Sunday, March 30, 2008

wordless sunday .. black snake moan


boneman said...


Found my "Jimmy and the Termites" disc the other day. Think it would be a good thing if Sam and Bruce did some sets.

Anonymous said...

i like it..

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

i'm assuming you are
referring to the scottish psychobilly band from the late 80s called 'the termites'. i had to google the band. wasn't familiar with them. i even watched snippets from youtube videos. they seem to be permanantly 'on the rag'.

me too.

Indigo said...

I can relate to being moody. I was kinda moody today too.

My day was kinda mixed. Church was fun (yay), but we're outta cash until Wednesday (bummer). I got to jog 5.2 miles (yay) but it was overcast much of the day so Thistle couldn't fly (bummer). Halo manifested for a while today and resisted cutting again. He's getting pretty good at resisting the urge to hurt our body (yay). I'm still in a kinda funky mood because i didn't sleep well last night (bummer).

The Phosgene Kid said...

Missed that one.

HLiza said...

I didn't know the singer and the music..but kind of okay with me. Still moody you there?

Anonymous said...

Steaming hot on the dancefloor.

I like it

Ruela said...

i like it ..


boneman said...

I'll post their first song next video I put onto the blog.

dd said...

feels like home

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