Sunday, June 15, 2008

this morning i wished my husband a happy father's day..
we were childless for most of the day.
we were childless the whole weekend..
one son is still on a 10 day trip to an overseas locale..
the other son was on a weekend kayaking trip..
i do believe that this is the first father's day weekend that my husband has not
had his children with him.

it was a good weekend not to have the children.
we were two hours away in a mountain town located in the southwestern part of
of the state i live in.
my husband had purchased tickets a few months ago to see the alison krauss and robert plant show...

he enjoyed it, i enjoyed it. it was good to get away especially since we were able to
combine it with a visit and overnight stay with some friends of ours. this morning as i turned around in the cot i was sleeping (he was on an air mattress) i remembered his first father's day 16 years ago. .. really i did .. i'm not just saying this ..

we were in richmond visiting dd with baby oldest son in tow. mr foam proudly carried his son in the baby backpack all over the place. as usual when we are in richmond we decided to go out to eat brunch. i was looking forward to enjoying a great meal when dd suddently turned to me and asked .. 'so...what did you give mr foam for father's day?'

i was completely stunned. it had not even ocurred to me to remember father's day. for you see, my dad, photo taken 1967
by my brother or I..

the first man i loved, died when i was 7. .. and after that .. well, .. although i certainly remembered my father, father's day was nonexistent in our household.

but, back to that sunday 16 years ago ... i hastily scrounged around for a pen. i scrounged for paper, but the only paper i could find was a napkin. On that napkin i wrote: Happy 1st Father's Day, love foam and foam baby..
something like that anyway. i don't think we have that napkin anymore.

since then, he has received yearly cards, many of them made by the children. he's received musical gifts, snacky gifts .. never a tie though ..
i suppose this concert could count as a musical gift, although when he purchased the tickets a few months ago he was not aware that it fell on father's day.

i actually purchased a card a few days ago. i had meant for my youngest to give it to him this evening...
but i forgot ..
oh well ..

hope all dads had a great father's day..


SJ said...

Happy father's day to him.

Anonymous said...

Happy him!

In Sweden the father's day is in November.

If two press the button at the same time they have to talk to the angry lady. You can se her in my latest blogpost.

HLiza said...

Happy Father's Day to him! I don't remember giving anything for hubbie's first Father's day myself!
Father's Day never exist in Malaysia when I was a suddenly become commercial when I'm an adult, thanks to American influence from TV. We're still not good at celebrating it..but the kids was taught in school how to create their cards and they're more excited!

foam said...

thank you..

in germany father's day is on a different day too.
lol.. i'll go check out the angry lady ..

many holidays take place in other places of the world due to commercialization. businesses, card companies want to sell their stuff all over. it could be okay, but sometimes these holidays usurp local customs which is not okay. i've seen that happen in germany. i hate it.

foam said...

hliza, i love your new photo, btw..
really beautiful.

Ruela said...

Thanks Foam ;)

you are very creative,
cool drawings!

I've been offline for a while...many things to do and so little time...

Love your art.

Anonymous said...

hey foamie,

and happy day
to mister foamie

nice post!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes, many of us have to much to do and not enough clock ..
and thanks about the drawings .. :)

oh, thank you .. :) it's not often i feel compelled to write these days.

Indigo said...

halo incarnates

saying greetings
am ok

Little Lamb said...

Happy Father's Day a day late to Mr. Foam.

foam said...

hey halo..:) always glad to see you.
and i'm glad to hear that you are okay!

little lamb,
thank you on his behalf..:)

whimsical brainpan said...

A belated Happy Father's Day to Mr. Foam.

dianne said...

Happy belated Father's Day wishes to Mr Foam. We celebrate it here in September, it seems it is a different month all around the globe.
That was a lovely post Foamie, I'm so sorry you lost your Dad when you were so young.

benjibopper said...

a gorgeous little tale. alison krauss, not a bad way to spend it.

foam said...

thank you on mr f's behalf ..
he doesn't even know this post exists though .. :)
couldn't care less, really..

yes, it would appear that dad's day is celebrated during different times. reckon those card companies organized it that way?

thank you .. and welcome .. :)

ThursdayNext said...

Oh I am jealous - I am a huge fan of the Kraus/Plant collaboration and am glad you enjoyed it!

foam said...

yes, we did enjoy it. mr foam finally got to see Plant perform after wanting to first do that 40 years ago.

X. Dell said...

Hmm. Interesting. My paternal grandfather died before my father's first birthday. So he doesn't remember him at all. He's now been a father himself for almost twice the lifetime of his own dad. I wonder if his feelings towards Father's Day mirror yours, somewhat.

I couldn't imagine growing up in a fatherless household. Yet many of us do. Could it be that such people as you, my dad, and others can appreciate this day more than I?

foam said...

actually, truth me told ..
i don't much care for mother's day or father's day that much..

don't care for valentine's day either ..

i remember these days cause they are expected.

it's very conceivable that your dad never thought about father's day either until he was wished his first happy father's day.. :). i'm sure it's really not the day that counts that much, but the love and esteen he is held in on a daily basis by his children.

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