Thursday, June 19, 2008

my oldest comes home on saturday from an overseas excursion with a school group.
i can't wait.  i've missed him rather more than i thought i would which is a bit surprising.
although this is not the first time he has been gone from me for that long i have always had some kind of communication from him either via phone or through an adult group leader.
but this time .. basically nada ..   
i only know that they are fine because i finally called another mother who had heard from another mother who had heard from yet another mother and etc .. when their child made a quick call ..  

but really, there is no communication.  no phone calls! no email! .. he probably doesn't even know my email.  it's something i forgot to write down.  oh well, no news is good news, right?

 but, alas, yesterday i had contact with him .... .... :D   i went online to see how his check balance was doing.    my name is also on his bank account.   his check balance was okay, enough for the next couple of days until he got home.  he had been spending his own money overseas, money that he's saved for quite a while.  and based on the check balance he seemed to have stayed within the budget that we had decided on.  and then,  out of curiosity i checked his transactions.................. ...  wow .. lol ..
i knew where he ate, which store he bought souvenirs at, which city he withdrew money from.
i was soooooooooooooo happy and relieved.  a sign of life from my beloved son! 

i was so pleased to finally 'hear' from him that i withdrew some extra money from my account and put it in his account .. 
i couldn't help myself .. :) way of 'communicating' back...


ANNA-LYS said...

No news is always good news!
Unfortunately I am back lol :-D

Wish You a Lovely Midsummer-Eve!

(( hugs ))

Midsummerprism said...

I teach a a topic called "Third Wave Communication". This is such a good example to refer to and use!

May I?..Please?...

I can feel your excitement and joy. You are such a cool mom to just relax calmly trace back where your boy is. I should learn from you.

It's also amusing how we can sometimes have such similar experiences though we are poles apart in places, lifestyle, culture. I don't believe my sons know my email address either. And, well they rarely text me except when a really needed permission is required from me, or if they had ran out of "load."

Load here means a certain amount I can text to them that would add up to the air time minutes and text capacity of their cellphones.

They would also only text if they need to load up on smart money. It's interesting how I would know where they are based on where they had their cards swiped.

I used to get upset when they wouldn't call or text just to let me know if they are on their way home or where they are basically.

Today though I just ( am trying) to play it cool. However, when they occassionally text out of the blue, I get all happy and send them back a "load" or two.

foam said...

FORtunately you are back .. :D
and the same to you ..

interesting topic! and yes, of course, you can refer to it and use it. and this is what blogging has really taught me. like you said no matter how far apart, how different our cultures are, we have similarities that bind us together.
never heard of the term load. i know different countries use different lingo at times when it comes to technology. i'm kind of a dinosaur when it comes to cellphones. mine doesn't have texting capability setup .. at least i don't think it has. plus, i still haven't figured out how to set up my voicemail which i just recently found out that my cellphone can do. i need to figure it out. i've gotten voicemails in the past but have not been able to retrieve them.

Anonymous said...


you wonderful 'mom', you :)

nice to see anna-lys, too!

¤ ¤ ¤


X. Dell said...

Bank statements--one way of keeping track of the kinder.

Bet you can hardly wait until he gets into college, where communication becomes even more of a rarity. I'm sure you'll adjust, though.

benjibopper said...

gotta love that mother network.

Middle Ditch said...


frizzy scissorhands said...

I always worry when I don't hear anything from a loved one abroad. I'm crazy and I think the worse. Strange, though ... I never worry about my son ... he has a head on his shoulders and street smarts; he's been travelling on his own to EU since the age of 11. It's the grown up "boys" I worry about ... when they don't show a sign of life.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Now that is a good mama!

HLiza said... modern technology can never allow you to be MIA..ha are one scary be able to trace all your kids' expenses and whereabouts..LOL. But again..what a relief to know that he's out there, healthy, kicking and shopping..I will be just like you I think if I go crazy receiving no news from my kids..

..................... said...

that's exactly what i think of modern technology. we can be tracked. even if we pay with cash we have to withdraw it from somewhere! i wasn't so much worried about him. i just missed hearing from him.

more like a sucker of a mama .. lol ..

yes, i understand your worries. my son has a good head on his shoulders. i'm not worried about that. i just was surprised at my homesickness for him. i don't worry about my husband either. it can be days before i hear from him, but then again, i do know where he is.

middle .ditch,
thank you ..!

yes, it does come in handy at times
i'm sure i'll rarely hear from him once he's in college. i won't worry too much unless imagine him doing what i did in college ..
gawwwwwd, now i'm worrying all ready.

and thank YOU .. xo :)
and it is great to see anna-lys ..:)

Pamela said...

Ain't technology grand -- keeping track of kids through on line banking. Today's smile.

whimsical brainpan said...

You are such a cool mom.

Have a happy homecoming with your son.

dianne said...

What a lovely Mum you are, I'm sure he will appreciate the 'communication' and the extra cash.
Wishing you a lovely Summer Solstice Foamie, notice I have painted a flower garland in my hair to celebrate. :)

foam said...

lol.. kind of pitiful in a scary funny way actually ..

thank you, whimsy .. :)

yes, dianne ..
you look very loverly, indeed..
i took note of that on boneman's blog ..
maybe i'll do something too..
i'm in the mood to procrastinate today.

dianne said...

You know it is a big festival in some countries, when I was at primary school many moons ago we used to do folk dancing in the front grass quadrangle around the fountain, it was so much fun.
I would love to go to Stonehenge they have a big festival there where they all dress up,watch the sunrise, some of it is a little over the top, not into Druids or paganism but they do wear garlands in their hair and dance around the countryside. I think it would be lovely just to be there. :)

foam said...

yes ..
it's kind of lost here in the bible belt south, although some folks do pay attention to it. i don't remember it being a big deal in germany. we payed more attention to the 1st of may.

dianne said...

Yes dancing around the May pole was fun too. :)

Ruela said...

happy summer ;)

foam said...

thanks..same to you

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