. (later hopefully) i will list at least one right now ..

1.  i wanna travel the world .. 

i've always had this incurable sense of wanderlust.  i remember at the age of 15 becoming quite antsy since i had not travelled  many places .. although at the time i had been to many places in the united states and germany and austria and, at least over the border into france.

  but as soon as i was older and was able to get out and about on my own, i managed to get to many more places in europe, morocco, mexico and several more states in the u.s.a.  i've visited huge metropolitan areas, climbed mountains, slept on beaches, skinny dipped on greek islands, heck.. skinny dipped in germany too, and slept way up high in the mountains under the stars .. but lately that wanderlust of mine has been stifled.... due to raising a family, dealing with elderly parenting issues, job .. you know .. just normal life ..  yes, i've been to the beach .. i've managed to visit relatives at times .. but, and while fun and satisfying .. it's not the same..

so, i was thinking .. about aunty belle's tag .. and i want to start travelling again .. with spouse and children would be fine, just with spouse would be fine too, but also without spouse or children. i want to travel just for me ..
so, i decided to do something about it ..

tomorrow i'm flying into New York City to spend a few days..
yup.. sans spouse and kids ..

ps:  and i'm counting on not dying before then ..
if i do, i'll be real pissed... 

and i've been busy these past several days.
i'll get to the rest of the tag after i get back ..


SJ said...

You are a serial blogger!

foam said...

and you are a serial punster ..

Aunty Belle said...


Dang chile', that is too way kewel.

Knowed we wuz kin--I'se wanderlust afflicted too. Ain't been as far a you though...sigh...wanna git to them greek isles. Wanna do a tour of Eatern European heck, now I'm puttin a second list of eight on yore blog--ooops!

Have a grand time!

whimsical brainpan said...

Have a great trip!

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I'm glad you're not planning on dying soon. I'd miss you a lot.

boneman said...

since you're heading up that-a-way, anyway....could you stop by Bala and clean up the area?
Hey, that's where the Moon River is.....

And, not that I'm short on suggestions, but....

boneman said...

take the train.
Lot nicer ride for about the same $ and they feed you and you get to see beautiful scenery, too.

..................... said...

aunty belle,
but we probably ARE kin ..
fifteen times removed or so ..
yap, we need to get to working on going where we wanna go..


oh, that makes me feel good ..

did you clean off that mushroom like i suggested ..
...and i did look into the train .. actually a bit more expensive, but if i had more time to spend i would have taken it anyway, but it's an 11 hour ride and then i still have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to the train station.
one of these days i will.

Middle Ditch said...

Have a wonderful trip Foam. My wanderlust has gone but I too enjoyed visiting many countries. BTW, when I came to the line 'and I slept' I really thought, aha, here we go, Foam is going to tell us how many men she has slept with. Sigh, not to be, it was a mountain top.

Ruela said...

Good trip foam
see ya soon ;)

Jay said...

Wow, good for you! Way to be inspired and run with it! Enjoy.

SJ said...

P.G Wodehouse I think it was who wrote "... and they left their families in London behind to meet their families in Mew York..." of course you aren't a bigamist just saying ... I mean... uh... *duck*

The Ramblin Irishman said...

You are a hoot. Have fun on your trip. Me, I want to visit Ireland and Scotland the home of my ancestors to find out why I am the way I am. Cheryl keeps telling me I am truly a Scot Irish. Skinny dipping huh? Hmmmmm, I think Cheryl and I have tried that a couple of times. Yes, we giggled like a couple of little kids.

X. Dell said...

Well, have a good trip to NY.

I know just how you feel. There are so many places that I want to go, and if I had a chance to travel the world, I would. I did a good deal of travelling as a younger person, but got bogged down somewhere along the way.

If it helps, my parents travelled everywhere after they retired. Perhaps when you get to retirement age, that's the time to indulge in your wonderlust.

ThursdayNext said...

you better stop by the met or the cloisters when you are here in nyc!

Anonymous said...

my regards
to broadway, eh!

¤ ¤ ¤


whimsical brainpan said...

You'll have an award waiting for you at my place when you get back.

Aunty Belle said...

Are you home??

Tell all--inquiring bloggers what to know what ya did in the Big Apple!!

foam said...

ya ..
i'm home..
i'm bone wearingly exhausted..
i had a wonderfully marvelous time..
i appreciate all my comments .. :)
i'll get to them soon..
i'll blog soon..
right now i have to pick up the dog..
and my mom turned 85 today ..
thaz important ..
gots to spend time with meine mutter..

Merelyme said...

hiyah foamy! are you back yet?

HLiza said...

Can't wait! How's NY?

Ruela said...

thank you foam ;)

are you ok?

hope so.

Now i'm a spam robot to blogger ;(

a robot

X. Dell said...

Happy birthday and congratulations to your mother.

Little Lamb said...

I hope you have a good time traveling.

foam said...

middle ditch,
hey ...
maybe that ought to be a tag/meme..
how many folks we have slept with ..
hmmmmm, well then.. perhaps not.. lol ..

you were all over the place in nyc ..
just wait and see.

that sucks that you are spam. coincidentally another blogger,, had the same trouble you had. maybe it's my turn next..

thanks .. ;)

what is this mew york you talk about? and you're obsession with ducks is sickening ..

on my dad's side i'm mostly irish and scottish too..
maybe that's where the skinny dipping comes from ..,
nahhhhh, i don't wanna wait that long ..
it was really good to meet up with You on your turf, btw .. ;)

actually i did stop by the met .. didn't go in .. i was bound and determined to make it to the guggenheim to see the louise bourgeois show ..
next time .. :)

an award, eh ..? that's so sweet!

aunty belle,
yep, i'm gearing up to do just that..

yep, i'm back..

nyc was awesome!

little lamb,
i had a great time..

X. Dell said...

Nice meeting you too, Freundin.

Anonymous said...

I hope I will run the New York Marathon before I die.

..................... said...

yes, it Was nice meeting each other.

i hope you will! ..
and the boston marathon too!

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