Friday, June 13, 2008


the nudies i've been doodling lately come from the plethora of art books i have, photographs, a book on the nude body .. called the body in human motion ..

years ago i did draw from the human figure..
i had the opportunity to attend life drawing sessions,
so i took full advantage of them.
I worked on an easel with huge pieces of paper and
mostly charcoal.

the drawing above was originally done on thin white paper with a pen..
at night again..
just very recently


Anonymous said...

Nice artwork
Nude bodies are so close to the flesh

Yes, it is me running.

HLiza said...

You draw perfect shapes of woman...does that reflect yours or just your idea of perfection? Just wondering...
PS:I feel intimidated by beautiful bodies like this..

foam said...

thanks .. :)

well this one is drawn from a photograph of a statue of venus ..
she was supposed to be perfect anyway as were all the greek statues.
heck, no .. none of these bodies even closely resembles mine .. ;)
i'm just sort of trying to draw the shapes that i see in proportion. they are perhaps more of a reflection of the ideal of the time from when the original drawing came from. some of my sketches are more fleshier, esp. when i've sketched from ruben's nudes.

The Troll said...

Nice drawing. But I note that you posted a photograph of me in a prior post without written permission from my handlers. Cease and desist!

foam said...

naaaaaaah, it's you only if you think it is since you choose to go by that handle. it's about anonymous cyber trolls that come to sites and inflame the regular commenters. i occasionally come across those on sites i've frequented. i was going to write about the issue, but, alas, doodling around with my photo editing
stuff was so much more fun.

foam said...

but, if your sensibilities are offended i will take it down ..

ThursdayNext said...

I love your interpretation of Venus...I like seeing her in this other dimension. :)

Anonymous said...

beauty, venus

¤ ¤ ¤


Indigo said...

You draw quite well. I sure wish I had some talent in that department

Monique said...

That is a lovely drawing Foam. It reminded me of my sitter days posing nude for drawers.

What I always found so funny is that I was supposed to get undressed in a cubicle and appear naked. I did enjoy the sittings though and was always amazed that everybody saw a completely different nude person.

boneman said...

another good book for learning doodling folks (y'know, there's something about theat that just doesn't sound right....)
anyway, Marvel Comics teaches you how to draw comics.
Fairly cheap but, covers great basics like body mass, quick sketching, final sketching, pen and ink stuff, not to mention a fair discourse over subjects like composition, design, stuff like that.

Thanx for doing the reading.
You can understand now why I was somewhat shadowed about dragging it out into the light.

Since that first main page is his life, then the rest of it would be the mini history of getting to power, demeaning and fighting the French, and the first incursions into Poland, Checkoslovakia, Austria (the Sound of Music hadn't been written back then, so they didn't really know what was coming. If only they had had sweet Julie Andrews to warn them, eh? Ha! I doubt it would serve as any kind of warning....Bush junior wanted to do his thing so bad that, when the French resisted, our miserable 'leader' pumped out enough propaganda and dissatisfaction pills for folks to still distrust the French! So much for learning from history, eh?) but....
anyway. Thanx.
Course, now to figure out what to do with it. (the book)

wrap it up and toss it in the fire?
(under the heading of eye 4 eye?)

Little Lamb said...

Nice art work.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I took some life drawing too, but was never good at it. Maybe because the woman was huge, had no musculature and the huge sun tattoo on her back was rather distracting.

dianne said...

Very beautiful Foamy, but where are my arms, my boobs are larger and my thighs much slimmer Haha, I really like your drawing! :)

whimsical brainpan said...

Beautiful drawing!

The one area I am lacking in my art education is figure drawing. I have always wanted to take a class.

Anonymous said...

I'm the beer drinker in the photo

But I like wine too, it all depends on what mood I'm in

foam said...

thank you all for the nice comments you have left me.
monique .. that's exactly what our sitters used to joke abuot..

boneman, keep it. it's a historical document. it's an artifact.

i've returned from a weekend outing so i'm a bit bushed ..

X. Dell said...

I'm guessing that working from a live model is somewhat different than working from a two-dimensional photograph, right?

Then againk, what do I know? What you explained to me before, we're talking about shapes and colors. So I guess it wouldn't make that much difference.

SJ said...

1. You definitely draw well.

2. X the question should "then again what DON'T I know"

3. "i took full advantage of them."
Oh really? **raised eyebrow**.

foam said...

1. thank you..

2. yes, i was gonna state the same thing about

3. you should be feeling pretty bruised by now since you've been whacked several times with a 7000 mile long stick ..

foam said...

oh, i didn't mean to overlook you x...

well, in both i try to look at the form, the line, the shadows ..
but it is differenct drawing from 3 - dimensions. you have to think different.

Cynthia said...

you are an awesomely good sketch

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