Friday, May 16, 2008



Ruela said...

oh yES YES


love the picture!

Anonymous said...


(s hould those
be fig leaves? ;)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

ruela, /t.
thanks ..:)
just another nudie doodle ..

i picked up those leaves today. they were blown off trees during some of these rambunctious windy storms we have been having. they were beautiful to me.

Little Lamb said...


HLiza said...

An artistic side of you..nice!

Anonymous said...

uh oh

looks like
someone with a superior
sense of holy righteousness has found you out, foamie -- your paintstrokes could incite the less stable amongst us to strokes of another kind -- we must be protected -- from ourselves -- we demand it -- photobucket delivers -- praise be...


X. Dell said...

Schiess!! Zu spate.

I can't imagine what this was a picture of, but I'm sure it was hysterically funny.

foam said...

pftt! lol!
that's right..
i forgot that photobucket is comprised of a bunch of puritanical asshats who are afraid of their own
pleasure zones..

no it really was not that funny ..
perhaps a bit startling when you initially opened my post..

and i still think it's funny..

boneman said...

wait! Wait!
Oh poo! It's not there.
Just a big red warning picture/info box...

So, you say it was leaves? How is that upsetting to the puritans?

..................... said...

i drew a nude torso, boneman..
if it had been a male torso it would have been fine since i left out the groin area, but, alas, i gave the torso female breasteses..

dianne said...

Oh Foamie I missed it too, did they censor your drawing - what was the problem the fact that there were breasts? Wankers!
Yes I do pop over from time to time to see whats going on,but rarely leave comments. Actually I was thinking about you this evening whilst preparing dinner. A lovely home made tomato based pasta sauce, with lots of garlic,onion, pepper,vine tomatoes, fresh basil & flat leaf parsley.Let my vegetarian head go and added some protein, a can of tuna, lemon juice, cream, sprinkled on the parmesan, Yum!
You seem undecided as to what to do about your future & your Blog, what ever you decide good luck OK, I would miss you too!

..................... said...

i'll probably repost it.
obviously not with photobucket though.
the funny thing is..
the image is still completely there for me on firefox, but on safari and IE i see the censor box.

ps: i don't leave comments all the time either..:)

..................... said...

your dinner sounds delicious, btw! i just made a simple fried potato dish. but it's a favorite with spouse and kids alike.

Anonymous said...

i'm on firefox
(at the moment) and
i'm seeing the red box

if you like, foamie, i'll be happy to host your picture for you on blogger and/or at

the asshats at photoFUCKET really do piss me off -- i think they are in the wrong business if they want to play censor for the world, and should go and do something else

sorry -- rant done

¤ ¤ ¤


Ruela said...


have lots of censored works

censored???? paintings?????

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Let me think. Oh yes, probably seen worse just in TV advertisements. Oh well, now I have something to conjure up in my mind. Ohhhhhhm, I like it, I like it.

dianne said...

Your dinner sounds nice too,I make a lovely creamy potato casserole, usually serve it with a green salad.

You give them heaps /t., I cant stop laughing,love your play on words! :)

..................... said...

i frankly don't know why i still see the image. i first thought i saw it cause i was logged into the foaming, but i'm presently logged into a different account which i just use for email purposes.
and i'd be delighted for you to host my work. it's very kind of you to offer. so, how do we go about doing that?

ruela, you and censored works ..
i can't imagine .. lol..

and you would have liked it, i bet..:)

yep, /.t is good with those words ..;)

Little Lamb said...

I'm using firefox and see a warning box.

..................... said...

it's still there for me on my computer. and maybe it's mycomputer that's keeping it on firefox and blogger..

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