Saturday, June 7, 2008

tagged by ruela .. six unremarkable quirks of foam ..

1. a peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible....

i'm supposed to list 6 quirks of mine that are unremarkable.....

hmmmmmmm, i couldn't think of any unremarkable quirks, so i asked my almost 17 year old son what unremarkable quirks he thought i had.  without pausing to think about it he said:

1. you are fundamentally insane.
so, there you have it, unremarkable foam quirk #1.
i agree, that's a rather unremarkable quirk to have in our household ..

2. unremarkable foam quirk #2:
I make really unremarkable short movies in german and in english:  see? ...'s about me living over yonder..                                 scary, huh!
no, not that house, you can';t see the house, 
but i do live over yonder ..

3.  i also asked my husband about my unremarkable quirks ..
his answer:  you gag too easily ..
so? i can't help myself.  it's true. all kinds of things make me gag.  i can gag at the dentist office, i gag if i have to brush my mother's teeth who has alzheimers and has been residing in a nursing home these past months.  i gag if my spouse jokes about tasting his beer in his stache and beard for the rest of the evening.  a groan can very well turn into a gag at some jokes on a certain blog .. blogger shall remain unnamed .. but suffice it to say that he dwells 7000 miles from me. ... ;)

and then, these are some unremarkable quirks i came up with on my own..

4.  i can spend hours in a group of people and not say a damn thing .. but still have a good time ..

5.  which reminds me .. i can use 'bad' words, you know, 4 letter words and such.  i've toned it down on the blog a whole lot and i never use them at work.

6. i like to sit in chairs cross legged.

well, that's all .. i thought i''d end this post with another 

 unremarkable short movie by foam:

it's about food or the lack thereof ..

oh, and i'm supposed to tag six other people ..
i can never pick out just a few folks, so, you are all invited if you wish to participate. just let me know ..  :)

ps:  oh, and here is a ruela quirk .. you know, the guy who tagged me ..
he's got this peculiar habit of turning everything he blogs about into an amazing work of art .. :)


Ruela said...

"you are fundamentally insane."


Love this ;)

COOL videos!!!

Anonymous said...


we love your
fundamentally insane videos!

and the rest of your wacky works!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

dear ruela and /t.,
i'm so fundamentally thankful that ya'll seem to agree that fundamental insanity runs through my life and videos .. ;)

Little Lamb said...

We have # 4 in common.

4. i can spend hours in a group of people and not say a damn thing .. but still have a good time ..

foam said...

4. yes, many folks around here think i'm a rather quiet person..

Little Lamb said...

I can be a quiet person and am a lot of the time.

she said...

insane german filmaker - check
well-developed gag reflex - check
smart: keeps mouth shut - check
cusses - but not inappropriately - check
yogi seating - check

all the requirements needed for admiration from this camp. go foamy!

foam said...

she - check ..
all the requirements needed on this side for a lotta respect .. :)

little lamb,
i can sense that about you..

X. Dell said...

Don't look at me. I didn't take it.

I love your German voice.

And I sit cross-legged in chairs too.

You know, I'm fairly well-acquainted with DSM IV, but I can't recall it saying anything about fundamental insanity. Perhaps they're saving that for DSM V.

foam said...

are you sure you didn't take it?

thank you.

..yup, i'm the first one with fundamental insanity .. they'll have to come out with a new book now ..

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Look on the bright side, being fundamentally insane puts you in some very good company :)

My partner has a terrible gag reflex too. It's painful just *watching* him try to choke down his meds every morning.

ThursdayNext said...

I am a quick gagger, too, except for certain circumstances. Lets not go there. Anyway, I like this meme. :)

Pink said...

I used to have a gag reflex like that...but somehow I got over it..don't ask me how...dunno!

I sit cross legged too :)

foam said...

indigo ..
lol, i always enjoy good company..

well, i didn't even go there within my own post .. :)


crosslegged is good. i'm sitting crosslegged as i type.

SJ said...

The blogger has already been named by his parents :)

#1 Better than being an insane fundamentalist.

#2 I like your German voice and your American too ... and your movies.

#4 Only if I've been drinking.

..................... said...

re. #1: you got that right! lol ..

Midsummerprism said...

quiet but have fun
says 4 letter words ( but not at work)
sits cross legged

Such remarkable attributes but I like the first quirk the best..reminds me of me..he!he!

..................... said...

the first quirk would actually encompass all my quirks:)

boneman said...

cool documentaries!
Hey, it's an advantage to make short ones!

foam said...

hey boneman! almost didn't see you down here. would have eventually when i opened my email. and thanks. these are fun actually.

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