Monday, March 31, 2008

i DID take a picture feb. 10.. or so i thought ..

another movie masterpiece:


Little Lamb said...

Interesting movie. It was so exciting. I sat at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next, and it ended. :-(

foam said...

i'll be darned, little lamb..
your comment is longer than my movie .. ;)

Anonymous said...

i laughed

i cried

i ate popcorn

foam feet -- it's a whole new genre


foam said...

...and they still match..
the feet, that is...

Ruela said...



SJ said...

This too goes into the horror movie I am gonna make. You want a role in it? How is your zombie act?

ANNA-LYS said...

Ingemar Bergman couldn't have done it more melodramatically :-))

You DID it!

X. Dell said...

I think I see Bigfoot.

foam said...

of course it is..

zombie act .. ?
my dear friend. it is no act ..

yes, i DID. .. all the greats could learn from me ..,
what're you doing? looking at your own feet? ..:P

boneman said...

"...and the award goes to..."

Dang! I can't wait for the next oscars!

which reminds me.
In the case of being proper (oops, too late) would it be OK if I posted your blog address at my sidebar?

Anonymous said...

You must have practiced a lot of saying it with so much feeling.

I hope for I DID 2. Or I DID it too.

Maybe in the next movie you are barefoot.


My guess is at least one Oscar.

ANNA-LYS said...

If those mysterious things under Your bed ware hat and umbrella it ought to be reported, with no delay!! Thank You Agent Foamy!

foam said...

well, usually i just link folks and don't tell them ..

oddly, that I Did worked at the first try .. :)
...and just maybe i'll need to repost my barefoot foam movie ..
it already exists ..;P

hmmmmm, i'll have to do a thorough inspection ..

Anonymous said...

I guess I was in my son's thoughts when he made the painting.

I must look for that barefoot video

Pink said...

hit the movie button instead of the photo?

I've done mean...I've made masterpieces too!

pass the popcorn?

foam said...

if you go to my labels which are at the bottom of my page, click on movies - gloves. it will take you there..

i've been intrigued by those drawings, btw..

why then, pink,
you must post your masterpieces..

Middle Ditch said...

Was that snow? Sand? It was a crisp sound.

I thought something momentous was going to happen and then blue sky, the end.

Enjoyed it though.

Anonymous said...

Let me see the sculpts with wire...

Thanks for your credits to my son
He seems to be wired to his pencil

Now I shall click on the movies- gloves

Anonymous said...

Yes, they match.
But not the gloves.

Great art!!!

whimsical brainpan said...

Two thumbs up!

Aunty Belle said...

Speilberg could take lessons!

How is yore boy chile?

boneman said...

¡¡¡ʎɐp s,ןooɟ ןıɹdɐ ʎddɐɥ !!!


THANX! As much fun as the very end of Abyss when the submerged craft comes out'a the water!

boneman said...

...and now for your perusal and, hopefully, enjoyment....

Jimmy and the Termites!

HLiza said...

I like the blue sky. Here we have a lot of clouds..the sky hardly looks that blue..I see fluffy clouds, white and grey all the time..

foam said...

it's sand. it was also an extremely, blustery day. as a matter of fact we took great care to avoid walking directly under the trees.

yes, i should photograph his art. he has one of his sculptures in the loca art gallery. his art teacher selected it to go in as part of a student art show.
btw., i don't think we have any matching gloves whatsoever anymore. kind of like our socks ..

thank you .. :)

i think he definitely could. and my boy chile is stll sick.

i'm glad you are enjoying those letters. i had fun with them too when I first discovered them.
and thanks for posting the great video with jimmy and the termites. loved it.

we can have that too. but we do get a lot of blue sky. you must have just showed up .. didn't notice you before .. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

hmmm are You referring to the post or the post behind the post?

(( hug ))

boneman said...

Bruce Willis....
Dang! One of the best R&B I ever heard!
Fast stuff, slow stuff, throw stuff out the windows stuff, grab your honey and hug stuff....
Even a lil bit for the kids!

foam said...

this time, anna, i missed the post behind the post ..

bruce willis? of course! and i would have never guessed. see? i told you i was no good at trivia.

Indigo said...

Hi Foamie!

Thanks for visiting my blog last night. I'm not feeling as sore today from that fall as i thought i was going to feel. Yay! :)

Blessed be, Foam

The Phosgene Kid said...


LADY LUXIE said...

I was sooooo.............."moved."

Anonymous said...
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