Thursday, April 10, 2008

foam is still tending to her sick child..
and is tending to her plants and very modest flower garden..
and is trying to get workdays in..


Indigo said...

Blessings upon your sick child.

Pink said...

well thats enough to keep 5 hands full.


X. Dell said...

Foam better not be getting run ragged. I like Foam. The more Foam, the better I say.

I do hope that you can stay clear of contagion and exhaustion.

I've been catching up on my reading. You've no doubt posted quite a bit in my absence from cyberspace.

First off, anyone who posts Lemon Jefferson on their website gets a gold star from me. Thanks for posting that. I can hear the black snakes moaning all over cyberspace now.

The six word bio is really good, but you know a picture's worth a thousand words. So the graphics made for compelling reading. I always like to look at pictures of one's family. But your family does have an interesting history, it seems, judging from comments you've made in the past here and on my blog. Me, I don't think I could do it.

I admire the fact that you and Mr. Foam appear to have an understanding of the differences between banter and sarcasm. I would have to say you're no slouch in the banter department. I actually love some of your more acerbic remarks, actually, and I adore you for writing them, usually.

SJ said...

Wishing your son a express speed recovery.

ANNA-LYS said...

To bad he is still ill,
hope he is getting better soon.

foam said...

thank you, thistle..
i hope you have been able to soar.

the plant tending and garden tending is cause it makes me feel good.
good to have you back! :)
i'm not really getting to run ragged. i have this great capacity to let all kinds of balls drop when the going gets hectic. i just wish i could make my child feel better with a magic wand.
ya, i like lemon jefferson. he's been in my radar for a couple of years now. really was not that familiar with him before that, although ledbelly and other artists were.
i've gotten more comfortable with posting old pictures of my family. it's not like anybody i know now is going to recognize them. i remember taking the first photos i posted down.
when i'm comfortable with folks and in a small group setting i can banter. large groups silence me, although i don't mind being in them necessarily.

thank you, sj

i think this weekend will be the turning point ..
(kyss) .. :)

Anonymous said...

foam is
wonder woman!

get well soon to the sud!

¤ ¤ ¤


..................... said...

but, hopefully the sud will get well soon..

whimsical brainpan said...

I hope your child feels much better, your flowers and plants grow vigorously, and you can get your needed workday in.

Ruela said...

best wishes Foam.

boneman said...

that is one of the reasons I brought that thing back, was for you.
If you ever need some help, and you're in Indiana, preferably within walking distance because the truck doen't have windshield wipers that work and the green car has a donut tire, the radiator keeps emptying, mice made their way in it over winter and lived happily on peachie-ohs in the glove compartment (where they had actually made a fine lil nest, till I found it) and the brakes are bad and the front end shimmies (did you ever see a car shimmy? Are you old enough to remember "Shimmy shimmy coco bop. Shimmy shimmy bop"? Whenever I drive it to Kirkland (3 miles NE of us) I hear that song play over and over in my head)
well, anyway, you get the idea.
Walking distance, I'll be there in a minute. Help with making some chicken (probably should invite Pink, but she's like in with the queen, so getting here is no problem) or PBnJ sandwiches (no, I don't do that dance. Haven't even heard it. Don't know what you're talking about a dance for kids called PBnJ and it's like way more contortions than I could do in a day let alone ten minutes)(go to youtube and put in PB'n"J and you'll see that I am NOT talking gibberish) (well, as far as the dance, that is)
Probably be cheaper to buy a nurse to help than packing up lock, stock and barrel to move within walking distance to me)

Anyway, you can still do the recipe...five minutes of work, I call it, and an hour plus twenty-thirty minutes of waiting (tending to chidren, Mr. Foam, parading around the house in your new shoes....)
Take pictures.
Not for us. For later when young child, young innocent child is standing defiantly in the front door saying "YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!!"
because they want the car or to stay out later than midnight with questionable kids, want that tatoo of GREASER, the new age rock star of the day on the front of his head. ("BUT IT'S MY HEAD!!!THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!")

then show him the pictures....

Yeah, baby!

(no, seriously, good luck with the work you have cut out for you there, banter or no banter) (wait. does banter come with the children as well?)

foam said...

no doubt he'll get better soon.
he has too..

by that thing i'm assuming you mean your chicken cooking video..
i'll have to show it to the hubby so he can fix it for me just like you fix it.
i have to say that i wasn't familiar with that particular song by ..'what's his name? and the imperials?' other tunes i'm familiar with. oh, and what the heck is a pb&j dance? never heard of it.
and let me guess..
you are speaking from experience when it comes to tatoos. your the one who stood in front of your mama and said..
but it's my head!
;) with............................................................................................................................

Little Lamb said...

I missed this post. I hope your sick child is feeling better.

foam said...

thanks for inquiring, little lamb..
his pain is abating, but we need to take him to see a specialist on monday.

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