Sunday, May 4, 2008

just stuff .. random ..

enjoying a relaxing 'short' moment on my back deck after an exhausting week this past friday afternoon..

cooking the friday evening meal ....
while sipping on a hot toddy ..
for that residual lingering cold/allergy attack that i'm still dealing with..
and, no, there's no lamb in any of those pots ..

not my photo

early saturday afternoon workout:
so, it turns out to be a bad idea to go to a wine festival, sample the wines, on a relatively empty tummy..
after i tasted the multiple wines at multiple wine stands i was rather ...
err/ umm ... in the cups ...

but nobody could tell .. hopefully ..

at least my friend with whom i attended the affair said so..
i'll take her word for it..
but, at least i was home by 3 pm and slept the rest of the afternoon away..
what an exhausting workout that was..

last weekend:
my husband, you know .. the mr foam who doesn't like blogging, got a kick out of
the comments you left on his/my last post ..

he wanted me to show a video i took at this most recent festival we went to.
(maybe he should get his own blog)
he didn't even attend this event.
i attended with my youngest who had a dancing date with a pretty little lass..
alas, the whole video proofed to be too long for blogger movie..
so i just posted a frame..
too bad..
the music was excellent..
and the dancing was square and contra dancing ..
the ole timey way..
with the ole timey music ..
i even danced the last dance when a white haired gent came by and swung me to my feet..
that was my first time square dancing...
it was fun..


Ruela said...

looks good ;)

Little Lamb said...

it looks like it was fun.

Anonymous said...


you are
randomly interesting

i hope mr foam is appreciative(!)

¤ ¤ ¤


HLiza said...

He he..I think Mr Foam had been bitten by blogger bug too! I learned something about the wine tasting etiquette too when I had the grooming course..but didn't concentrate much since I don't drink. What's in your wok today/ I cooked a fair bit yesterday..too exhausted to capture it all in camera!

whimsical brainpan said...

That food looks so good!

I love your idea of a workout. :-)

..................... said...

thank you..:)

little lamb,
yep, all around it's been a good weekend ..
except perhaps the part which is happening right this very moment of trying to get the youngest to dissect an owl pellet to see what's in it - science homework ..

thank you..:)
i can be randomly interesting..
as well as randomly boring..
and mr foam and i keep working at being appreciative of each other.

i think mr foam is getting a few blogger kicks via me. i'd be surprised if he actually created a blog though..
actually, what i cooked was a rice dish with different vegetables. i'd love to see some of your cooking though..

it's amazing how exhausting a workout like that can be .. :)

Pink said...

Sexy legs, Mamma!

And I'm sorry but you brought this on to yourself....I'm coming for dinner! (I'll bring the wine -hahahahahaha)


Indigo said...

I'm glad you had some fun. You deserve to have fun :)

..................... said...

yes! do come for dinner ..
bring wine!
i think i'll have a glass now since i ended up disecting the stupid owl pellet meself...

man, don't we all deserve some fun at times though ..
even dissecting the owl pellet in retrospect was fun..

Bobby said...

For some reason, with all that wine around, ya just get carried away.

Merelyme said...

you sound so good foamy! once again i am here to apologize for being so negligent. love the photos...i have never been squaredancing...that sounds like fun.

foam said...

hello bobby and welcome...
i guess you could say i got carried away..:)

there's never a need to apologize!
life happens. but it's always good to see you..

Midsummerprism said...

Looking at the dancing pic makes me feel like dancing as fun!

Speaking of hubbys....last night mine was talking about the "blogging thing" I do and how it would be interesting to blog but he doesn't want to..but he wants to write too only he doesn't want to do it the way I do....and why do I spend time really doing this thing I do...that he doesn't want to..but likes to...only he won't (?????)

I asked him to decide what he really wants to do..and so he turned out the lights....and then there was less confusion in the land.

I'd love to have a taste of what you're cooking there...:>

ANNA-LYS said...

Looks fun, but how is Your son?

I got an extreme headache today, so he can be without his! ;-))

Anonymous said...

I have been a square dancer

Say hey to your partner


Memories, it was kind of fun, but after a year dancing it became to serious

**¤ ¤** said...


MEN! there .. that's my opinion on that ..
you'd really like a taste? it was a rice dish though ..
but i use whole grain rice.

poor baby! i'm sorry about your headache. my youngest is starting to feel better it seems. hei is already getting on his older brothers nerves quite a bit again.

really! a square dancer .. lol .. wow..
and dosado is right. i did my first one last week.
and you are right. when fun stuff gets to serious it's time to quit.

SJ said...

Hopefully you are the reason the wine glass is less than half full.

Soooo... do you consider yourself a drunkard or a wino?

..................... said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm, good question, sj .....
something to seriously contemplate as i sit here with my first cup of coffee in the morning on my day off cause all our schools in our county are used for voting places and i get to vote and make a difference today..
a drunkard is somebody who drinks on a habitual basis .. i get tipsy on a thimble full of wine cause i don't drink habitually .. so that can't be me ..
wino - I do enjoy the wine i like.
maybe we can go for the definition of a lightweight winosapien..

dianne said...

Hahaha Mrs Foam,no lamb in that dish you say. See my deceptively innocent but sinister laugh is everywhere!

foam said...

no lamb in those pots .. he he..
no meat in any of those pots, actually..
and how do i blog with you when all i get is your profile, but no blog to comment on? i've clicked on your profile before. i guess you don't have a blog?

ANNA-LYS said...

Back on Track! :-D

How are Your son?

..................... said...

glad to know that you are feeling better.
the son is also feeling much better
but it's mostly because we found drugs that work..
we are really not sure what is causing the headaches at this point.

dianne said...

Hi Foam, no I don't have a Blog yet...still trying to decide.Those mushrooms look delicious...I'm more of a veggie girl myself.

foam said...

i'm glad you dropped by then. i'd been wanting to say hello to you since i've seen you out and about .. :)

dianne said...

Thanks Foam that's very nice of you 'Hello' to you too.

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