Tuesday, June 17, 2008

husband's gone for a week..
oldest son is still gone for the rest of the week..

it's just me and the youngest son..
and a house that needs cleaning..

today my youngest mopped the kitchen floor..
swept the porch..
watered the plants..
fed the pets..
took out the garbage..

chores never hurt anybody..
at least that's what dd says who is finally back from spending a month long artist residency in Germany. she has posted a great drawing of herself in her most recent post.

when i was a child i remember hating the few chores i had. i learned to become a procrastinator during that time. i would rather read then do my chores. as a matter of fact i would always keep a book hidden and read. when i heard my mother's footsteps i would hide the book.

after all, who wants to clean their room when pippi longstocking (i knew her as pippi langstrumpf) didn't have to clean her room and went on all kinds of fun adventures?

i do think my sons have inherited this kind of procrastination from me..
they read all the time ..

5 minute doodle of my youngest son reading this evening on our screened in porch... after most of his chores were done..

ps: and this drawing is not based on a photograph or a reproduction of somebody else's
art work.


foam said...

my son is reading 'the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy'..

SJ said...

Hitchhiker's is a good book to read. Unless you don't like books that say the world was created by mice.

Sometimes blogging can be a chore too .

Little Lamb said...

work and chores are no fun, but alas, they have to be done.

..................... said...

sj, i have no problems with the world being created by mice. i've seen the movie, but have not read the book. my oldest son loves the book too.
and yep, blogging can be a chore, but that's when i don't blog.

why, little lamb, you are a poet!

dd said...

thanks for the plug, S. One day I am going to hunt down the slide of the lifedrawing I did of you back in 1986 and post that to my blog. That should keep the sitemeter rolling for awhile...(!)

dd said...

PS I highly recommend that you take time to read the hitchhiker books. They are wonderful and funny and full of great lessons like never travel anywhere without your own towel.

..................... said...

how's the jetlag?

you have extensive archives. it'll take you yeeaaars to locate that slide .. lol ..

and yes, i have several books that i want to read over the summer. that is one of them .. as soon as youngest son is finished with it.

Anonymous said...

love your
drawing, foam,
as it is delicate
and energetic at once
dd's self portrait, too(!)

i used to hitch hike all over the universe in my youth :)

¤ ¤ ¤


X. Dell said...

(1) One, I wouldn't have assumed that you made the drawing based on a photo or someone else's artwork. Why the disclaimer? I don't get it.

(2) Sometimes chores can hurt. Did I ever tell you about the time I got my foot caught in the lawn mower?

Truth be told, I should have been reading at the time.

foam said...

thanks .. :)
and i'll definitely be traveling through the universe sometimes this summer then ..


1. conceivably i could have taken a snapshot and then drawn the picture in 5 minutes .. why the other part?
hell, if i know..
i need an editor at times, i guess..

2. ouch! painful chore, indeed. ...and no you haven't. you'll have to fill me in next time we have a chance to chat.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice drawing of your son. When i was a kid sf we didn't do our chores we'd go on an exciting adventure on the end of my dad's boot. Wonder how Pipi is doing now a days. I suspect the girl in the Wendy's logo is her daughter.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Do it dd, do it!! Your son ought to get the book, Tales of Desperaux, but get it on audio tape. The narrator does a great job. I see he has inherited some of his Mother's talent. Very good.

Indigo said...

I usually end up being "chore boy" on the weekends. Aaiieee!!!

Little Lamb said...

When I posted that this morning I didn't even notice it rhymed.

I could be a poet and wouldn't even know it!

foam said...

i can't imagine pippi with breasts.
but i can imagine you riding on the end of your daddy's boot .. ;)

do it, dd? you're encouraging her? now, why doesn't that surprise me. :)

maybe the roles could be reversed at times?

little lamb,
you do seem to be a poet
who just does not know it. :)

whimsical brainpan said...

Who wouldn't rather read than do chores?

Pippi did have some great adventures.

dianne said...

Nice drawing Foamie, I have a few bookworms amongst my children as well, something I encourage. :)

foam said...

yeah, who wouldn't.
he's reading as i type .. :)

thank you.. :) i don't have to encourage it, it seems. they do it on their onw. i was a major bookworm as a youngster. it drove my mom nuts, primarily because she never read that much.
so, and where's your bloggie so i can say a proper howdie do?

she said...

and when i think of the kids parents have to cajole to get them to read! art camp!!! sounds great. chores at least have atangible concrete reward - ahhhh the clean house. now we can enjoy it and mess it up again.

The Phosgene Kid said...

She was Pippi hotstuff in a twisted weird sort of way... Hear she hooked up with Rumpelstiltskin for a short tumultuous affair....

foam said...

this one is not much of an art camp person. my oldest son was.

yeah, but all he wanted to do was spin her hair into gold ..

ANNA-LYS said...

I tried to write here yesterday, to tell I have been away, tooooo ;-)

and to tell I am here with You lol

Midsummerprism said...

Sweet painting!

I ever liked doing my chores and usually got reprimanded for doing a half hearted job. Usually, I was made to do it all over again which made it even more unbearable. There was no escaping! I had books with me too. But they got found and taken away.

foam said...

anna-lys, you certainly know how to be awaaaay.. lol
hope you had a great time .
if you are here .. my bookshelves need dusting .. ;)

prism, i'm still kind of slow with my own chores ..
unless i have some real impetus to clean ..

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