Monday, July 21, 2008

oops ..

well, you know ..
it's monday..
and i haven't been sleeping that well lately..
just two nights ago i had to vacate the marital bed ..
the bed was reverberating and shaking with the snoring of the spouse
even earplugs didn't help the situation
luckily he doesn't do that all the time

and last night ..
i couldn't go to sleep and then i woke up too early
it's like that many nights..

i'm gonna go work out ...... i think ..
one workout outta get me buff, no?

on 2nd thought..

 i'll go get buff


i drink another cup of joe

and then maybe i'll just contemplate myself into a state of buffness..


ps:  i think i'll call this one the yoga nudie..

pss .. and why it's typing this in link mode i don't know .. tsk ..


Middle Ditch said...

Oh I know all about snoring and sometimes my earplugs don't help either. Poor you. Maybe a glass of wine or two (or three or four) might help. It sends me off in no time.


K9 said...

i get it! you drew that whilst laying back and holding the struggling artist pose right? grrherhahaha

i thought the auxillary bed was working out!

foam said...

... or five! what an idea, middle ditch...
i'll be so sloshed, i'll out snore and out drool the snorer ..
well, he doesn't really drool .. most of the time ..

darn tootin' right you are ..

i did retire to an auxillary bed ..
i'm assuming you mean an extra bed?

Anonymous said...

a different
and interesting(!)
perspective here, foam...

love the soft liquid look -- v.nice -- and the colors (again!)

the underlined text comes from <span> styles surrounding each line of text in this post: text-decoration: underline; s/b text-decoration: none; -- or just leave it -- it's fine :)

you do good work

¤ ¤ ¤


whimsical brainpan said...

Yikes! Sorry about the snoring hubby!

I like the idea of contemplating oneself into buffness. If it works you could become rich!

mean dovey cooledge said...

not the ideal laying position but im feeling it. she has such exquisite galliforme-sque coloring..a pale subtle bird with a shock of crimson here and there. lovely.

lt. maximum damage; USSquirrel Force; 107th airborne "death from above" said...

man that stuff is already plastered all over the barracks!! great post!

X. Dell said...

I guess that's why they call it being in the buff; unless you were just kidding about all this. In that case, it would be more like in the bluff.

At least you weren't having a bad golf game (in the rough), suffering an itch on your wrist (in the cuff), getting backtalk from your sons (in the guff), relapsing on tobacco (in the puff), or sitting in a long Monday-morning gospel service (in the sho' nuff). Best of all, you didn't slip (on the duff).

foam said...

dovey ..
she does have your coloring .. ;)

maybe not an ideal egg laying position, but it's a very interesting position to be in in order to enable the egg laying in the first place.

yes .. well, contemplating is hard all around .. so i try to do very little of it all the time..

a squirrel! where's my slingshot!
while getting buff i am not in the buff so it's not a bluff ..
however today i did feel in the rough .. my tummy started to feel a huff and puff .. my head felt cuffed, my sinuses felt touched .. i felt i'd had enuff ..
and all that without even starting to get buff ..

lt. maximum damage; USSquirrel Force; 107th airborne "death from above" said...

boy now i dont feel bad at all that i post the real pictures all over MyFace.

Enemy of the Republic said...

My husband snores arhymically and it is hard to deal with. He wakes himself up.

The picture is lovely.

SJ said...

I don't snore I am THAT perfect.

Yes one workout can make you buff just make sure you take a 23 hour break every 1 hour.

HLiza said...

I complained once but my other half said he suffered from my snoring too. Guess we're equal.

dianne said...

There are two ways to handle that unbearable snoring - the spare bedroom, or if that doesn't work just leave; worked for me!
I really like the delicate colours of this latest work Foamie and if she stays in that position her boobs will stay perky and never sag! :) xoxox

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Poor Doug snores a lot too. Sometimes I sleep downstairs since he sounds like a buzz saw. But I always love him. :)

Ruela said...

yes I have been very busy, had some expositions...see that I do not go to enjoy vacation, much work and much heat, I hope that it is all good out there.

Nice work ;)

foam said...

i need me a machine gun to git that squirrel methinks!

i think in your case it's kind of like ..

If a tree falls down in the woods and no one is around to hear it- does it make a sound?

lol .. shhhhh, don't tell anybody .. but every once in a very blue moon i might snore too..

i've got the spare bedroom actually .. not ready to leave anybody though .. that would solve the situation though as long as i didn't saddle myself with another snorer. might as well stay with this one.

of course we still love the snorers.. lol ..
i'm wondering .. you don't snore?

being busy with art is good! hope you still find time to enjoy a cool beer and all that ..

you sure he doesn't have sleep apnea?

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