Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A two-strand mattenklopper.

after a rambunctiously and ferociously windy and freezing weekend,

spring definitely is in the air.. ...
i know, cause my daffodils are starting to bloom.
so what if the neighbor's daffodils all bloomed last week.
those daffodils are stupid. it was really, really cold last week.
on my little bit of property it is finally feeling a bit like spring.

which means it is time for spring cleaning, opening up the windows, dragging out the carpets, clearing out the winter clutter. dang, but the house is a mess.. anybody care to come and do all this for me? for you see, i am, actually, really rather lazy if you all want to know the truth. just ask my beloved spouse. he will tell you ..

living in germany, spring cleaning was a sacred ritual at my great aunty's house where i spent many, many weekends. i was recruited for the event if i happened to be spending the weekend. heavy, handwoven persian carpets would be hauled outside and drapped over a strong and sturdy line which stretched tautly between two metal posts. a wooden rug beater (mattenklopper) was put in my 9 year old hands, and off i would go to whack the dust out of those carpets. i'd watch the dust rise up in clouds and settle amongst the early blooming flowers and herbs that were starting to peak out.

my great aunt always had a meticulous flower garden and vegetable garden. talk about quintessential german neatness. that great aunt and her daughter, my mother's first cousin had it it spades. my mother too, although she would know when to put down the mop bucket and go enjoy nature. i apparently didn't inherit any of that. .. the obsessive neatness, that is ..

anyways.... heavy mattresses were also schlepped outside to air out. a damp cloth was handed to me and i got (had to) wipe down the headboard, baseboard and exposed springs of the box mattress. each coil had to be carefully wiped down. boy, i hated that job. this particular bed was the bed of my second cousin (my mamma's other first cousin), a large* man whose bare, gleaming lilly white bottom was often exposed when i snuck down the stairs during a weekend overnight stay. i would spend the night with my 3rd cousin, his niece, who had the top attic bedroom. if i had to tinkle at night, i would have to crawl over this 3rd cousin, tiptoe down to the 2nd floor of this old multi generational village farmhouse and pass by his bedroom where he slept with the door cracked open. it seemed that there was always just enough light to occasionally catch a glimpse of that rear end which was never quite covered by his fluffy eiderdown blanket.

i guess the thought of a pristinely clean and sparkly house has stirred up memories of childhood spring cleaning. i am sitting here somewhat chilled. i have taken off my blouse and am sitting in a tank top by the computer ..... obviously... duh ... it really is not that warm yet to do that. but the brilliance of the sun is deceptive.

i really didn't sleep well last night at all. fitfully, i woke up at 3 a.m. only to fall asleep around 4:30. my husband was gone on a business trip again. ever since my return from mississippi and his absence due to business for a week after my return, i don't really sleep that well when he is gone. despite our own down comforter, i'll lay chilled and shivering until i fitfully fall asleep. i've had disturbing dreams which i can't remember very well. when he is here for the night, i'll snuggle real close to catch every bit of body warmth he has to give. i practically push myself under him. that is, after i put in those earplugs .. recommended my dd against the snoring of a spouse .. works wonders actually and i'll sleep soundly.
tonight he should be home again.

...and i guess if ya'll ain't coming for spring cleaning, i'll have to recruit my own children.
however, carpets won't be dragged out, nor will mattresses ..

now, if i would only get started with it.
....maybe later....

i think i'll go for a walk instead ..

*large in the eyes of a 9 year old girl..


Anonymous said...

story, foam

i'm feeling all...
kind of nostalgic like

as i sit here armpit deep in this accumulated winter clutter :)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

let's just toss the whole kit n kaboodle .. except the art, and the books, and the albums, the records the cds, the dvds .. oh, and the other human living forms in the house of course, ..and of course i'd not toss my dog, cats and fish ..
although my dog did puke on the carpet .. ;/

The Phosgene Kid said...

Achtung, it is time to clean der haus or zer vill be consequences...

SJ said...

Now that's NEAT post !!!

foam said...

yavoll, und der conseqvences vill be grrrimmmmm indeed..

you always leave such neat comments .. !!!

Little Lamb said...

I, too, am lazy.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

A mattenklopper huh? Yes indeed I remember days like that too. I would try to sneak out, get on the horse and head for the mountain. Of course there was the pruning and digging of the raspberries, the trimming of the fence line, and last but certainly not least... the raking of 100 acres of grass, or at least it felt it was that much.

foam said...

little lamb,
me too..

during the summers i remember picking cherries and gooseberries ..

Ruela said...

am lazy too lazy ones ;)

Merelyme said...

love this make me feel springy and hopeful. i feel i need a physical, mental, and spiritual spring cleaning.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wonderful post!

And I say recruit the kids. That's what they are there for.

Indigo said...

I'm a total slob and spring cleaning might take a week, heh heh. i'll probably have to eait until Parter-Doug visits his mom for a week, hee hee!

foam said...

surely i'm lazier..

i could stand to have that type of spring cleaning too..

yes, as soon as ...
well, as soon as i really do feel like it..

getting rid of clutter in this house is a neverending project it seems. it would take forever therefore..

she said...

i bet it was fun beating the carpets! like a pinata only instead of candy ya get dust! i wish i could have a meticulous flower and vegetable garden but i dont have the sun, or the wisdom. but i would learn! enjoyed this post and i hope your body warmer comes home soon and stays put.

X. Dell said...

Do you think you might be suffering from unusually high levels of stress: managing a household alone, the recent loss of a relative, chores, etc..

I'm wondering when you can get a break from this, and how.

ANNA-LYS said...

in Response

Foam I wonder if it was teleportation You had in mind, in Your comment upon telepresence?

Now I will get into Your story-line here ...

Indigo said...

Sometimes Ashen manifests in a "cleaning frenzy", which gets the house in pretty good shape in a very short time. The trouble is that neither Doug nor I can *find* anything after that! Hee hee hee.

ANNA-LYS said...

That's how we do it over here, every Friday! But, it ain't for cleaning, not at all, it is for the breast muscles ... of course, this was routine behaviour before we started to pay for it at the expensive Work-Out and Body-Building places.

German and Norse people are not only clean but strong and breasted ha ha

The truth and nothing but the truth

(tnx God for the bra)

"Bra" in Swedish means good

..................... said...

the body warmer's been in and out ..
my little bit of property is quite shaded too.
btw, i left a comment at your most recent blog only to have blogger tell me that is was unavailable when i wanted to post it. lost the comment, but i'll be back to visit again, of course ..,
right after the trip, i was probably experiencing more stress than usual. i tend to bottle it all inside.. so, it can manifest itself in sleepless, restless nights.

i'll have to click on your link.
i think i was thinking more of holographic imaging .. maybe we are talking about the same thing.

ashen can come on over anytime then..
half the stuff i have i don't need to find anyways..

well, at my relative's homes it was traditional to do a pretty thorough cleaning on saturday morning. that's when the floors were mopped, the linoleum floor was polished, etc..

..................... said...

oh, i reckon i have a few fairly heavily breasted german relatives ..
that's a part i didn't inherit so much though, lol ..

Ruela said...

sometimes me too
only sometimes... ;)

ANNA-LYS said...


ANNA-LYS said...

and keep away from pollen!

ANNA-LYS said...

Have a foamy weekend ;-)

Did You know that Saturday historically (Old English = Sæternesdæg)is in Scandinavian countries the bath day (Old Icelandic = Laugardagur).

foam said...

anna-lys, i wish i could keep away from the pollen .. i've been pretty conjested and sniffely and sneezy all week long. yes, well in germany traditionally Samstag also equaled Badetag. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

I feel it is terrible if You can't enjoy spring due to the high pollen activity! (no pollen on Internut, only viruses)

(( hug ))

foam said...

usually, and hopefully, this initial bout with allergies will pass soon.. and my system will get used to nature in bloom ..


Monique said...

Well, that post certainly brought back spring cleaning memories. The mattenklopper was well and truly employed in my family's household as well.

Indigo said...

Well... I'm just dropping by to say hi! :)

Anonymous said...

My Grandparents loved to Spring clean as well. Except that I'm the opposite end of the world, so we are now coming into Autumn (Fall). I get to fob my spring clean off for another 2 seasons ...
thank you for the lovely birthday wishes.
Hope you get cuddly warm soon.

lonesterdog said...

prost to laziness. would love to help you with your chores. might inspire me to do mine

want to hear more of these foam nightmares
please keep a dream journal by the bed...great story
thanx for visiting

foam said...

i'm sure for those of us of a certain age the mattenklopper does bring back memories .. :)

i can't think of anything nicer than visiting on a sunday .. i've done that plenty of times myself.. thanks for dropping by.

down yonder somewheres i take it?
hope you had a nice birthday .. :)

i can't believe it .. but i've actually started to do some cleaning today ..
as far as a dream journal. i used to do that in college at times. i'd wake up and remember bizarre dreams. in these particular dreams i just remember a sense of weeping and the ache that comes with weeping.. probably my psyche just processing having come from an unexpected funeral.

LADY LUXIE said...

Must be very pretty those flowers..

Summer is now officially here where I live..It's hot. I had ice cream for breakfast.

My house right now is a mess too....and snooksies'..I don't wanna' do anything about it just yet..Well, maybe after just another scoop of rocky road.

Enjoy your spring! :)

foam said...

i'm planning on enjoying the spring, as soon as my allergies let up a bit..:)
summer is hot and muggy here..
i like my summer dresses, but really ..
i don't know if it's my favorite time of the year.

The Lone Beader said...

I find I don't sleep all that well when I'm alone either. So haven't slept much for 2 years, but it's all good. I get alotta beadwork done in the wee hours of the morning. :D

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