Sunday, June 1, 2008

nighttime doodles ... beauty?

drawn a few days ago..
at night..
when i woke and couldn't sleep again..
it's handy to have the drawing pad and oil pastels laying by the side of your bed ..


boneman said...

did I miss something?

OK, first off, one of the internal arguements I have with my self is deciding who has it better? Folks that grow and stay within one area for their whole lives, or seeing the world from the coat-tails of the Old Man's travels.

Middle Ditch said...

That spine moves when you scroll down.

I always have a pen and paper handy at night. Just in case.

Really nice Foam.

Middle Ditch said...

Another eery thing. Mine went up at the same time as boneman. Wow

Ruela said...


lovely, I like it ;)

..................... said...

you didn't miss anything, boneman..

and, well .. i kind of did both. i was an army brat but my dad died when i was seven .. my mom's german, hence the growing up part in germany ..
i know about the moving around a lot. between 1 and 3rd grade i was at 5 different schools .. i think.

it does? i'll have to pay attention to that. yes, i also have pen handy just for those random notes and thoughts i write into the drawing pad at times.
yes, sometimes i've posted things at the same time as another blogger. dead give away what we're doing at the same time even though on different continents .. :)

grotesque .. thank you .. i like the grotesque.

Anonymous said...

& oddly erotic

nice work, foamie

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

thank you, /t.

foam said...

btw, the title is a coincidence .. the mute mondayer's are doing a theme on beauty..

she said...

grrrherhahahaha!! i love that laughing head on the opposite page falling over. a serious classic drawing and then - that guy! i love it. happy mute monday, but i gotta say amarillo nips scream! grrherhahahahaha

whimsical brainpan said...

I really like the yellow nipples.

SJ said...

Nice. If your doodles are this good I wonder what your serious work looks like.

..................... said...

yes, i was liking the yellow nipples. i'm always a bit wary working with color. not as comfortable with it as you are. so, when i do, i always limit myself to just a few.

thank you .. :)

what serious work? this is what it is at the moment. i'm doing good to even be doodling.
my 'quote' serious work .. the work i did several years ago when i had more time looks like it is rotting off the side of a tree or looks like something that has survived hiroshima.
that's not my description of my work .. but my older sons description of my work.

Midsummerprism said...

That is a pretty voluptuous lady with the moist pointy yellow nipples ever...but what is she doing?..And what, I wonder, is she so deep in thought about?..and what is the head laughing about too...I truly wonder..hmmmm...

Ruela said...

me too foam.

..................... said...

hmmmmmm, those are the questions, eh? .. ;)

ruela ,
et moi aussi .. :)

Merelyme said...

you sure are good foam...i am envious...all i can draw are stick figures. you changed your blog...i like it. sorry i haven't been around for awhile.

foam said...

for the most part i doodle stick figures, merelyme
i just darkened the blog..
and i'm happy to see you come by anytime ..
no pressure blogging is my motto..

Pink said...

you must be a hockey've got a face off



X. Dell said...

I'm curious. Where did you manage to host this image?

**¤ ¤** said...
and i've got the puck ..,
i've posted all the images in this series directly through blogger..

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