Saturday, June 21, 2008

it's time to get this day started here..
this summer solstice morn ..

i sometimes miss the looooooong days and short nights of the summer growing up in germany.
that peculiar lovely bright light when you sit outside at 9:30, 10:00 pm or should i say 21:30 and 22:00..
here it's dark by then .. even during the solstice ..
the light is just different here .. not any less lovely .. just different..

i was alone last night ..
even my youngest was gone on an overnight trip ..
it was sooooooo quiet..
i didn't turn on any music or tv ..
just did a bit of reading, a little bit of browsing the blogs before retiring.

i did attend an art opening earlier in the evening ..
the show was okay, very colorful and playful ..
it was well attended ..
i was not in a social mood however, so i stayed very briefly ..
an acquaintance with whom i briefly talked wondered if i was going home to
a wild night since i was all alone ..

i did sit outside on my screened in deck a bit ..
did that bit of reading i mentioned in one of my favorite books ..
it brings a smile to my face when i do read sections from
Isabelle Allende's 'Aphrodite - A Memoir of the Senses'..

this evening i will be picking up my oldest son ..
my other son is excited. he has missed him too.

i can't wait for this evening.
a jet lagged almost 17 year old ..
and an 11 year old who wants attention from him but who will get on his nerves..
i can hear the aggravation already ..
the bickering..
but, oh the joy of familiar noises..

so ...
and just in case my beloved offspring get on my nerves since i'm pmsing and all that, i'm putting out a warning..

if you see a crazy 48 year old woman running around bedecked with garlands and a flower in her mouth and a crazy gleam and a maniacal smile .. run, be scared ..
she's gone nuts during this summer solstice ..

anyways though ..
happy summer to ya'll


Anonymous said...

have a
groovin' summer

¤ ¤ ¤


dd said...

its our anniversary... 12 years of sharing our lives and art with each other... of shlepping things back and forth and striving to create something that will be worth leaving behind. You are so blessed in that you have already achieved that with your two beautiful sons.

foam said...

ohhhhh, just got to luv that groovin' rascally tune ..
thanks, /t. ...:)

that's right ..!
12 years ago ya'll went off to scotland to tie the knot..
ps: am i am grateful for my sons ..
they are a blessing.

Pink said...

go wild, you Goddess!


dianne said...

Love the garland, you're one hip chick girl! :)

Little Lamb said...

Happy summer!

Anonymous said...

happy, happy to all of you too..
the son is back ..
time to sit back with a glass of wine.

ThursdayNext said...

Oooo...Happy Summer, Foam. I was at a garden party last night and it was amazing to have light out at nine in the evening! Glad you are enjoying your weekend...

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Mom and I did our solstice ritual too. It was nice. I'm visiting her this weekend since it's also her birthday. Yay!

Ruela said...

Flower Power ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy summer to you!

The summer was here in the beginning of June, 30 degrees Celsius. But now it is stormy and cold rain,the sky is open. Ligtnings and thunder. I hope my laptop will survive.

..................... said...

a garden party sounds lovely. it was actually quite stormy here.

happy b-day to your mummsy then .. :)

flower power is always good ;)

..and the same to you, eric.
the beginning of june was broodingly hot here as well. luckily it's cooled off some, although it certainly is not cool.

X. Dell said...

(1) I don't know if the long summer days are worth the sun going down at three in the afternoon around Christmastime. To me, it always seemed so depressing at that time of year.

(2) I hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet while you had it.

BTW, does this maniacal-looking 48 year old woman look anything like you?

..................... said...

1. i remember the son going down more like 4 .. :)..

2. pretty much ..

3. yep .. i had a little manipulated photo up with garlands and maniacal smile..
took it down though. but she's still something to be scared of.

SJ said...

You miss the sun when the son isn't around... you need to work on your homophones :)

IF you did go nuts this summer solstice how do we tell the difference ?

OK enough with the insults. Happy summer.

..................... said...

i just love the insults that we 'hurl' at each other .. :)

dianne said...

Foamie, can you please tell me what program you used to cut & paste those garland flowers on your picture. I had to hand draw mine in 'Microsoft paint' using the mouse & the little drawing icons in that program, there must be an easier way?

..................... said...

when we purchased our mac 6 or 7 years ago it came with a little photo editing program called photoimpression. it's the old version and fairly basic. they have a new version since then. the leading photo editing software is 'photoshop' however. while they have a massively expensive program for professionals and artists who really use it, they also have a cheaper version out there for folks like me.
i've used microsoft paint some since i use a pc at work. since you are able to apparently download a photo onto it, you should see if you can't download another photo of flowers and find the cropping tool - the one which lets you outline what you want to crop - and then do the cut and paste and transfer it to your image.

i'm sorry i'm not more help. my son has a pc. perhaps later on tonight i might play around with it. i figure most things out by trial and error.

dianne said...

Thanks for your help Foamie, I tried the little cutting tool in 'paint' last night but it didn't quite work out how I had expected, but if it can be done there I will keep trying.Thanks again.:)

Anonymous said...


has stolen
flower foamie!

btw, that 'cheap' version of photoshop does about 99% of anything anyone would ever need to do with a photo, but only about 25% of what the full version does -- they're both good, as are both yours and dianne's garland pics :)

¤ ¤ ¤


**¤ ¤** said...

i don't really know if it would work there or not. we might be wasting out time ..

and thanks, /t. for your input on photoshop.
i was thinking of looking into a new updated photo editing program. i'll have to do some research on them.
btw., i stole flower foamie. i've often 'stolen' facial images of myself when i get tired of seeing my own visage glaring back at me online. :) i never get tired of other folkses visages though.

benjibopper said...

love that longest night. i sat out on my deck reading until 10 pm, after a hot bath. can't beat it.

whimsical brainpan said...

If I see you decked out in a garland with a flower in your teeth, I'll take a picture and then run. :-)

I hope the homecoming was peaceful.

The Phosgene Kid said...

We've had summer for the past month or so. Well, the temps anyway.

dianne said...

Thanks Foamie and thanks /t. :)

foam said...

no you can't beat that. and up there in canada you have those longer days too.

actually it was extremly peaceful.

that's arizona living for ya'..

you are so welcome .. :) always very good to see you.

X. Dell said...

Okay. When the son goes down is one thing. When the sun goes down, it's another.

I just remember it getting dark early, and I could swear it was before four in the afternoon. I thought to myself at the time that this has got to explain German humor.

foam said...

i didn't have a sun then ..
so, i don't know how to spell son..
now i'm confused..
it's all your fault ..
just so you know ..

Monique said...


Jac said...

She just passed near me a minute ago, but I didn't know !!

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