Friday, April 11, 2008

walking ... about 5 miles from home..

taken during a walk .. february 08




foam said...

just playing around..

SJ said...

Wow that's beautiful. You rustics have some good stuff going for you too.

foam said...

and before i venture out there,
i always make sure to don my coon hat and take my rifle ..
oh, and my corn cob pipe in case i want to sit a spell and relax..

Little Lamb said...

That's very pretty.

foam said...

thank you, little lamb..

Anonymous said...

I like the nature of that scenery and your foot in that sandal.

LADY LUXIE said...

Foam...wooow'..this is sooo dramatic! You know, the fist thing it reminded me ov' was that "Blue" painting I did!!..I dunno'..but somehow it looks like this picture...only yours of course is vibrant, alive and pulsating breathing blue...Gawsh' I feel like I've seen this before you even posted it! Lovely..lovely magical!

I aso luv' your profile pic!!!!..I always wear something like that...including the anklet!!..

Huuugs! Awwww'..makes me really wish I knew you in meatspace...

foam said...

yes, nature around us can be rather nice ..
and my profile photo often becomes kind of footsie when the weather gets warmer .. :)

i remember your blue painting ..
i liked it very much. i ought to go revisit it.
about that anklet .. lol .. it's actually one of those glow bands that starts glowing when you bend it.
i wore them at the beach last year just for fun.
it's been a while since i've worn anklets regularly...
sort of since i started teaching, come to think of it.

foam said...

and huuuuuuugs back to you. it Would really be nice to know each other in meatspace. maybe, maybe ..
one of these days.
you never know, eh?

Aunty Belle said...

Looks like yore spring is about a week away--

X. Dell said...

You have fairly picturesque spaces around you, and I'm a big fan of landscape photography. It's nice that we have a real artist who can bring out the splendor of things that a lot of people (like me) would probably miss, were we to see them in real-time.

Anonymous said...

beauty foam!

your corner of the world
is a mighty fine space :)

and you have a corn cob pipe? wow! that's so cool!

¤ ¤ ¤


HLiza said...

You're the second person talking about walking and running in my bloghopping this a call for me to start again?

My..I love the scenery..hope your loved one is okay by now.

foam said...

spring is already here. we are not beyond the danger of frost though. those photos were taken in feb.
thank you..
i usually refer to myself as the art fraud though..;)

yes, there are mighty fine spaces here..
a corn cob pipe? lol.. i don't know if we have one or not. never know what can be found in our junk..

i do enjoy walks and hikes, but really don't do them enough.

ANNA-LYS said...

Great, harmony shots!!!

Foam You have been awarded at my blog. Next time You take a walk, please pick it up :-)

(( Luv ))

ANNA-LYS said...

Ohhh sorry

Good Morning Foam!!! :-))

foam said...

thank you .. :)

whimsical brainpan said...

Oh how lovely!

Ruela said...

v. beautiful foam!

Indigo said...

halo incarnates

wiah we could be a creature of light. like thistle. we are dark. not evil. only dark. we're dark. tired.

Anonymous said...

You will be invited, but you must wait a couple of weeks. Be prepared. I hope your passport is not out of date. I meet you at the airport.

Anonymous said...

foam that sure is purty.

why gurl, you done got you a corn cob pipe? Me too...

But does you got the button nose?


ANNA-LYS said...

Are You still walking, dear?
Not in those sandals? Your feet must hurt by now.

Anonymous said...

someone said
LL was going to
kill dolly7 and eat
her and then replace her
with a vulture

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

whimsy and ruela..
:) .. thanks you..

you don't need to be a creature of light. it's okay to be dark. darkness is not evil. your darkness is needed in order to balance out the light.

2 weeks already?
darn it. my passport is expired. shucks.... ;)
i'll just have some rhababer kuchen through cyberspace then.
ps: i really do need to get that passport renewed.

lol to anymoose .. ;)
no, i don't have a red button nose.

foam said...

oh i have very sensible shoes for walking .. lol..

i always thought there was something really suspect and really very, very creepy about that little lamb..
i hear say that it's a cloned vulture too ..

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