Saturday, April 19, 2008

view from my back deck.. taken last year around this time

a slight drizzle..
birds are chirping..
trees are greening..
bushes are blooming..
flowerbeds are weeded..
plants are planted..
flower seeds are sown..
a filthy dog who has found a puddle of mud to play in..
my child is still ailing, in pain..
in my frustration i could smack somebody..
any volunteers? sj, maybe?


Little Lamb said...

Well hello there! How is your child?

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha!

i volunteer sj :)

hope things are going better soon, foamie

¤ ¤ ¤


Pink said...

Ok I'll volunteer sj too.

But...I have a boss at work that I'd like to volunteer :)

hang in there foamie

ThursdayNext said...

keep your chin up...things will get better soon, dear foam. sending good thoughts your way...

boneman said...

zat an American Eskimoe down there?
Fine looking dog.
So, I don't know who sj is, so, I shouldn't say anything, eh?
I mean, I saw "sj" on your sidebar, but, I went there and he's like a couple few months behind posting, eh?

When I was feeling poorly, Ma would let me have control over the radio channels.
It was one of those radios that would pick up Tierra del Fuego if one had the patience to tune it in.
That's when i started appreciating classical music.
Drove Ma nuts with the stuff, but, I could hum to the music and a noise sort'a vibrated in my head and I learned things I had no understanding of.
Scales, keys, staccatto, arpegio, allegro non tropo (which is also an animated movie.

Animated movies?
Fantasia, Lion King, Alladin (that was cool!) uh, Roger Rabbit, Animated shorts from the film festival, and one of my favorites forever...Ratatoulle. (I gave mine away, but, I rent it all the time!)

Fun things to do when your sick.
Color coloring books and a new box of 98 crayons.
Learning origami.
Reading (I was way ahead of all my classes in reading through-out my school years. Even when I was skipping high school, when matching wits with my contest. Ain't braggin' so much as saying that reading from a younger age seemed to keep me abreast of things even when I goofed off....

SJ said...

I didn't know I was so "popular" as they say in foam's neck of the woods "Thanks y'all!!!".

I didn't know you had dominatrix instincts thanks for the offer but I'll pass.

That dog doesn't look filthy more like a after picture of a detergent ad.

Jokes apart the construction noise huge 5 star hotel that they are building right next to my apartment makes me yearn for a place that would have back deck view like that not smelly construction workers but then you might like that.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
HLiza said...

Sorry I commented earlier using my sis's name. Okay..I second that..even though I barely know sj..he might be a good candidate..he he. (Now I haven't smacked anybody for quite some time..reckon I should list out my victims too..)

Hugs to you..hope everything will turn better.

LADY LUXIE said...

But of coooooooourse it should be SJ!!!!!! :>>>> he!he!he!he!he!


Pweety pweety sweet dowgie there..lovely view..

You know..I bet if I let Bushy walking off somewhere like that, he'd be totally frisky overjoyed :)

Monique said...

Are things a little better? It somehow reminded me of when after an illness my mother would feed me a raw whisked egg with sugar to strengthen me. I loved the taste but would not dream of doing this now. But what a lovely memory your post gave me.

Middle Ditch thirteen is posted, maybe that will cheer you up a little.


X. Dell said...

I'd volunteer SJ for a smacking any time. That would keep him from looking as lost as that little dog.

SJ said...

I see that my popularity hasn't worn off. What a fan club I have.

whimsical brainpan said...

I'm so sorry that your kid isn't feeling any better Foam.

Indigo said...

halo incarnates

could hit us
could accept pain
could contain it
absorb it
then it would be gone

let us know if that would help

she said...

hit me! in the sinus.


gorgeous backyard. all natural. even the dirty dog. but i betit turned crystal clear after the rain. oh the spring is a gift....remember that in the swelter to come.

hang in there foamy.

Anonymous said...

You can smack me if you want to,
No child shall have to be ailing for so long time.

What a coincidence even I have a dog post. Three dogs I recently met.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Indigo said...

Indigo incarnates

The picture is very pretty. I hope your son can feel better soon.

ANNA-LYS said...

Hit me any time :-P

(if that can help Your sons recovering or at least make You less frustrated)

... but, You have to run fast 'cause I am training for the marathon ... naaa only an European mile :-)

(( hug ))

Anonymous said...

hey foamie

hoping all is well
on the old foamstead :)

¤ ¤ ¤


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