Wednesday, June 11, 2008

tomorrow is my last work day before my summer starts.
i am relieved and need a break..
to demonstrate what feeling relieved can do for your blood pressure:
in december i had a doc appointment after work - blood pressure 142 over 85 ..
today i had a another doc appointment (i go every 6 months) - blood pressure
102 over 52 ..
my doctor thought the difference was funny since he knows what i do for a living..
but.. isn't there something like too low?
well, he didn't seem concerned.

he did recommend that i loose ten pounds though.
i had blood work done yesterday. most of my numbers were okay. my iron was low by
1 point, something that can be remedied by taking a multivitamin with iron.
however, that number that indicates whether you are prediabetic or diabetic had just about reached the prediabetic range.
why that would be the case, i don't really know. i do know that i have several relatives who've had adult onset diabetes .. sigh ..
perhaps another predisposition i've inherited like my blood pressure.
he did say that if those numbers were not up he would not have recommended weight loss.
but before we have to go to meds, he wants me to do this.
i can do it.
all i have to do is not eat ..
chocolate .. :(
that much that is ..
not eat ice cream from that place in town that makes it's own ice cream ..:(
.. that much that is..
not eat the pizza that my sons and husbands love to eat .. :) (not good for my
blood pressure anyway)
oh, and a variety of other stuff that i don't need to eat..
but, really, for the most part, i'm not a junky eater.
and i do need to workout more ..
which will be easier during the summer.

so, let's see what happens..

i did like the weight i was at though..

and nooooooooooooo, that's not me ..


boneman said...

the "question" isn't easy to extract from the rest of the book.
Send the wrong thing, and you'll ban me from your face forever. (hey, it's been done before. I have a terrible effect on folks, sometimes)

The posed picture you did there was cool.
Y'know, it doesn't have to be a self portrait to reflect you.
You had posed that picture, and it looks good. Not just the drawing, either.
I'm talking about the background (dog?) and the foreground, (wind whirlie gigs) and the soft lighting and everything that went into the pose.
OK, That ain't the right word, is it?
Set up.
Oh, heck. I dunno.
Not just left to chance.

And, about the vision of the sand, you misunderstand, but, that's OK, because late at night, I awoke and thought about it and remembered you said, "ten years later" ....
duh. Wake up bonehead.
(and so I did)
(wake up, that is)

I'll try to drag the right question out of that book and, I'll almost bet you, it might not make sense even if it is in German.

..................... said...

eh .. i doubt that .. the banning that is.
why would i ban a nice man?

re; the picture. yep, that's my mutt in the background. happened to wander in front of camera, the wind whirlie gig had been used to swat at a moth .. unsuccessfully.. i have a moth phobia .. ick .. :). the light is soft cause it's 2:30 in the a.m. and i was sitting on my lounge chair on the screened in back porch drawing. the photo was taken from that view. but you are right .. i'm aware of the placement of things once i start looking through the viewfinder, but in this particular incident they were not placed on purpose.

ah, and so the sand was meant figuratively .. and i guess i took it literally.. :)

SJ said...

Losing 10 pounds would easy if you moved to Britain :)

foam said...

i'd rather loose monetary 10 lbs then mine.

Indigo said...

Indigo incarnates

thanks for the visit...

your doctor is probably using the dreaded BMI as a weight benchmark. You practically have to be a walking skelleton to be "normal" weight. My doc said I still needed to lose 7 pounds even after I lost 40. I just can't do it and still remain athletic.

i can believe the blood pressure thing. Changing jobs lowered mine from 120/90 to 100/60.

foam said...

yes, he was referring to that although we didn't do any measurements. i don't weigh too much, but there are those fatty deposits typical of a middle aged woman. i'll loose the weight, although normally i think that if you feel fine and are fairly healthy whatever weight you are is okay .. but obviously i have a hard time staying healthy .. and being diabetic is no fun ..

Anonymous said...

hey foamie,

this might help

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

tsk.. lol ..
i see that you and my husband have the same kind of humor .. :)

foam said...

i conceivably could go for it, except that the benefits are rather short lived..

Anonymous said...

as is
the unlucky recipient :)

¤ ¤ ¤


ps -- your husband sounds like a wonderful fellow ;)

HLiza said...

Oh chocolate? No ice-cream? No pizza? You know..knowing that may just increase you bp again..
It's scary what those numbers tell..but you can still enjoy life as it is..just a little moderation..(yeah right..look who's talking here..oooppss..)

foam said...

you are so right! it is rather of a conundrum..
nothing salty, nothing sweet .. sigh ..

X. Dell said...

Of course it's not you. It's a little dog.

Glad to hear about your blood pressure, but your doctor visit might be telling you something about your occupation. I could imagine that you love doing it, but that it comes with a lot of stressors that might not be good for Foam in the long run.

I like things that are good for Foam, because I like Foam. I hope you can find some of the good things, someday.

foam said...

your eyesight is excellent then,
you spotted the doggie!

do i love doing it? hmmmmmmmmmm..............

but overloading and overworking a schedule is not beneficial for anybody ..

well, i like you too. hence,i like things that are good for you too. hope you'll find what you are looking for soon:)

whimsical brainpan said...

You know dark chcolate is low fat/lower calories and is actually good for you.

Good luck with all the work you'll be doing to improve your health. I wish I could take ten pounds from you.

..................... said...

i do love dark chocolate.
i wish as i lost them i could give them to you.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Foam old bud er young bud, my empathies go with you. In my case the doc just says you are a walking dead man. Hmmmm. You can do it and diabetes is not fun. Cheryl can no longer eat lettuce, green leaf vegies, or anything that produces vitamin K, she is having a fit. Me, bring on the pizza, the chocolate, the bacon and the list goes on. You only live once is my theory. Of course I can't hardly walk, lift anything, and that list goes on. Maybe there is something to losing some weight.

foam said...

walking dead man ..
maybe you ought to consider loosing a few pounds so you can pick up your multitude of grandbabies.. :)

Little Lamb said...

Enjoy your summer. I would love to have a job that I get all holidays off. I'm looking for a job like that.

foam said...

well, little lamb ..
become a school teacher ..

it's only a 10 month pay ..
although you can have that pay stretched over 12 months ..

there's also teaching assistant jobs ..
less pay..
but same time off..

boneman said...

whack the moth with a whirlie gig
it's okay, it wasn't all that big.
and anyway, he had a cig....
nuf' said.

OK, on m'sidebar, down past the names of folks, under the picture thing, there's another list, and one of them is experimentality.
That's where I put the stuff.

Y'know, I understand it's a small thing, but, I hate that y'have to post the last page first to keep it in order.
That's why they're each in their own post.
Well, that and I recorded them as large as I thought I could get away with.
Why didn't I type it?
They do something very similar to early eanglish.
s and t seem to be the same letter sometimes.
That and I'm a terrible typist, so I would get a few letters down and go back....and TRY to find where I was....

quite stupid.

and, for sure, I don't like the guy.
I absolutely think he was a curse on mankind. I won't capitalize his name, I think that bad about him.

But, the thing is...
it's a sticker/stamp book.
("...for the kids, y'know?" Tim Robbins to Paul Newman in the Hudsucker Proxy)
And I'm wondering if it actually says that in the two first pages, or refers to the idea....

boneman said...

i just sawq the /t suggestion for fast and easy weight loss.

No wonder Lil Lamb's eyes open so wide when she hears he's coming by.

Little Lamb said...

I've been thinking going to work for a school. It might be fun. When I check the school's website they tell me what I have to give them in order for me to qualify for a job, but they don't tell me the qualifications for the job.

They don't tell me what I have to know in order to apply. Do you know what I mean?

They don't tell me what computer programs that I have to know.

foam said...

okay, boneman..
i was a little dense this evening. i had to read your comment a few times and follow your trail a few times.
In order to answer your question:
No, it doesn't make reference to that at all .

little lamb..
hmmmmm, our school job site lists the requirements as well as the job descriptions, at least for teachers and assistants.
our computers have the microsoft office program. yeah, i'm pretty sure i'm right. then there's some online stuff ..

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