Saturday, March 29, 2008

foam's wordless saturday ....


ps: anybody care for some brownies?


Anonymous said...


<3 <3


Pink said...

Oh yes, I understand. And if you're peri-menopausal like me - well, some months are also worse than others. You're not crazy.

But, try B vitamins and there is something called Estrosense that is a herbal remedy sold in the health food stores in the states. Also, get lots of exercise to get rid of the rage or boost up the depression. I don't recommend hormones, personally. Too many side effects.

Try not to go to shops or deal with people who don't give you exactly what you want the very instant you want it.

I had to deal with people last time I had PMS. I don't cry anymore - I went through that for two years. Now I scream.

We're not crazy. We're just out of control.

Hang in there - it will pass in about 5 days.

Indigo said...

Brownies *always* cheer me up :)

I'm sorry you're feeling moody today. It okay to be moody when you don't feel well.

Blessed Be, Foam. And feel better, my friend. :)

SJ said...

Errr gotta go... have to return some DVDs.

X. Dell said...

Depends. What's in the brownies.

I say have fun with your bad mood. Sack a city, or something.

Ruela said...

I'm afraid, I'm afraid!

Indigo said...

yes... looting and pilliaging is a lost recreational art! :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Do You need my frying pan?

foam said...


yes, i might try some of that herbal remedy you mentioned. and at the age i'm at, i'm probably perimenopausal too.

yep, brownies would have been good ..
if i had actually gotten around to making them as planned. i found other things to snack on though..

coward .. ;P,
usually 3 kinds of chocolate, sometimes pecans, etc ..
and they are always kid friendly ..

and so you should be .. :)

definitely undervalued .. you're in law .. just keep them off my back as i go plunder .. :)

yes, please .. it looks to be a god heavy one ..;)
i'm contradictory now, aren't I?

Little Lamb said...

I love chocolate.

foam said...

me too..

boneman said...

....hey, you could always take it out on a pile of wood, eh?

er... uh...
hmmmm.... should I have asked if "man" humor is allowed here, first?

er.... is that a knife in your hand?

maybe I better let you gals talk, and I'll come back, er... later?

(fast footsteps to the door, squeek slam! footsteps running quickly down the sidewalk)

foam said...

with a cool truck like that..
you can say anything ..
well, almost anything..
well, let me rethink that..
now, where was that knife of mine?
just kidding, of course..
.....i think.....

X. Dell said...

What you need is a 7,000 mile knife.

foam said...

of course! isn't that about the distance between here and india?

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'll just turn around and leave very quietly...

Anonymous said...

who cleans up the dudu..?

shit happens

I hope sunday is a sunny day

If it feels good for you
you can hit me with a frying pan
a heavy one

ANNA-LYS said...

Dare one step in here
... today, SUNday?


ANNA-LYS said...



Jay said...

Yup, I could totally sink my teeth into some of those.

she said...

fish oil and fast car
if all else fails
there's still the bar

Indigo said...

I hope you're feeling a little better today. I'll think some positive thoughts for you today. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Did You have brownies with that Sunday morning coffee? :-Z

foam said...

okay ..

not me! that's for sure.
and, yes, shit does happen .. c'est la vie ..
and no worries.. i'd actually never knock somebody upside the head with a pan ... i think ...

you know what i had for breakfast ..

me too ..

no fish oil or fast car..
but there certainly was the home bar .. :)

so that's what hit me upside the head .. your positive thoughts ..
much appreciated .. ;)

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