Sunday, June 8, 2008

there we go..

this movie was taken at night around 2:30 am.
i was outside on my screened in porch drinking a
glass of wine and working on another drawing.


Little Lamb said...

It's kind of dark outside.

foam said...

i just noticed that none of my movies are showing up on firefox on my end. i hate firefox sometimes. they show up on safari. i don't know about IE.

Anonymous said...


they work
on firefox and ie
with shockwave/flash installed,
but this one is very dark -- hard to see what is happening...

¤ ¤ ¤


Monique said...

Yes it is dark, but I still like that drawing though.

foam said...

yes, it's dark, but i can see it. my movies used to show up on firefox. i 'll have to see what i don't have installed.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Hi Foam! Thanks for the visit to my blog. Yes, you remember correctly that Ashen smokes and I don't. He's also straight, likes leather, doesn't give a hoot about religion, and eats meat. As opposed to me being gay, Wiccan, and vegetarian. Life's never dull, eh?

she said...

i hate firefox sometimes too. it takes forever to load. i can see that it is a NEKKID woman. therefore i will show it to mr she who will love it. i am quite impressed your eyes are still good enough to draw in the dark. nice job foam!! enjoy the party.

foam said...

indigo, i like all the people housed within you. i can see that they would, indeed, make life interesting.

actually she's wearing a little black dress. i might repost it.

Enemy of the Republic said...

It's not showing up on IE. But your activities while filming sound good.

..................... said...

now the movies are showing on firefox again. i do have shockwave installed .. i checked.

Midsummerprism said...

oh' Lady Foamie...your art works are just so divine! Am' nooot patronizing or flattering you but they really are so unique!.....So goddessque...hee!hee!

I mean...I always leave your blog with a silly silly grin :> Your work should be on a museum for the whole world to see!
I hope you do more more of this doodlingz' and show us...So delightful!! I wish I could create this way...I've tried..but ha!ha!ha! hee!hee! talent for such..

foam said...

prism ..
hey, but you do delightfully breezy landscapes! and you could always get a book on the human figure. i don't just draw outta my head. i look at my art books, i have a book called 'figures in motion' (i think that's the title), i look at photographs ..

X. Dell said...

Is the lady passed out, or is she looking for something?

They show up fine on IE, incidentally. For some reason, Blogger and Firefox don't get along.

foam said...

either way ..
sometimes i think she looks like she's resting..
sometimes crawling..
..and to think the only reason i downloaded firefox a couple years ago was cause it was recommended for blogger. now safari works much better for me, when at one time it didn't work at all.

Anonymous said...

I like that film
It has something to say that touch
go! go! go!

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