Saturday, May 17, 2008

nudie w leaves cropped large

with many thanks to the greatest of all /t.'s..



Little Lamb said...

It's back!

Anonymous said...


and in all
former glory!!!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes! little lamb..:)

and many thanks to you again, /t.!!

and for those of you who are viewing it on safari .. it's a bit cropped on safari, but not on firefox or IE ..
at least that's how it is on my computer.

ThursdayNext said...


boneman said...

I never thought I'de say this while looking at a woman....

boneman said...

what is that?

yeah, yeah, I know breasts and leaves.... I meant substrate
What's it painted on?
Looks like concrete, plaster, roughly treated canvas board.

It's cool to beat the band!

(oh no. The guy said it's "cool to beat the band!" We better scram fellas!
(the sound of a band running away down the street with their instruments)

..................... said...

thanks, thursday.. :)

actually it's not painted at all.
i used oil pastels and drew it in my 9" by 12" sketch book while i was propped up in bed several weeks ago..

boneman said...

now I gotta go look again....

boneman said...

so....the leaves are real leaves.

Hey, dots nice.

(see? Complimentary dots....)

**¤ ¤** said...

yep, those leaves are real. i picked them up friday morning and when i came home i put them on my scanner, decided they needed a background, opened my sketch book and thar she was .. the nudie doodle..

X. Dell said...

Oh, that's a pretty picture. Photobucket had an issue with that? Shame on them.

You are amazing.

X. Dell said...

I really like the placement of the leaves. It sort of gives the image a 3-D quality, and makes it really seem more lifelike, even though slightly surreal.

dianne said...

Your picture was cropped on firefox on my computer so I switched to IE and I think I have the full view now. Just beautiful Foamie,voluptuous & feminine, dont know what all the fuss was about, what is wrong with those people, female breasts are beautiful in so many ways. :)

..................... said...,
thank you. not amazing though..
it's actually the leaves that i thought were amazing.

the thing about photobucket is..
i could have drawn one person violently beating up another person, if they were both fully clothed that would have been fine.

Indigo said...

Kewl! :)

Pink said...

Way cool! I love the sketch and the leaves on a scanner - that's apparently the newest technique thingie in photography - cutting edge - looks really sharp. I lernded that at the Victoria and Albert photography wing. but then...victoria and albert were a bit prudish in the end so I wouldn't necessarily trust them - or photobucket!

Lovely image, Foamie - good ol' /t!



dianne said...

Thats so unfair Foamie,not allowed to display the beauty of the female form - but violence would be OK with photobucket, double standards.

Good on you /t. you're the man to get things put right! :)

Ruela said...

now is better ;)

whimsical brainpan said...

Very nice! I'm glad you were able to get it posted and keep it this time. :-)

The Phosgene Kid said...

self portrait???

..................... said...


and thank you!
there was really not much technology involved though, just scanning .. lol.
i did check out the victoria and albert museum. i was not that familiar with them. looks like a cool museum though even if it is prudish .. :)

they have an issue with nudity in general, i think, not just the female nude form. and when you think of potential child porn that could be displayed on their site, it's understandable. but the way they are now, michelangelo's david would be censored.

yes, thanks to /.t...

yes, i'm happy to be able to keep it up..

HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA .. that's funny..:)
maybe if i were 20 years younger...

Indigo said...

am willow :)
hi. writing now. saying hi. sleepy. time for bed soon. like foamy. like to say hi. takes pretty pictures. goodnight!

frizzy scissorhands said...

love it ... guess who?

here's a hint ~ i have left the old world ... am back in the new world.

foam said...

i'm completely clueless, frizz..
anywho, t'is good to have you back i!

foam said...

and i like you too..
as well, as the others..

SJ said...

Hey you can name three browsers! Country folk getting all smart these days.

foam said...

jaaaah, me's very smart .. lol..
i'm even familiar with the browser opera, although i haven't downloaded it .. yet ..

SJ said...

Opera I have on my phone. Heard of Konqueror and Lynx.

foam said...

yes, i've read thati opera is on many cell phones ..

i've heard of lynx, haven't looked into it, but i've never heard of Konqueror.

Helene (aka Kate) said...

Wow thats really amazing! You are good! I have envy... in both ways hehehehhehehhehehe

Have a great day!

Midsummerprism said...


So "garden of eden" like...

Very pretty.

AlmightyHeidi said... are sooo talented. I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!Breasts with leaves. You are good.

I have just started to read Charles Bukowski. I have heard so much about him.

I am not disapointed.

"If you are going to write, you have to have something to write about. The gods were good. They kept me on the street."

foam said...

hey kate! i outta email you soon..
since i can't say hi via a blog .. :)

photobucket censored this 'garden of eden' type image..
i reckon my leaves were not in the right place.. oops..


i agree with that statement..
but, then, you have to FEEL like writing about it.. ;)

ANNA-LYS said...

The greatest of all t:s?
I was not aware that there
was a significant difference
between a t and a t, except
when they grow up and becomes
a big T


Nice painting
You have done Foam!!!!

foam said...

anna-lys, photobucket censored this drawing when i originally posted it through them. /t. helped me to repost it without using their services. so, in my book he's the greatest /t. even though he's the only /t. i know .. :)

X. Dell said...

Regarding the above post, I won't say anything...other than it's appropriate to have silent film stars.

SJ said...

I see that you don't allow us to disturb the silence either. But I can SCREEEEAAAM in this post.

frizzy scissorhands said...

shhhh .... just enjoying the thilence.

and ... ahem. i'm headed back to the uk in july ...

ANNA-LYS said...


Guess You are right ... but, me I don't know him, to me he is a cyberstranger, that I happen to like.

Hope Your weekend was fantastic!

Midsummerprism said...

I wish my boobs were this round! Not that they aren't round enough..but this kinda' round is perfect. Wonder why Photobucket censored it..hmmm

HAppy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Nice to visit your blog and have your tits in my eyes

And here in Sweden a lot of people are very disappointed since our song Heroe didn´t win the Eurovision song contest.

We don´t need another heroe

foam said...

i wouldn't know who /t. was if i tripped over him in meat space, but i wouldn't exactly call him a cyberstranger either

glad you are enjoying the tits..
however they are not mine, although i did draw them.. lol.. well, i guess, they are mine then.

so, sweden is disapointed. that's good to know. i couldn't even tell you who won or lost here in the usa. i don't keep up with those shows.

good luck with your race, btw.

Anonymous said...

And I don't why I put in an e in the end of the hero.

foam said...

i misspell things all the time ..

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