Saturday, April 26, 2008

thanks for all my very sweet comments below...
the child is still headachey, but seems to be improving..
i've been busy with having 10 folkses staying at my house for the past couple of nights..
with my family it's 14 ..
for the past 21 years at this time of the year i've been doing this thing below...

as a matter of fact i just saw john cowan and the waybacks play a led zeppelin set.
who would have thought..
they blew me away.
and i don't even like cowan ... that much ...(sorry john)
two years ago i saw the waybacks play at this venue with bob weir. that's when my youngest became a waybacks fan.
well unless, you know the music, the genre, the musicians
it means nothing.
but i'm having a good time.


Little Lamb said...

I hope you're enjoying your guests. I hope your child gets even better and is well in no time.

Indigo said...

I'm REALLY glad your child is doing better :)

Anonymous said...

i once saw
innie hempster
and the out backs
playing with a frisbee,
but it was nothing like this!

happy to hear you're finding a mo or two to enjoy, and that... uhhh, your child is mending :)

c u soon foamster!

¤ ¤ ¤


ps -- blogger has distorted these stupid word verfs to the point that they're almost impossible to read -- people using them on their blogs should expect fewer comments(!) -- i've cycled through more than a dozen to get one i can read!!! :(

Ruela said...

have a good time ;)


whimsical brainpan said...

I'm glad your kid is improving and hope that all the vistors are having fun and pleasant.

foam said...

i don't like word verification either. i had a slew of spam on this blog for a while. i took it off. we will see what happens ..

ps: i enjoy my comments but i don't really ever expect many. i'm surprised anybody really does comment.

Anonymous said...

i just mean
that it's frustrating

i can see people getting
frustrated by these scratches -- they frustrate me :)

if you disallow anonymous comments, you won't get much spam -- i get almost none, except for barb michelen ( and she's a babe ;)

you have lots of readers here, foam -- we always are interested by your latest adventures & creations

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...


black snake moan
last night on dvd after seeing clips on this blog -- loved it! thanks!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

i've been keeping anonymous around just in case my spouse wants to comment. but he never has, so i think i'll just take it off. you are the one that turned barb into a babe /t. your makeover was miraculous. should i ever need one i'll come to you. i would expect the same kind of loving care ... ;).

foam said...

yes, that black snake moan certainly was visually compelling and the music was great too. i had expected to not like it, but i did. on the other hand, a movie i finally saw around the same time .. that james bond movie with daniel craig - casino royale ...
i thought i would like it but, in my opinion, it sucked royaley!

don't know why i mention that, but there it is.

Pink said...

yay foamie!

a little fun is necessary, especially when you have alot of responsibility.

glad you are enjoying :)


she said...

man those guys are great. i think they were on that ricky skaggs and friends video. maybe.

glad all is better but i would wither with that much company. grrrrrrrrrrrrl you are a wonder!

i noticed that about word veri too. im about to make a
"policy" that i dont comment on word verification blogs. 3 efforts to post a comment is too many (not of the mute monday bloggers)

anyway -glad you took yours off!

X. Dell said...

Some interesting polyrhythms in that banjo solo.

I'm all for improvement of a headachy condition. Still hoping it's an ex-headache hours from now.

ANNA-LYS said...

Love Your child are improving!!!

This music is way
too American for me


..................... said...

they very well may have been on that video. i wouldn't know ..
i have this thing about ricky skaggs ..
can't stand him ..
yeah, bela fleck is pretty good with those polyrhythms alright.

yep, anna-lys..
this is americana music at it's finest alright .. :)

little lamb,
i did enjoy my guests very much..
even the unexpected ones that i found at midnight in my home ..
when i came back on thurday night.

thank you very much. i almost hate to sounds negative, but conceivably i was premature in hoping for improvement. we will see.

..................... said...

glad you showed up. i've been visiting your site lately and let me tell you..
i've had a hard time linking to your site for some reason. and when i do get through i can't comment.

but, yes. .. i did enjoy very much .. :)

Pink said...

hmmm...don't know what that's about. Maybe homeland security still associates 'pink' with a bad thing...

either that or the youtubes are messing it up?

hope the chitlin is feeling better.

ThursdayNext said...

Led Zep is one of my all time favorite bands...

I am glad your child is on the mend, Foam. xoxo

The Phosgene Kid said...

Weren't the Waybacks a band on the Flinstones?

Hope you child gets well soon!!

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