Friday, March 21, 2008

deer hide, bones, old truck ..

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Ruela said...


X. Dell said...

The sepia tone reminds me of those old western movies, where someone encounters the skull of some large animal (usually a cow) next to poison water.

SJ said...

Isn't unfair to say deer hide when they are actually in their natural skin.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to hear that it can snow in march where you live. I guess you have almost the same climate as somewhere in the middle of Germany.

I can see from your IP address where you live. But I don't know the distance from the coast. Maybe 500km?

I like the photo and its melancholy gloominess, it makes me happy. :)

Little Lamb said...


foam said...

thank you..,
it was fun playing around with the different light effects and tones to ease the transition between 2 photos..
no dead cows down there though ..
just plenty of signs of dead deer (antlers hanging from walls, etc.) since that's what my folks hunt and eat..

sj, nope, it's not unfair to say that at all.. deer hide when alive ..

yes, it can snow here at times in march. but it's more common for the last snows to be over with in february. i'm nestled here in the mountains where we also have ski areas. yes, we are about 500 km from the beach .. it's about 324 miles to the beach we go to which is a bit more than 500 km.
the weather here can be like central germany. but the summers are longer and hotter and muggier.
the winters can be very cold, but usually shorter.

foam said...

yes! but no lamb hides and bones ..

All of Me said...

wow...what a great photo...i did have to enlarge it to really see it. my eyes aren't what they used to be.

i hope you have a lovely easter weekend foamy...hope the easter bunny brings you all your chocolate desires.

Pink said...

like some kind of grizzly animal murder scene...oh you have grizzlies there? We have plenty of brown bears here in BC. ;)

Great photo!

Anonymous said...

a composite

nice work, foam

¤ ¤ ¤


Monique said...

Beautiful ... Happy Easter and I posted episode twelve on Middle Ditch ...


Ruela said...

Happy Easter!

HLiza said...

I had never liked hunting..sounds cruel to me. (Peopel hardly hunt here in my place, except for the aboriginies for their survival). But if i ever join that trip, I'll join you snapping photos and consuming all the nature's offerings..there's so many unique questions to ask about the things in this photo..and it will make me richer inside just by thinking about all of them.

Little Lamb said...

You don't need lamb hides and bones. You like your lambs alive. :-)

Indigo said...

Hi Foam!

Thanks for dropping by my blog todayI :)

I'm driving back from the Ostara High Rite service. It was really festive and enjoyable! The pagans know how to have fun. Huzzah!

Happy Easter, my friend!


ANNA-LYS said...

(( hug ))

Anonymous said...

Muggier is a new word for me. It is very seldom muggy here - not every year a muggy day.

This winter is one of the warmest ever. But last night was one of the coldest ever for this time of year. At my place -12 C (10.4 F) and Nikkalouka (in the north) -38 C (-36.4 F). But now it is warmer and the snow is falling.

My nearest skiarea is in Norway 400 km from Gothenburg (Göteborg). The Worldchampionship in figure skating is just now in Gothenburg. I live in Mölndal just a few hundred meters from the border of Gothenburg.

Indigo said...

I did the Easter service this morning. Ringing handbells was a lot of fun :) I hope you have a nice Easter, Foamie! :)

boneman said...

You are telling a deer to hide my old truck?

But, why? It's a good ol' truck.

It's the kind'a truck that you can take a trip and never leave the farm.....

..................... said...

hey there..:)
this truck's been vacationing for a rather long time i think ..

i like handbells ..
drumming is good too .. :)

yes, muggy means humid ..
it's quite humid here in the summer. not so much in the higher elevations. our ski mountains are not very large. you could probably compare them to skiing in the black forest of germany ..
actually we might get a dusting of snow tonight, but nothing that will stay ..

xo .. :)

you convinced me .. i like my lambs alive ..

a fair amount people who live in the rural areas of the united states hunt. it's been a part of their culture. my father learned to hunt and shoot guns from his dad who learned to hunt and shoot guns from his dad, etc. ... the tradition has stopped with my husband and kids. we don't even fish that much. my children think it's boring. i know many family who stock their freezers with deer meat. i don't think i could shoot a deer although i eat it when available. i guess hunting is just about as cruel as killing the animals in slaughter houses.

i hope you had a good one too..

yes.. i'll have to be by soon..

yes a composite of 2 photos ..
and thank you

no grizzlies ..
i'm not sure about bears in mississippi. i'm sure they are around. i know we have the brown bears here in nc.

all of me,
the photo was meant to be enlarged.
and when it comes to easter chocolate ..
i eat the bunnies before hand ..

Aunty Belle said...

Hey darlin'!!

Wow, Foamy Lady, we needs a Foam show--get ya'self in a gallery.

Shure have missed visitin'...hope you had a fine Easter.
(it feels weird to blog again!)

Anonymous said...

I like your way of laughing in my blog. It sounds nice

And by the way - My wife is like your husband. She don't understand the fun in bloging.

ANNA-LYS said...

Oh I got it
What a terrible accident
How is the driver?


foam said...

welcome back, belle .. :)
good to have you back.
i ought to go on a blogging hiatus..
but i never do.

it's just the kind of humor i like and needed to see on sunday ..
and what is it with these spouses that don't understand blogging?

ummmmmm, the driver is well....
rather frail and elderly just like this pick-up .. but he does have a newer one. i'm afraid the deer met it's demise at the hands of my cousin .. he's the one who probably shot it during deer hunting season ..
ohhhhh, and driving into a moose ..
not fun!!

ANNA-LYS said...

tnx dear ... I made a tiny "clarification" on Your comment @ my commentbox :-D

ANNA-LYS said...

LOL :-)

n8 n8 Foamy One

ThursdayNext said...

Mount and frame this...its stunning.

Anonymous said...

Our spouses...
I guess we are all individuals
Not me!

We have a lot of common interests but not blogging.

90 - 100 Fahrenheit
That's very hot.

she said...


ANNA-LYS said...

Still sleeping????

(( hug ))

LADY LUXIE said...

coooooooool picture!!! Luv' it!!!

The Lone Beader said...

Looks like somewhere up in New Hampshire.

Indigo said...

Not much new is going on, but I figured I'd drop by and hi! :)

foam said...

hey all..
thanks for the comments ..
been dealing with a bit of a sick child here. nothing serious, but today we go to the doctor.

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