Tuesday, June 24, 2008

drawing by foam .. based on a photograph ..

Clementi- Adagio sostenuto in F Major (Book I, No.14 of Gradus ad Parnassum) - Vladimir Horowitz


Anonymous said...


this is a wonderful,
joyful image, foam -- beautiful!

and horowitz(!)

¤ ¤ ¤


SJ said...

And the photograph...?

foam said...

ohhhh, thank you /.t!
and it wasn't so much the horowitz but the clementi .. although having him played by horowitz was certainly an added benefit.

surly, sj ..
you know where to access photographs like this ..
i do, after all ..

Ruela said...


Look out with PBucket ;)

foam said...

it's not pbucket....;)

dianne said...

Nice abstract image Foamie, and as there is no detail- you have left that to our imagination so no-one can take offense. :)

..................... said...

hey dianne .. thank you .. :)
well, at first i was gonna put that leaf there .. lol ..
but then i decided it didn't need it.

she said...

grrrrrrherherhahaha to sj

dianne said...

If you put that leaf there, then the powers that be would think you were hiding something and would probably censor it! ;)

boneman said...

coming by late found m'self putting on the song and then reading the post below....
very nice together.

((and yeah.... who needs a leaf? just chalk it up as one of the early-life flings of Barbie.)

foam said...

hahahahha, dianne..
that's funny ..
and you are probably right!

..and you are funny too .. lol..
early life experience of barbie .. hehe..
she and ken were a match, weren't they...

Ruela said...

OK ;)

X. Dell said...

Interesting. I'm thinking that there is an overall theme with this and the other recent work you've posted here. I see a sophisticated variety of approaches vis-a-vis the human body. While I wonder why this subject's on your mind--perhaps its always been--there seems to be a profundity in this course that I can't quite put my finger on.

foam said...

ruela .. :)

well, if i wasn't so darn lazy with putting my thoughts into words i could conceivably write about why i draw this subject matter again, what my feelings are about drawing the female nude and .. how it fits into my perception of who i am as a 48 year old woman living and teaching in a small southern town .. how these drawings relate to and are influenced by some of the artwork i've been looking into which has been done by other female artists who deal with nudity ..
but .. ech ..
that's work ..
i rather just draw ..
because right now it's one of the few things that make me feel good when i'm done..

foam said...

besides, sex that is..
and drinking a good glass of wine ..

X. Dell said...

You know what? You're absolutely right. Forget I asked the question.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Have fun with the in-laws. Nice drawing, it would make a great door mat if you added the words "Come on in and make yourself comfortable"

Jac said...

This is truly beautiful ! foam

Anonymous said...

You really are a great artist!

Midsummerprism said...

a alone in my nice cool room listening to your nice cool music and drinking in your nice smooth nude...while being half nude myself ( blogging bra -less) because I am about to take a shower...

right after I finish this second round of cookie..( not oreo this time..)

Cynthia said...

full and lovely ~

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